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E&P Compares Photo Fakery To Iwo Jima Claims

As soon as the questions about the Qana and doctored Reuters photos arose, I knew it was only a matter of time before someone in our one party media brought up this despicable canard.

It's no surprise that it comes from the dependably despicable folks at Editor & Publisher:

Staged War Photos? Even 'Iwo Jima' Shot Faced Charges

By E&P Staff

August 21, 2006

NEW YORK The phenomenon of questioning war photos that seem too good to be true goes back long before the birth of blogs and the current controversy over pictures from Lebanon. It has even swirled around one of the most famous and honored war photos ever: the flag-raising at Iwo Jima during World War II captured by The Associated Press's Joe Rosenthal, who died yesterday.

Every few years, until recently, reports and rumors appeared that questioned the photo with some of the same charges heard today, concerning "staging." It was fueled by the fact that a smaller flag had been raised nearby earlier that day on Iwo Jima.

But as with most of the allegations today, the theories about the Rosenthal photo were based on flimsy evidence or speculation.

The man most responsible for spreading the story that the picture was staged, the late Time-Life correspondent Robert Sherrod, long ago admitted he was wrong. Columnist Jack Anderson also raised questions, then retracted them. But the rumor persisted.

In 1991, a New York Times book reviewer, exploring a book on the flag-raising called "Iwo Jima: Monuments, Memories and the American Hero," went so far as to suggest that the Pulitzer Prize committee consider revoking Rosenthal's 1945 award for photography. That Harvard University book detailed the earlier flag-raising and the Marines' top brass desire to promote the second one.

At late as the mid-1990s, Jack Anderson promised readers "the real story" of the Iwo Jima photo: that Rosenthal had "accompanied a handpicked group of men for a staged flag raising hours after the original event." Anderson later retracted his story…

Clearly, the sole purpose of this piece is to imply that the suspicions about the Qana and Reuters photos are completely unfounded.

Never mind that we even have video footage of the photos being staged, and Reuters has admitted to photoshopping some of its pictures.

Editor & Publisher will even trot out a lie about a photo of one of the most heroic moments in our nation's history to try to confuse the great unwashed and advance their America-hating agenda.

(Thanks to 1sttofight for the heads up.)

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