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Elder Obama, Bigamist Non-PhD (Part Two)

And there’s more. From, of all places, the Boston Globe:

Elder Obama denied Harvard PhD

Documents reveal university’s role in president’s father’s life

By Sally Jacobs
Globe Staff / April 29, 2011

Throughout a tumultuous career as an economist in Nairobi in the 1960s, Barack Hussein Obama, President Obama’s father, claimed to have earned a PhD from Harvard University. But according to federal immigration records, Obama was forced to leave the school by administrators alarmed at his freewheeling personal life and financial difficulties.

And by "freewheeling personal life" Ms. Jacobs means he was a bigamist and notorious philanderer.

In a May 1964 memo contained in the elder Obama’s Immigration and Naturalization Service file, an immigration inspector noted that Obama had passed his exams and was entitled to stay and complete the requirements for a PhD in economics. But Harvard administrators, including the chairman of the economics department, “are going to try and cook something up to ease him out.’’

A conspiracy!

Not long afterward, Harvard asked the INS to hold up on Obama’s routine request for an extension of his stay, according to a June memo signed by immigration inspector M.F.McKeon. School administrators, the memo continued, “were having difficulty with his financial arrangements and couldn’t seem to figure out how many wives he had.’’

Note that it was Harvard who initiated this. It was Harvard that eventually had him booted out of the country for being a bigamist. Those were the days.

Although Harvard had previously assured the INS that Obama could continue his degree program, David D. Henry, then the director of the university’s international office, abruptly advised him in a May letter that he had three weeks to make the necessary preparations to return to Nairobi. Despite his vigorous protest, Obama was compelled to leave the country in July

The racists.

Harvard’s press office yesterday released a statement saying that a review of its files, “did not find any support for either the language or the implied intent described by the US government official in the government documents.’’

Hilarious. Of course Harvard would deny this now. But what possible reason would an INS official have for writing a bogus memo?

Harvard’s action was the culmination of long simmering concern among US immigration and academic officials regarding Obama’s personal life…

In spring 1961, during Obama’s second year as an undergraduate at the University of Hawaii, Sumi McCabe, the school’s foreign student adviser, raised the first questions about Obama’s marital status.

Yet another racist!

In April 1961, McCabe called immigration officials and expressed concern that Obama had recently married a young woman named Stanley Ann Dunham — who would become president Obama’s mother. She was concerned because Obama already had a wife back in Kenya, according to a memo written by Lyle H. Dahling, an administrator in INS’s Honolulu office.

What’s more, McCabe told the INS office that Obama, “has been running around with several girls since he first arrived here and last summer she cautioned him about his playboy ways. [Obama] replied that he would ‘try’ to stay away from the girls,’’ according to the memo.

Neither McCabe nor Dahling knew quite what to think about Obama’s womanizing. Obama is a member of one of Kenya’s ethnic group’s known as the Luo, among whom polygamy is common. Obama told McCabe that in Kenya, “all that is necessary to be divorced is to tell the wife that she is divorced . . . [Obama] claims to have been divorced from his wife in Kenya in this method,’’ according to the memo.

Well, that is the Muslim way.

But Obama was not divorced at all, according to his first wife, who was living in Kenya with their two children at the time he married Dunham in February 1961. Grace Kezia Obama, now 70, lives in Bracknell, England, and maintains that she remained married to the elder Obama until his death in 1982.

Racist. And picker of nits.

INS officials considered whether Obama could be deported if he were convicted of bigamy, but decided against it. Instead, they decided that Obama “should be closely questioned before another extension is granted — and denial be considered.’’

Just weeks after Dunham gave birth in August 1961 to Barack Obama II, her marriage to the elder Obama had apparently begun to fray. By the end of the month, she was living with her baby and her parents while Obama was living by himself in another part of town, according to a handwritten memo in the INS file. In the fall of 1962, Obama headed to Harvard to pursue a PhD in economics, leaving his small family behind.

Apparently ‘personal responsibility’ is not one of the dreams Obama, Jr. got from his father.

Not long after he arrived in Cambridge, authorities were once again focused on his dating habits. This time Obama was apparently dating a high school student from Kenya who had taken an unauthorized trip to London.

According to the recently release birth certificate, Stanley Ann Dunham would seem to have been impregnated awfully close to her 18th birthday.

