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Egypt Says It Wants Nuclear Power, Too

From those fans of nuclear proliferation at the Associated Press:

Egypt announces nuclear plant projects

By MAAMOUN YOUSSEF, Associated Press Writer

Egypt said Monday that it would build several nuclear power plants, moving into the front of a group of nations raising fears of Middle Eastern proliferation with new pushes to develop nuclear energy.

President Hosni Mubarak announced live on national television that Egypt was building the power stations to diversify Egypt’s energy resources and preserve the country’s oil and gas for future generations.

“Energy security is a major part of building the future for this country and an integral part of Egypt’s national security system,” Mubarak said at a ceremony inaugurating the second phase of construction of an electrical power plant north of Cairo.

Jordan, Turkey and several Gulf Arab countries also have announced that they are interested in developing nuclear power programs, and Yemen’s government in September signed an agreement with Houston-based Powered Corporation to build civilian nuclear plants over the next 10 years.

Despite the declarations of peaceful intentions, there are worries that the countries could be taking the first steps toward a dangerous proliferation of nuclear technology in response to Iran’s nuclear program, which the U.S. calls cover for weapons development…

Mubarak said he would re-establish the Supreme Council for the Peaceful Purposes of Nuclear Power, which would be in charge of the nuclear program. He also said Egypt would seek the help of its “international partners” and the IAEA in building the plants

At the time, Hassan Yunis, the minister of electricity and energy, said Egypt could have an operational nuclear power plant within 10 years…

Surely, this will guarantee yet another Nobel Peace Prize for the UN’s great guardian against nuclear proliferation, Mohamed ElBaradei.

Being a fellow Egyptian, you just know he is going to keep a very close eye on developments this time around. (Unlike, say Pakistan, North Korea, Iran and Syria.)

But just to be on the safe side, the Israelis should keep their planes gassed up.

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