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Egyptian Hangs, Then Decapitates Daughter

From Germany’s DPA:

Egyptian farmer hangs, decapitates daughter in ‘honour’ killing

May 25, 2008

Cairo – An Egyptian farmer who suspected his 16-year-old daughter was having an affair hanged her and then beheaded her body in the southern province of Bani Soueif, it was reported Sunday.

The local daily Al-Akhbar said Abdel-Samad, 46, turned himself to the police after the killing. It said a police investigation showed the father suspected his daughter of having the affair.

So-called honour killings are not unusual in Egypt and other countries of the Middle East, where families murder female members for having brought ‘shame’ on their name.

Such killings often involve a female member refusing an arranged marriage or having a relationship that the family considers to be inappropriate.

Ho hum.

But lest we forget, the wicked British forcible stomped out suttee (sati) funerals in India.

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