Immigration officials observing their relationship noted that, “Obama is considered by [redacted] to be a slippery character,’’ according to a January 1964 memo by immigration inspector K.D. MacDonald.

From the Oxford English Dictionary’s definition of slippery: "Of actions, etc.: Characterized by shiftiness, deceitfulness, or want of sincerity."

Immigration officials’ conversations with Harvard’s international office provided little clarity about Obama’s marital situation. “Harvard thinks he’s married to someone in Kenya and someone in Honolulu, but that possibly he belongs to a tribe where multiple marriages are OK,’’ according to a April 1964 memo.

In the meantime, while he was still at Harvard, Mr. Obama, Sr. married yet another American woman, named Ruth Ndesandjo. Despite still being married to his first wife in Kenya, Kezia, as well as Stanley Ann.

Ruth followed Obama back to Kenya, but later divorced him because he used to beat her up too much.

Henry, the director of the school’s international office, told INS officials he would talk to Obama about his “marital situation.’’ One month later, he wrote Obama a crisp letter informing him that although he had completed his course work and passed his exams, “neither the department of economics nor the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences has any further funds to support you in Cambridge,’’ according to a copy of the letter in the INS file.

No wonder Mr. Obama is so obsessed about pouring more taxpayer money into pay for college tuition.

Obama struggled mightily to reverse the decision. He repeatedly called the INS office and asked for an explanation of what had happened but was told that the decision was “final,’’ according to an INS memo. In July, he boarded a plane to Nairobi and in 1965 Harvard awarded him a master’s degree in economics.

Although Obama frequently claimed to have earned a PhD from Harvard in the years to come and insisted he be called Dr. Obama, he never fully recovered from disappointment over his failure to get the degree he had worked so hard for. Let go from jobs at both the Central Bank of Kenya and the Kenya Tourist Development Corp. by 1970, Obama was unemployed for four years before he landed a low level economist’s position at the Ministry of Finance and Planning. He remained there until his death.

In truth, Mr. Obama, Sr., became an alcoholic. He lost both of his legs in a DUI accident. And he was later killed in a second drunken car accident

Obama’s PhD thesis, “An Econometric Model of Staple Theory of Development,’’ which was launched with such high hopes at Harvard, apparently met an unhappy fate as well. Not long after he married his third wife, Ruth Ndesandjo, in 1964, Obama said his thesis papers had been stolen by burglars who had broken into their home.

“The burglars took the television, but in the process Barack said that they took his doctoral papers, which were in a briefcase somewhere,’’ said Ndesandjo, who lives in Nairobi. “At least, that is what he said. He was pretty upset about it because he never went back to it and he didn’t have any copy of it.’’

Of course not. Why would anybody make a copy of their thesis? And everyone knows how crazy burglars are for doctoral theses.

But we suppose this explanation sounds a lot better than just admitting you never wrote a thesis in the first place.

Sally Jacobs, a member of the Globe staff, is the author of “The Other Barack, The Bold and Reckless Life of President Obama’s Father,’’ to be published in July.

Where was this book four years ago, Ms. Jacobs? We already knew back in January 2007 what kind of person Mr. Obama, Sr. was.

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24 Responses to “Elder Obama, Bigamist Non-PhD (Part Two)”

  1. Rusty Shackleford says:

    And as the nut falleth, so groweth the tree.

    • JohnMG says:

      Obie the first got the shaft! Poor Stanley Ann gets knocked up by Frank Marshall Davis, and the manipulators dredge up some bozo who’s going to be deported anyway and sets up a shotgun wedding.

      How convenient.

    • tranquil.night says:

      You mean Acorn, Rusty?

      Cute picture.

      Lil’ Barry looks to have had the appetite of a President.

      Or maybe the President just has the appetite of a child, when Moochelle’s not around. Can’t blame him for that.

      Edit: Oh – and mystery solved about how the Moron got into Harvard on poor grades from Columbia (and also why they want nothing to do with releasing his records)? Hasn’t it been established that Affirmative Action is a synonym for reparations?

    • proreason says:

      This picture is one of the few things about the marxist that I find appealing. It seems to me that it indicates he really did have an emotional connection to the guy they said was his father. Look how he is clinging to Obama Sr’s arm and hand. It’s what I would expect from a normal 10 year-old who had been longing for a dad and finally met him. And that may be the only normal, unscripted thing I’ve seen from the boy king. By the time he reached college, he was already an arrogant twit.

