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ElBaradei: Mubarak Is Being Deceptive

From Mr. ElBaradei’s besotted fans at al-Reuters:

ElBaradei rejects Mubarak speech and says he must go

Tue Feb 1, 2011

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Egyptian opposition figure Mohamed ElBaradei said on Tuesday that President Hosni Mubarak had failed to meet the demands of protesters and his pledge not to stand again for the presidency was an act of deception.

ElBaradei, a Nobel peace prize winner as head of the U.N. nuclear agency —

Speaking of deception.

[S]aid in an interview with CNN that if Mubarak did not heed the call to leave power at once he would be "not only a lame duck president but a dead man walking."

This sounds like yet another physical threat from the Nobel Peace Prize laureate. Where is the civility, the new tone? He is almost as bad as Sarah Palin.

Under mounting pressure from Washington and a week of street demonstrations, Mubarak said in a broadcast statement he would not run in presidential elections scheduled for September but would work for a peaceful transfer of power.

"He’s unfortunately going to extend the agony here for another six, seven months. He continues to polarize the country. He continues to get people even more angry and could (resort) to violence [sic]," ElBaradei said…

We thought everybody agreed on the necessity of ‘an orderly transfer.’ We must have been mistaken.

He said Mubarak’s move was "clearly an act of deception." "Whoever gave him that advice gave him absolutely the wrong advice. He just has to let go."

Every Egyptian was united in one demand — that Mubarak should go, ElBaradei said in a separate interview on NBC.

ElBaradei, who said he was offering himself as a transitional leader to prepare Egypt for democracy, said he did not particularly want to follow Mubarak as president.

"I’m not necessarily interested in running the country," he told NBC. "Without democracy there’s no life. The issue of who is going to run doesn’t really matter. The important thing is how he’s going to be chosen."

No, he doesn’t want to be President. Not at all. It sticks out all over him.

By the way, Mr. ElBaradei has been calling for Mr. Mubarak’s ouster for almost a year now. And he has been doing so from the Muslim Brotherhood’s website, Ikhwanweb:

ElBaradei calls for democracy in Egypt

In a recent interview ElBaradei restated the significance of a constitutional amendment with regards to presidential elections

Friday, March 26, 2010

ElBaradei had been calling for increased democracy in Egypt making it his cause after ending his term as chief of the IAEA late last year. He claimed that "Without applying the democratic system in Egypt democracy would be at a dead end."

ElBaradei’s relationship with Mubarak is transparent where he wished his safe return from Germany after undergoing gall-bladder surgery this month. However ElBaradei has been quite frank with his pleas stressing that free, fair and transparent elections are necessary for democracy. Although Mubarak has not issued any statement concerning the presidential elections in 2011 public opinion has given that he is grooming his son Gamal to assume presidency. Such a plan however has been met by denial by both Mubaraks.

ElBaradei has met with several opposition factions including the Muslim Brotherhood who agreed on his call for transparency and democracy. Even so, the MB as have not as yet disclosed their status to his agenda stressing that they will announce their standpoint at the appropriate thorough study [sic].

Mubarak who had appeared to stem ElBaradei’s enthusiasm had stated that "Egypt is not looking for a ‘national hero’ ElBaradei calmly responded that this should be left for the Egyptians to decide indicating that he may enter elections if certain amendments were made.

So Mr. ElBaradei has been gunning for Mr. Mubarak’s job ever since he left the UN. And he isn’t any too particular about who helps him get it.

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3 Responses to “ElBaradei: Mubarak Is Being Deceptive”

  1. Rusty Shackleford says:

    Well, many have commented on the downfall of the Egyptian government. In a nutshell, so another cesspool/quagmire of a nation can’t govern itself. Big surprise. My only concern is getting oil through the Suez canal. I care not about the people of Egypt and less about it’s so-called “leaders” other than hopefully, someone who takes over the country loves the income the Suez Canal brings and won’t want to stop it. Other than that, they can have themselves. I care not about Iran, Libya, etc. Aside from the fact that they fester a seething hatred of the West, they aren’t in my daily thoughts or cares. Although I staunchly believe that every human on the face of the Earth has the right to be free, they’re going to have to fight their own fight to get it. There might have been a time when the US could’ve even conceivably mobilized forces to help a freedom movement in Egypt, but the hippies in the Vietnam era thought that was a very bad idea and made sure such actions failed, and reminded us of it, and continue to rail against freedom in Afghanistan and Iraq, telling us “the war is lost” and “it’s foolishness”.

    Besides, our current government loves dictators…so…they desperately need to assist one being installed in Egypt the way I change batteries in my camera. “In with the new boss….Same as the old boss”. And the big Zero hath spake that “he’s finished” anyway. What really makes me laugh is that while barry the wunderkinder espouses that Mubarak “didn’t listen to his people” (what a “royal” way to put it), he, himself sticks his fingers in his own ears regarding our dislike of his policies and 99.9999% of what he does. Hypocrisy, thy name is Obama. And, also, his mistaken belief that whoever replaces Mubarak will be easier for the US to deal with.

    So…here goes….”Barry…this is the opportunity of your presidency. It has been handed to you on a silver platter. The uprising in Egypt that you, yourself helped orchestrate is now happening and a new leader will emerge for that nation during your term. How do you plan to go about dealing with it? Do you know that the Suez Canal is a vital pathway to our livelihood as a nation? I’ll bet you do. All America is watching. You can’t play the pea and the shell game here now. Any tricks you pull will be broadcast by all nations…not just the fawning US propaganda machine. Nope, this is the real deal, pal. You f*** this up, and you are history.”

    But, I’m certain that he’ll booger it up. It’s what he does. Given the options available and how the US has dealt with such things in the past, barry will go out in left field and find some pretty flowers to pick while the ball hits the ground next to him. Like I said, it’s what he does. Take any logical, reasonable approach and he will ignore it. Any path to good sense and he will dismiss it. He will act stupidly. I guarantee it.

  2. GetBackJack says:

    El Baradei, a man who has sent less than thirty actual days on Egyptian soil in the last two decades and has as his only political credential the unbiased and fervent support of CNN … which we all know every Egyptian turns to CNN as the leader in what Egyptians think and feel and for their opinions.

    It’s almost as if CNN IS the Egyptian People they so closely understand them.

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