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‘Election Day’ Begins Tomorrow In Two States

From a joyous Reuters:

Amid court challenges, early voting begins in U.S. election

By Deborah Charles | September 20, 2012

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The November 6 election is still seven weeks away, but early, in-person voting begins in two states on Friday, even as Democrats and Republicans battle in court over controversial plans to limit such voting before Election Day.

Idaho and South Dakota are the first states to begin early voting on Friday, although North Carolina has been accepting absentee ballots by mail since September 6. By the end of September, 30 states will have begun either in-person or absentee voting, and eventually all the states will join in…

Such voters make up large percentages of those casting ballots before Election Day, and they tend to back Democrats.

Can there be any doubt as to why the Democrats push for longer and longer ‘election days’? If it were just a matter of people being able to get to the polls, both sides would want a longer period. So clearly that isn’t the problem.

Absentee ballots, popular among military voters, tend to favor Republicans.

The restrictions on early voting are among several election laws passed by Republican-led legislatures since 2010…

Notice there is no mention of the constant effort by Democrats to suppress the military vote.

The push to limit early voting came after Obama’s aggressive early voting campaign in 2008 helped propel him to victory over Republican Senator John McCain – and showed the power of the bloc of early voters.

Early voters are particularly coveted because once they cast their ballots, the candidates they support can turn their focus to attracting undecided voters.

What nonsense. How would a candidate know who had voted and for whom? Unless, of course, there is cheating.

Early voting accounted for a record 30 percent of all votes cast in the 2008 election. In Florida, more than half of the votes were cast before Election Day.

More than half of the African-Americans who cast ballots in Florida four years ago – 54 percent – voted early, nearly twice the rate of whites. In five of the state’s 67 counties, at least two-thirds of blacks cast their ballots before Election Day, according to a Reuters analysis of state voter data…

What could possibly explain this?

Since the 2008 election, Florida’s Republican-controlled Legislature has reduced the number of early voting days to eight from 14, a plan that drew criticism from Democrats and voting-rights groups…

After a federal court said last month the new law unfairly hurt minorities, the state appeased the federal government by agreeing to extend the voting hours on each of the eight remaining days of early voting.

But [a] new lawsuit filed by [Democrat Representative Corrine] Brown also takes issue with a part of the law that eliminates voting on the Sunday before Election Day, saying it unfairly affects blacks, a sizeable number of whom tend to vote after going to church.

And after being illegally harangued by their pastors to vote Democrat.

Meanwhile, we have this news from the Detroit News:

Secretary of State: 4K noncitizens on voter rolls

By Chad Livengood [sic] | September 19, 2012

Lansing — One day after being sued over a controversial ballot box citizenship question, Secretary of State Ruth Johnson said Tuesday there are an estimated 4,000 noncitizens on Michigan’s voter rolls.

The estimate is based on the state’s access to citizenship information for one-fifth of the population, Johnson said, adding the federal government won’t give her access to more citizenship data…

Department of State employees cross-referenced those noncitizens with voting records and found 54 have a voting history and have voted a total of 95 times, Johnson said

How is that possible? We have been assured by the Attorney General of the United States that voter fraud does not exit.

Johnson said the discovery justifies her insistence that Michigan’s 7.34 million registered voters be asked to affirm their citizenship if they vote at the polls in November. The daughter of a Canadian immigrant, Johnson said the citizenship question is necessary because over the years noncitizens have been automatically registered to vote while legally obtaining a driver’s license

So all they have to do is "affirm" that they can legally vote? What a stringent requirement! No wonder the Democrats are up in arms.

A group of voting rights advocates, labor unions and citizens sued Johnson in federal court Monday, challenging her authority to ask voters to affirm their citizenship after Gov. Rick Snyder vetoed legislation adding the question to absentee and in-person voting applications…

Even though labor unions require photo IDs for their elections.

But these people know that they often have to steal elections to win. And they aren’t shy about doing it.

Johnson, a Republican, also implied President Barack Obama and Democratic county and city clerks are obstructing her efforts to root out noncitizen voters

What a paranoid kook.

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One Response to “‘Election Day’ Begins Tomorrow In Two States”

  1. ilzito guacamolito says:

    ~ How is that possible? We have been assured by the Attorney General of the United States that voter fraud does not exist. ~

    It’s not voter fraud if Democrats do it, silly.

    Seriously, though, the Democrats need time to vote early AND often.

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