    • River0 says:

      The whole Obummer Fairy Tale will unravel like a cheap suit in a tornado if we keep pulling on all the loose threads. It’s all a tissue of lies, a fiction designed by lovers of the EU-Topia.

    • tranquil.night says:

      “How is this affirmative action when Harvard said Obama, Sr. ‘. . . had completed his course work and passed his exams’?”

      Actually, my opinion is that Barack Jr. used the deportation of his father to play the AA card and pressure Harvard into accepting his average/below-average credentials.

      By the way, Obama himself said he had “undoubtedly benefitted from affirmative action” as President of Harvard Law Review, but he mostly has advocated for it through the prism of ‘enlightened’ Leftist classism over racism.

      Read this article by Ann Althouse from February of 2008: http://althouse.blogspot.com/2008/08/what-does-barack-obama-really-think.html

      She wonders about this in great detail, even to the point of having found former classmates who claim Jr. didn’t declare his race on his Harvard application, so that (my opinion) he can say he didn’t get there because of his father or race, which would be totally admirable if it were true, and not likely another concocted narrative for his political persona.

      “Sounded like Harvard didn’t care for his womanizing ways. (It’s interesting though that they put up with many other peoples’ lurid behaviors–e.g. Kennedy.)”

      This is actually a good point, although obviously there was undoubtedly more to Sr.’s character that was worrying people than just his philandering or other “cultural customs.”

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      It is my opinion that the straw that broke the camel’s back in this case was Obama Sr’s bigamy. Back in 1961, as Pro has pointed out, the amount of negative attention that could’ve given Harvard would definitely make the university’s directors want to eliminate it. Given that they could not undo that which had been done, in that Obama Sr was already multi-married, they had to do the next best thing, which is remove said attendee by any means possible, without causing a fuss. By 1960’s standards, that’s not so hard to imagine because he couldn’t really raise a news-file ruckus on racial terms or some other ridiculous manifestation of bigotry or discrimination, those things that are now de-rigeuer had yet to happen in this nation and there’s likely no one who would entertain such an argument anyway. The fact that a black, African man was pursuing a doctorate at Harvard alone in the early 1960’s is pretty phenomenal in its own right. But to see it from a middle aged, board-director of an ivy-league school member’s point of view, his bigamy could not be tolerated, given that at the time 90% of the US was religious, church-going folk who looked upon too much leg in public with disdain. Remember, the bikini caused a major flap in this nation. Times were very, very different.

      Or, it could’ve been that he just kept chasing white chicks and it was ticking off the football team.

    • canary says:

      Confused? How is this affirmative action when Harvard said Obama, Sr. “. . . had completed his course work and passed his exams”?

      “free tuition” He was receiving free tuition.

      He was in a state of bigamy and left his American wife and child in Hawaii, and might take his education and skip back to Africa to be with his first wife and children.

      “Slippery” might mean a lot of things. Do we really know if the reason Obama Sr. was kicked out of the one private away from Kenya school for stealing from peoples homes.
      He stole from his own neighbors homes and his one relative said she did her best to cover for him, because he was always in trouble.

      And let’s talk about that VISA and immigration. We are talking about more name changing, surnames, claims of whose mother or really sister, and “Obama Sr’s own father had a different last name” had so many young girls run away because of his abuse and rape, they didn’t keep count.

      There is no telling who Obama Sr. was at this point.

      They say he was slippery.

      And Obama Jr. own mother’s slippery changing and keeping names. Changing her son’s (Obama Jr.s) name, nationality, religion, what the hell was on his passport and VISA when he came back to Hawaii and got in an elite private school. Why did his mother tell him he could go to any college he wanted. Jr’s own words tell how he changed his name at that fancy California college.
      Jr. writes his own white grandfather in Hawaii lied to tourists that he was some famous Hawaii leader.

      His one relative living in D.C. while Jr. was growing up changed his name Roy to Obonga when he converted on his 2nd wife in America, and he had his women in Africa when he visited there.

      Check out his muslim granny (not his brith muslim grandmother) and one of his relative went by changed names on their latest Mecca Pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia.

      Who else plays these name game?

      The Texas compound sect of Mormons. Marrying all those young girls. When they busted them, all were trained to keep lying who their mother and father were, and all lying about who was married to who. The only way Texas child welfare had to figure it out was DNA tests to return a child to it’s mother one day sister the next.

