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Eco-Terrorists ‘Snuck Into’ French Nuke Plant

From the Agence France-Presse:

Greenpeace activists break into French nuclear plant

By Michael Mainville
December 5, 2011

Activists from environmental group Greenpeace managed to sneak into a nuclear power plant near Paris on Monday in a move they said highlighted the dangers posed by France’s reliance on atomic energy.

Police confirmed the intrusion and said activists had tried to break into two other nuclear sites in the south of France.

They snuck in? How, exactly? Or is the AFP just too polite to call it a break in? Maybe that sounds too violent.

French energy giant EDF, which runs the nuclear plants that France relies on for 75 percent of its energy, sought to play down the incident, saying the activists at the plant near Paris had been detected but a decision [was] made not to immediately intercept them.

That’s reassuring.

EDF said activists had unfurled banners at two other sites but did not specify whether they had managed to enter the nuclear plants.

In a statement, Greenpeace said some members had entered the nuclear site at Nogent-sur-Seine, 95 kilometres (60 miles) southeast of Paris, to "spread the message that there is no such thing as safe nuclear power."

"A group of militants managed to climb on to the dome of one of the reactors, where they unfurled a banner saying ‘Safe Nuclear Power Doesn’t Exist’," said Greenpeace spokesman Axel Renaudin.

"The aim is to show the vulnerability of French nuclear installations, and how easy it is to get to the heart of a reactor," said Sophia Majnoni, a Greenpeace nuclear expert.

Whenever these groups get caught inside some secure facility, they always say they were just trying to point out how bad their security is. Do bank robbers or jewel thieves ever try that excuse?

By the way, these eco-terrorists don’t seem to have gotten anywhere near the heart of the reactor. Despite what their "nuclear expert" says.

EDF insisted it had been aware of the intrusion from the start.

The activists "were immediately detected by the security system and were permanently followed on the site, without a decision being made to make use of force," the company said in a statement.

It said seven to nine people had been "calmly apprehended" by the French gendarmerie, a branch of the armed forces that protects nuclear sites.

After all, what harm can nine lunatics do in the middle of a nuclear power plant?

Ladders and banners were also found near a nuclear power station in Blaye in southwestern France and at a nuclear research centre in Cadarache in the southeast, the gendarmerie told AFP…

The incident comes as some in France have begun to question the country’s long-held support for nuclear energy

We agree, France should build more coal burning power plant. The US has a lot of clean burning coal we can sell them.

Ahead of a presidential election next year, Socialist candidate Francois Hollande has agreed a deal with the country’s Greens to push to reduce France’s reliance on nuclear energy to 50 percent by shutting down 24 nuclear reactors by 2025

Hilarious. Germany made a similar promise after Japan’s Fukushima problems. And they are already backing away from it.

But that won’t stop Greenpeace from pushing for a return to the dark ages. Maybe we should go back to using whale oil for our lights?

By the way, the introduction of petroleum and coal has saved more whales than Greenpeace ever did or ever will.

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3 Responses to “Eco-Terrorists ‘Snuck Into’ French Nuke Plant”

  1. Georgfelis says:

    My opinion only, with substantial tongue-in-cheek: What a perfect opportunity for the nuke plant to practice their emergency decontamination procedures, complete with the massive amount of soap and scrubbing that entails. I mean if these anti-nuke activists are *really* sincere about how concerned they are about radiation, they should not object at all to being put through the whole peeled naked and scrubbed with decon soap in the brisk December air procedure. And as I recall in the event of a severe radiological event, they also get clipped bald (radioactive particles can get caught in hair), a true Win-Win process if there ever was one.

  2. tranquil.night says:

    So I take it we can pretty much assume this isn’t the bunch of crusaders causing problems with Iranian enrichment right now.

  3. The Redneck says:

    It’s not the “dangers of nuclear power” that have the environmentalists concerned–it’s the lack of them.

    If we use more nuclear power, all the pollution problems that the environmentalists use for fodder go away. And if the problems go away, what will they use for a crisis?

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