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Egyptian Protesters Slam Obama, US Ambassador

From the Daily Caller:

Egyptian opposition slams Obama, US ambassador

By Ariel Cohen and Charles Rollet | July 1, 2013

As the chaos in Egypt worsens, anti-Islamist protesters are becoming increasingly frustrated with President Barack Obama’s perceived support for the Muslim Brotherhood.

This past weekend, millions of Egyptian citizens took to the streets in order to protest the Islamization of their government. President Obama has failed to take a clear stance on the mass demonstrations in Egypt against Muslim Brotherhood-aligned President Mohamed Morsi, urging restraint on all sides…

If money talks Obama has taken a very "clear stance." He has given Mr. Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood untold billions of dollars in addition to the usual tens of billions we give Egypt.

Middle Eastern policy expert at the Brookings Institution, Khaled Elgindy, told The Daily Caller that the opposition camp largely see the U.S. as “swapping out Mubarak for Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood.”

“They believe this is another situation where the U.S. is supporting an authoritarian or undemocratic ruler against the will of the people,” Elgindy said.

But it’s a ‘win’ for Obama, since Mubarak was a friend of the US and an enemy of Muslim extremists. (Just like Gadhafi was.)

The Obama administration’s alleged support of the Brotherhood-led government is deeply unpopular with protesters, who some sources estimate numbered up to 14 million on Sunday.

Really? The AP says there were only "hundreds of thousands." Whom to believe?

Mamdouh Badr is an Egyptian activist who works as a lawyer in Dubai, and has produced videos for the Tamarod, or “rebel” anti-Islamist movement. Badr, who is currently attending the protests in Egypt, told The Daily Caller the crowds were highly critical of U.S. foreign policy.

“In downtown Cairo there were signs about the U.S. interfering in Egypt’s internal policies, backing the MB, asking Obama to stop supporting terrorism in Egypt, to stop supporting the MB as a terror organization in their opinion,” he said.

“I think people are very focused now that the U.S. is a big player in the game. Five-six years ago, you wouldn’t find people as outraged about the foreign powers’ effect,” said Badr…

Despite the Egyptian military’s 48-hour ultimatum, Obama has not taken a stance as to whether or not Morsi should step down.

Again, that’s because Morsi is not a friend of the US, like Mr. Mubarak was.

In any case, this is practically the only mention of the anti-Obama tone in the Egyptian protests that we have seen in the press. And it’s from the ‘conservative media,’ not our mainstream media. But just ask yourself, if the protesters were praising Obama, would our media guardians cover it?

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3 Responses to “Egyptian Protesters Slam Obama, US Ambassador”

  1. Liberals Demise says:

    No mention of disgust from the Lame Stream piss ant media about his highness here either.
    What a tool they truly are.
    Did dingleBarry hear of this like we the people?
    Keep polishing that turd, barry.

  2. untrainable says:

    The Obama administration’s alleged support of the Brotherhood-led government … There is nothing alleged about Obama’s support for the brotherhood.

    I guess this is the Arab Winter. It’s cold and harsh and unforgiving, but unlike the spring… it’s not going to end any time soon. At least not without a lot of bloodshed and wasted American money… that we borrowed from the Chinese.

    • Noyzmakr says:

      That’s what caught my eye. “Perceived”? “Alleged”? Obama has been full throated in his support of the Muslim Brotherhood and other islamic extremists.

      Negotiating with the Taliban and arming the beheaders and heart eaters in Syria ring any bells?

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