      Who else does this? Illegal Mexicans. For months it’s this little ones sister, then she gets in trouble at school, and she’s a cousin. Moms pretending a child isn’t theirs. For months the man of the house is a father, then all of a sudden he’s an uncle.

      :) *The last but, excellent example of the Obama name game change for illegal slippery immigration within the family and the use of a different name.

      Obama’s half-brother Samson Obama who was accused of sexual abuse on teen refused entry into the UK traveling to America for Obama’s Inauguration. During investigation, fingerprinting & DNA testing of the sexual crime Samson Obama lied and said his name was Henry Aloo.
      He accepted an offical caution for a public order offense. It’s an admission of a criminal offense. Like pleading no contest in U.S.

      Police then learned Samson Henry Aloo Obama had been illegally living in Britain for 7 years.

      Immigration officials at the airport also noticed his VISA had fraudulent documents.


  2. proreason says:

    Obamy was born Aug 4, 1961, which puts the conception date early November, 1960. She would turn 18 in late November 1960. She had graduated from high school the previous spring, and by some reports had spent the summer as an au pair in Chicago. Her parents had moved from Seattle to Hawaii rather suddenly after she graduated from high school. In the fall of 1960, she entered the University of Hawaii where the elder Obama was also going to school. The sham marriage to Obama Sr occured in February of 1961, although no marriage document has been found. There are no witnesses to the wedding, either. Within 3 weeks of little lenin’s birth, she took the fledging dictator to Seattle and was taking classes there. Obama Sr didn’t go to Seattle and in 1962 turned down a scholarship at a NYC university that would have covered expenses for a wife and child, but instead chose to go to Harvard on a scholarship that did not cover family expenses.

    Today, none of that would would be strange. In 1960, it was far outside the established norms.

    The evidence that Barack Sr is little lenin’s father is flimsy, and the information from Harvard helps contribute to the case the philanderer was after something other than becoming a family man. Clearly, he didn’t regard marriage as a contract worthy even of acknowledgement, so he would have been willing to do it for money or an advantage to stay in the US. He never made even a passing attempt at being a husband or father.

    Another strange factor is that little lenin’s grandfather always treated Obama Sr very well, even after he never lived with her, never supported her, abandoned her and the little king, married another woman without divorcing her, had no contact with the mother and child for years, and married a third woman when he returned to Kenya. And, oh yes, he was already married to another Kenyan woman when he supposedly impregnated obamy’s mother. Would you treat a “son-in-law” with respect after all of that?

    Something else was going on with all that. Obamy Sr wasn’t the only black man in Hawaii in 1960.

    This is only one of dozens of abnormal occurences in the moron’s life.

    Sometimes I think that our narcissist marxist is lucky to be able to function at all.

  3. Right of the People says:

    “Just weeks after Dunham gave birth in August 1961 to Barack Obama II, her marriage to the elder Obama had apparently begun to fray. By the end of the month, she was living with her baby and her parents while Obama was living by himself in another part of town, according to a handwritten memo in the INS file. In the fall of 1962, Obama headed to Harvard to pursue a PhD in economics, leaving his small family behind.”

    How convenient. The contract to give the little bastard a name had been fulfilled and he’d received his money so there was no reason for him to stick around.

    “Obama said his thesis papers had been stolen by burglars who had broken into their home.”

    Well it is a bit more original than “the dog ate my homework” but not much.

    Pro, I think you might be wrong about moron’s true daddy, this guy sounds a hell of a lot like the Boy King.

    I might be off my rocker but I still think this is some vast, long term plan that was cooked up in the late 50s in the Soviet Union. Too much of the Boy King’s past looks like a “legend” used for a deep cover type “mole” to be coincidental. The only thing they didn’t bargain for was the fall of the Soviet Union which left room for a surrogate like Soros to step in.

    • proreason says:

      I agree with JohnMG on the topic of Obama’s father, but it’s something that will never be known with much certainty.

      You think they call us racist now, just imagine if someone were really to open up THAT subject.

      And frankly, I wouldn’t care if he was a martian, except that he’s the point man for destroying the country. The way I see it, that opens EVERYTHING up for attack.

  4. P. Aaron says:

    Gee. Just admit you’re conservative on most college campuses and the staff doesn’t even bother to be sneaky about having you removed…all with the approval of the press.

