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Eco-Terrorists Sought To Blow Up IBM HQ

From an amazingly uninformative Associated Press:

Swiss police foil bomb attack against IBM

Swiss police arrest 3 suspected of planning to bomb IBM nanotech facility near Zurich

On Monday April 26, 2010

GENEVA (AP) — Police have arrested two men and a woman suspected of planning to bomb an IBM Corp. research facility near Zurich, Swiss media reported Monday.

Prosecutors said two Italians and a Swiss national suspected of planning a bomb attack against an international company had been arrested, but declined to confirm the target. They said the arrests occured [sic] April 15 near Rueschlikon about 6 miles (10 kilometers) south of Zurich.

Police discovered "explosive and further items in their car" as well as a note "indicating a planned attack on the branch of an international company," said Jeannette Balmer, a spokeswoman for the Federal Prosecutors Office.

All of those arrested remain in detention, she said.

The SonntagsBlick newspaper reported the suspects intended to attack a nanotechnology research facility that IBM Corp. is building in Rueschlikon

Notice the conspicuous absence of the word ‘terrorism’ from this report. Also, notice the lack of any mention of motive.

Fortunately, the UK’s Daily Mail is not quite so circumspect:

Eco-terrorists ‘plot to blow up IBM headquarters’ thwarted in routine traffic stop

By Allan Hall
26th April 2010

A routine traffic-stop in Switzerland has allegedly thwarted eco-terrorists from blowing up the site of the £55million [$84.6 million] nano-technology HQ of IBM in Europe.

The three members – two men and a woman – of the Italian terrorist group Il Silvestre were stopped just a few miles from their target with their explosive device primed and ready to go.

Italians Costantino Ragusa and Silvia Guerini, together with Italian-Swiss Luca Bernasconi, were arrested and jailed after a search of their vehicle revealed the bomb.

Guerini and Constantino – the 33-year-old leader of Il Silvestre – already have convictions for eco-terrorism offences and have served jail terms.

The group describes itself as anarchist and is opposed to all forms of micro-technology as well as nuclear power and weapons

‘A large quantity of explosives was found,’ said a police spokesman..

Investigators are quizzing the suspects on whether the planned attack is part of a new co-ordinated wave of terror against such facilities on the continent.

Swiss media reported that the intended bombing was planned to coincide with a secret meeting of European anarchists on April 16 and 17 in the Swiss town of Winterthur.

Some newspapers speculated it was being planned to bring attention to the imprisonment of Il Silvestre member Marco Camenisch, currently in jail for the murder of a Swiss border guard. Guerini and Constantino were in jail with him in 2006 and joined in a hunger strike.

Il Silvestre was spawned in the Tuscan countryside and is now considered to be one of the rising terror groups in Europe with a rigid cell structure, access to explosives and a membership that has no qualms about killing to achieve its goals.

It is considered as one of the successor groups to the lethal Red Brigades that scorched Italy in 70’s and 80’s.

Isn’t it funny, all the juicy details the Associated Press left out of their story?

Why did they do that, do you think?

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4 Responses to “Eco-Terrorists Sought To Blow Up IBM HQ”

  1. NoNeoCommies says:

    Just make an oblique reference concerning the use of violence against the AP and they will suddenly LOVE the word “Terrorist”.

  2. Right of the People says:

    Let’s not jump to any hasty conclusions here. They could have had those explosives in their car to remove a recalcitrant tree stump. Yeah, that’s it.

    Just because they belong to a self proclaimed, anarchist, terrorist group doesn’t mean that they’re terrorists. After all the AP is being careful, you know they’re only suspected or alleged terrorists until they’re convicted in a court of law. You don’t want to influence any potential jurors do you? (sarc)

    • AcornsRNutz says:

      Not likley that gaia worshippers would blow up the corpse of one of their fallen comrades. Perhaps they were planning to blow up an oil platform.

  3. proreason says:

    I just want to know how anarchists can coordinate schedules well enough to plan a meeting.

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