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The Trial Of Six Dutch Muslim Terrorists Begins

From those yearning for the caliphate at Reuters:

The mother (C) and wife (R) of suspected terrorist Samir Azzouz arrive at the top security court in Amsterdam. The terrorism trial of six alleged Muslim radicals, some of whom are tied to a group whose leader was convicted for the the murder of Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh, has opened in Amsterdam.

Trial begins of Dutch suspected Islamist militants

By Alexandra Hudson

Monday, October 16, 2006

AMSTERDAM (Reuters) – Six suspected Islamist militants went on trial on Monday charged with planning attacks, among them a young Dutch-Moroccan whose earlier acquittal stoked fierce debate on the effectiveness of Dutch anti-terrorism laws.

In the case regarded as a test of subsequent tougher legislation, 20-year-old Samir Azzouz faces charges of belonging to a terrorist group, planning to attack top Dutch politicians and possessing weapons. A verdict is due next month.

Dutch prosecutors say they have gathered fresh evidence including a suicide-bomber-style video testament by Azzouz, who has become a household name in the country since his initial arrest in a police crackdown following the murder of filmmaker Theo van Gogh in 2004 by another Dutch-Moroccan.

The five others on trial at the high-security courtroom dubbed "the bunker" include a 23-year-old woman, Soumaya Sahla, who is charged along with her husband.

Prosecutors told the court how Azzouz and his co-defendants were found in possession of automatic weapons, a revolver and ammunition, manuals explaining how to turn mobile phones into detonators and computer files of jihad training manuals.

Prosecution documents state Azzouz had asked a man to help him carry out a suicide attack on the headquarters of the AIVD Dutch security forces.

He had also prepared a video message, screened last month from a leaked copy on Dutch television, in which he said goodbye to his family and stated in Arabic "we will spill your blood here as you have spilled the blood of Muslim citizens in Iraq."

The Dutch sent forces to Iraq in 2003 but withdrew them in 2005. Dutch soldiers are also in Afghanistan with NATO.

Amsterdam-born Azzouz was acquitted in 2005 of charges he planned attacks although he received a three-month prison sentence for possession of weapons, which he served.

The court ruled he had "terrorist intent" but his preparations were so primitive they posed no real threat.

He was rearrested in October 2005 on suspicion of a new plot after intense surveillance by Dutch security forces…

Speaking by telephone from prison Azzouz told Dutch television last month he had been demonized by an Islamophobic, paranoid state, and would seek political asylum in Cuba.

Maybe the Dutch are finally starting to wake up.

(Thanks to Mathews for the heads up.)

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