  5. canary says:

    Interesting for our newest state to be so backwards.

    How come Hawaii (obie) birth certificates in modern America 60’s such a new modern state ask if the parents are Farm or “Plantation” owners.

    How come Hawaii birth certificates in modern America 60’s ask for the father’s name but do not ask for the mother’s name. This normally followed by smaller space for mother’s maiden surname .

    Instead it asks for the father’s name, and the mothers full maiden name.

    Now taking the stigma and of up most importance in this country it was extremely important to a woman and the welfare of her child to to write her married name on constitutional marriage grounds (biblical) to show a child was legit, and for the mother and child not to be made of. Just strange how when the newest state is so backward to ask about Plantations and not ask the mothers legal name at the time of birth.

    Strange to that all the brith certificates to most recent child don’t ask for parents or the child’s race.
    It is not asked upon getting a social security number.

    Hawaii really needs to stop their racist and slave language off their birth certificates. By golly ask for the mother’s name, not her full maiden name. Or maybe that’s for a certificate that you can not show you are married. But, most states don’t ask for you to produce marriage certificates.

  6. canary says:

    Obama wrote in fact he has no proof his parent’s were married.

    One thing that bothered him was an article in the Honolulu Star Bulletin in which his father is interviewed giving his opinions of his experience at the college at the University, never mentioned his wife or son.
    This really bothered Jr.

    Obama himself gives a fact how murky a legal marriage was between his parents.

    An excerpt from pg 22 Dreams From My Father by Barack Obama revised Edition 2004

    “…In fact, how and when the marriage occurred remains a bit murky, a bill of particulars that I’ve never quite had the courage to explore. There’s no record of a real wedding, a cake, a ring, a giving away of the bride. No families were in attendance; it’s not even clear that people back in Kansas were fully informed…”

    While, Obama gives the pretense he was abandoned he writes of his father writing to him always asking him to come to Africa where he truly belongs. But, Obama didn’t go to Africa until after his father’s death. And his granny (non-biological grandmother (as muslim bigamy goes) only had a few things that were eaten by rats. He is told on that visit that his one aunt was worried he’d came as he a claim in a big farm after his dad died. Ruth, the other white wife, had the most documents to proof her son should inherit it. Big legal thing, and we don’t know how that turned out.

    • canary says:

      more skimming in Hopes has version when Obama’s mother and half-sister were visiting from New York, and Obama is mailing a letter to his father as they correspond back and forth, which brings up the subject.

      His mother tells him a little information. That she and Obama Sr. got married and his paternal grandfather became very angry about the marriage.

      She explained, for one thing, Obama Sr. had a wife he was still married to in Africa. And how there was no documentation of Mother also said grandfather even threatened to revoke Obama Sr.’s VISA, and this really upset white grandmother Toots who became hysterical that her daughter and little grandson Obama would go back to Kenya.
      Grandma became hysterical worrying about she (his mother), about the “Mau-Mau rebellion” in Kenya a few years prior. Mom explains grandmother (quoted) “was sure that I would have my head chopped off and you would be taken away.”

      So, perhaps this explains why Obama Sr. wrote Obama Jr. begging him to come to Africa where he belonged. When he came on that visit Obama that one time, he wanted them to come back to Africa.
      But, mom explained she was still legally married to Lou Lou. While Obama says his actual memories
      were of 2 years Lou Lou playing with him, prior to their going to Indonesia. He does not mention any marriage prior or once they got there. It’s possible she married him when she became pregnant with their 1st child, after which she sent Obama back to white grandparents in Hawaii.
      These foreign countries probably don’t keep as accurate records as we do in America on foreigners (tongue in cheek) Ya know how they get lost in the crowds, get in trouble or something and find out they don’t have papers, or get pilot licenses to fly commercial air planes in the USA.

    • Emudude says:

      Canary. Interesting statement in the Reply to your Reply here.

      “and this really upset white grandmother Toots who became hysterical that her daughter and little grandson Obama would go back to Kenya.”

      The phrase “BACK” to Kenya. Not “That her daughter and little grandson Obama would go to Kenya.”, but BACK to Kenya. In every meaning and definition of how this word is used would men that both Daughter and little grandson Obama had previously BEEN to Kenya. Going BACK would mean that they were there. Where did you get this Info? I would like a link to the Original Article or page you got this from.

