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Edwards Staff Had A ‘Doomsday’ Plan

From Clinton’s and now Obama’s PR flack at ABC News:

Edwards Staff Had Affair ‘Doomsday’ Strategy

George Stephanopoulos

May 10, 2009

During our Roundtable discussion on "This Week" we discussed Elizabeth Edwards’ candid interview with Oprah about her husband’s affair.

ABC contributor George Will suggested former Sen. John Edwards was irresponsible to campaign for the Democratic Party nomination.

"Think about what a tragedy it would have been if he had won?" Will said.

I’ve talked to a lot of former Edwards staffers about this. Up until December of 2007, most on Edwards’ staff didn’t believe rumors about the affair.

But by late December, early January of last year, several people in his inner circle began to think the rumors were true.

Several of them had gotten together and devised a "doomsday" strategy of sorts.

Basically, if it looked like Edwards was going to win the Democratic Party nomination, they were going to sabotage his campaign, several former Edwards’ staffers have told me.

They said they were Democrats first, and if it looked like Edwards was going to become the nominee, they were going to bring down the campaign.

We suspect Mr. Stephanopoulos has yet to forgive Mr. Edwards for denying Mrs. Clinton her rightful place as the Democrat nominee.

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5 Responses to “Edwards Staff Had A ‘Doomsday’ Plan”

  1. Liberals Demise says:


    I live not to far from the Edwards spread and I really feel for Elizabeth but I and others around here “LOATHE” this weenie boy! I’ve gotta stop now before I break out the “F” bomb!!

  2. Reality Bytes says:

    Obama has his teleprompter & Edwards his hair brush. Imagine 4 years of this…


  3. Confucius says:

    I’ve lost count. How many politicians have been brought down by their (or someone else’s) penis?

  4. Mr Michael says:

    Right. If John Edwards was close to winning they would act to save the Party. Easy to say, especially after your Gravy Train has ended. But let ME give this idea a try:

    If Ron Paul gets 60% of the Conservative Vote, I’ll give you a Million Dollars.

    If Tommy Thompson looks like he’s going to win the Nomination, I’ll place a billboard on the Moon for his campaign.

    If Tom Tancredo gets a majority of the Votes, I’ll…. well, I’d feel pretty good. I won’t do Tom. ;)

    My point… it’s absolutely useless to claim that you had a plan to save the Party in case the impossible were to happen. Where were Edwards’ chances when this supposedly happened? He had, what, 2% of the vote? 2.5% with a following wind?

    Color me unimpressed.

  5. Grzegorz says:

    Oh, comm’on guys! Forget all this Edwards stuff.

    Won’t Nancy Pelosi look smashing crowned Empress of America?

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