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Ehrlich: Overpopulation Will Drive Us To Cannibalism

From the UK’s Daily Mail:

Will overpopulation drive us to eat our own DEAD? Controversial academic claims humanity is moving towards cannibalism at ‘ridiculous speed’

By Mark Prigg | 22 May 2014

A controversial Stanford professor has claimed overpopulation could lead to humanity having to eat the bodies of the dead. Paul Ehrlich, best known for his prediction of human ‘oblivion’ 46 years ago, says that current population trends are on a course that could leave cannibalism as one of the only options.

Paul Ehrlich is still alive? We thought he would have died from starvation back in the 1970s, because of all of the overpopulation.

Or, at least we thought he would have died of shame when all of his doomsday predictions fell through. Of course, in reality, he is just saying crazy stuff to try to sell his new book.

Ehrlich claimed that scarcity of resources will get so bad that humans will need to drastically change our eating habits and agriculture. ‘We will soon be asking is it perfectly okay to eat the bodies of your dead because we’re all so hungry?,’ he told HuffPost live host Josh Zepps.

He added that humanity is ‘moving in that direction with a ridiculous speed. ‘In other words between now and 45 years from now, 2.5 billion people will be added to the planet. ‘We are moving towards resource wars.

Ehrlich is widely known for his 1968 publication of ‘The Population Bomb’ which called for ‘population control’ to prevent global crises from overpopulation.

‘In the 1970’s the world will undergo famines – hundreds of millions of people are going to starve to death,’ he predicted.

Ehrlich claims that the dangers of overpopulation are once again growing, blaming Republicans and the media for failing to take action.

‘We all have to eat, and it’s very destructive. The ethical issues around the way we raise cattle are important, but relatively trivial compared to the wrecking of our life support systems. ‘I can much more about people, because I’m a person.’

In his new book, called ‘Hope On Earth,’ Ehrlich worked with Michael Tobias. ‘There’s a tremendous amount of optimism in the book,’ said Tobais.

Yes, it sounds very optimistic.

‘I really think we have  a capacity to come to the aid of individuals.’ Tobias believes that young investors could hold the key to solving the problem, by investing in technologies to solve the problem.

And they can start by investing in their crackpot book.

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5 Responses to “Ehrlich: Overpopulation Will Drive Us To Cannibalism”

  1. canary says:

    “… new book, called ‘Hope On Earth,’ Ehrlich worked with Michael Tobias. ‘There’s a tremendous amount of optimism in the book,’ said Tobais.”

    Ehrilich and Michael Tobias most likely argue about using human stem cells to grow burgers and filets, because the later is a vegan.

    Only the rich will be able to afford the lab food.

  2. yadayada says:

    I remember watching Soylent Green at the drive in theater when when I was young. back then they were predicting we would all be eating each other before.

    • yadayada says:

      Oops, during edit i deleted the year we were supposed to be eating each other. I think the movie said before 1990.

      and to think, thousands of women are battered each year. darn! all this time I’ve been eating mine plain.

  3. captstubby says:

    but would those green crackers pass the First Ladys standards?
    “and todays goverment approved school lunch menu , we will be serving …”

  4. untrainable says:

    ‘ridiculous speed’
    Are we sure it’s not a ludicrous speed, quickly shifting towards plaid? (Now that’s fast!)
    Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

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