    • canary says:

      Emudude, these “return to Kenya”, “return home words” are ambiguous. And on his visit to Kenya they are the norm. But, these words are from our president Obama who wanted more than anything to be a true African. As he says as close to be African that his hero muslim Malcomb X was.

      On his trip to Kenya after his father left. From his bitterness of whites, such as a Brit next to him on the plane on his way to do his 1 year humanity service in Africa to his seething of seeing white tourists in his self-proclaimed home country Kenya.

      More excerpts from Dreams From My Father by Barack Obama.

      pg 335 “You must understand, Barry—in Luo custom, the male child inherits everything.”

      Exerpts on his arrival pg 306

      pg 306 “.. “Welcome home,” Zeituni said, kissing me on both cheeks…” end of quote.

      (Zeituni is the one living in U.S. now that Obama ignores)

      They go straight to dropping off Zeutuni at her job as a computer program at Kenya Breweries. Note she and other Kenya relatives call him Barry at times, this after he’d changed his name at Occidental”.
      He had not been separated from since his arrival but when they drop Zeituni off to work as a computer
      tech at a Brewery

      pg. 397 “..”Stepping out of the car, she leaned over again to kiss me on the cheek, then wagged her finger at Auma. “…”You take good care of Barry now,” she said.
      “Make sure he doesn’t get lost again.
      Once we were back on the highway, I asked Auma what Zeituni had meant about my getting lost.
      Auma shrugged.
      “It’s a common expression here,” she said. “Usually, it means the person hasn’t seen you in awhile. ‘You’ve been lost,’ they’ll say. Or ‘Don’t get lost.’ Sometimes it has a more serious meaning. Let’s say a son or husband moves to the city, or to the West, like our Uncle Omar, in Boston. They promise to return after completing school. They say they’ll send for the family once they get settled. At, first they write once a week. Then it’s just once a month. They they stop writing completely. No one see them again. They’ve been lost, you see. Even if people know where they are.”…” end of quote

      Obama meets his grandfather’s brother in Kenya

      pg 388 “,,, “So…he say it is good that have returned”…” end of quote

      During his time in Kenya hearing the stories from relatives about his father and grandfather, BUT prior to the really violent barbaric behaviors and lives they lived. Obama is very numb when it comes to addressing their extreme muslim customs after these feelings. Visits and cries at their graves.
      And as he said since his U.S. presidency; the presidency still has not closed the hole in his heart for not being around his father more. snif snif.

      His aunt is saying at this early point about extra baggage she doesn’t need.

      Very KEY revealing remark of Obama’s hatred towards white people, to include dislike of black people who assoicate with white people. Obama continues the Uncle Toms & race cards today of 1990’s.
      Thought his hero was “opposed to white rule”

      pg 406 “…” I knew knew that as I had been listening to the story of grandfather’s youth, I too, had felt betrayed. My image of Onyango, faint as it was had always been of an autocratic man—-a cruel man, perhaps. But I had also imagined him an independent man, a man of his people, opposed to white rule.
      There was no real basis for this image, I now realized—–only the letter he had written to Gramps saying that he didn’t want his son marrying white. That, and his Muslim faith, which in my mind had become linked with the Nation of Islam back in the States. What Granny had told us scrambled that image completely, causing ugly words to flash across my mind. Uncle Tom. Collaborator. House n…….”
      I tried to explain some of this to Granny, asking if our grandfather had ever expressed his feelings about the white man.”… ” end of quote.

      Did he expect her to understand his slang words. He also learned from his granny that it was because his father was already married in Africa. And that white women are more jealous to bigamy, and most don’t want to leave the states

      Turn back to an earlier time in Chicago when Obama’s aunts visited and told him this story. She tells him she was afraid of their father Obama Sr. Note Obama Sr. worked for American SHELL OIL! .
      So, did Obama’s step-father he dearly loved work for an American oil company in Indonesia.

      pg 213

      “In those first years, the Old Man was doing really well, you see. he was working for an American oil company—Shell, I think. It was only a few years after independence, and the Old Man was well connected with all the top government people. He had gone to school with many of them. The vice-president, ministers, they would all come to the house and a big car, and everybody was impressed with him because he was so young but he already had so much education from abroad. And he had an American wife, which was still rare—although later, when he was still married to Ruth, he would go out sometimes with my real mum. As if he had to show people, you see. That he could also have this beautiful African woman whenever he chose.” .end of quote

      pg 214: Later he left the “American company to work for the government, for the Ministry of Tourism. He may have had political ambition, and at first he was doing well in the government. But by 1966 or 1967, the division in Kenya had become more serious. President Kenyatta was from the largest tribe, the Kikuyus, The Luos, the second largest tribe, began to complain that Kikuyus were getting all the best jobs. The government was full of intrigue. The vice-president, Odinga, was a Luo, and he said the government was becoming corrupt. ….Odinga tried to start his own party, but was placed under house arrest as a Communist.” end of quote.

      this goes on to an interesting read from an Aunt, because she is supposedly writing book, that her version of Obama driving drunk and dying, isn’t true but now claiming the government killed him..

      I think it’s interesting that “Odinga” was mentioned back way back in late 80’s or early 90’s, because we all know Illinois Senator Barack Obama went to Africa and aided Odinga in making the Sharia Law memorandum, and campaigned for him.
      Odinga lost, but after his supporters slaughtered thousands he was given a made-up job, to calm the blood bath.

      Explains why Obama never is upset over the horrible damage the muslim religion and it’s barbaric customs that went on his family, in the US, Indonesia, all over the world. He just loves and feeds them, and lets our soldiers die feeding and building for them.

      Just because Obama is a U.S. citizen does not mean he is in his heart. He is first an African. He hid his white roots, explaining his tan school was from being a muslim.
      Blood is thicker than water. And he absolutely said related with malcomeX’s wish to purge the white blood from his veins.
      And Obama has apologized for a our country; a country he was bred disdain for.
      Obama has created a great division, when there is to be no division among us. Obama has broken bridges. He has opened wounds. Created new wounds. And he is selfish, cruel, arrogant, reckless, and drunk with power.

  7. Natural Born Citizen says:

    If BHO Sr was already married how could his marriage to Stanley Anne Dunham be valid? SAD’s dad also was friendly with Frank Marshall Davis and made sure BHO had a father figure to hang out with. The speculation was he knew FMD was BHO’s real biological father.

  8. Not so fast says:

    Ah, the angry abandoned son! What can WE do with someone like that, I wonder? Bill Ayers, Jeremiah Wright, Frank Marshal Davis, anyone?

    • canary says:

      Not only did he correspond with his father who begged him to come live in Kenya where he knew he belonged, Obama kept in touch with other relatives. Aside his one uncle living in D.C. his got calls when one of relatives called to cancel a trip, because of them died on his motorcycle trying to get one of them out of jail in Kenya. And then when his father died. In which he flew over and a lot of talk about the inheritance feud. And the nerve of Obie telling his other half-brother of Obama Sr. other white wife’s son, that he should live in Africa after he graduated colllege in the states.
      Obama is projecting his guilt on to his father. Obama was very busy partying hardy during the time his father asked him to even visit him. I mean white grandma nearly missed her good-bye if she was able to even know he paid her a quick visit. Wasn’t there when mom died. Busy with writers block.
      Even a neglected wife complaining she was raising their children on her own. Then his magic beans grew. All smiles now.

  9. Natural Born Citizen says:

    BHO also advised his supposed cousin Raila Odinga while BHO was a state senator from Illinois. When Odinga lost the Presidential election in Kenya he seems to have incorporated Alinsky tactics to try and reverse the results. He had his supporters start a violent uprising to protest the election and ended up being given the title of Prime Minister splitting a leadership role with his opposition. Raila made deals with Muslim fundamentalists to support him in exchange for introducing Sharia law in Muslim controlled areas of Kenya. Anybody surprised that was the horse BHO picked? Or whether it may show any duel allegiance? Or sympathies for Islam?

    • canary says:

      Natural Born Citizen. Knock on wood, you owe me a Coke. Obama mentions Odinga while organizing back in the late 80’s or early 90’s when he wrote his 94 Dreams book.

  10. wirenut says:

    Mongrel dogs and wild hogs could trace their lineage easier. How did the “fugitive’s” from the truth ever miss all this? Thank’s MSM! My head is still spinning with all the travel plans and tickets it took, just to create our young scalawag. This stain on our country must be one term. Who cares what boil this infection crawled out of. The mutt is running things now.
    One term.
    Repeal, repeal, repeal.

  11. oldpuppydixie says:

    White trash females have apparently been with us a long, long time!

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