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Elizabeth Edwards Wants To Stalk Ann Coulter

As all the world knows by now the obscure website Salon has interviewed the surrogate candidate Ms. Elizabeth Edwards. 

And, yes, she criticized Ms. Rodham for not being womanly enough. Which is understandable, given her taste in men.

And of course she came out again (if that’s the phrase I want) for gay marriage. Which again is understandable, given her taste in men.

But Ms. Edwards also once again exposed her ample neurotic streak when she re-visited her magnificent obsession with the columnist Ann Coulter:

The Salon Interview: Elizabeth Edwards

On her confrontation with Ann Coulter, why she backs gay marriage — and why Edwards is a better choice for women than Hillary Clinton.

By Joan Walsh

Jul. 17, 2007 

… On Saturday night, at the end of a long day of campaigning, she curled up in light-blue pajamas made of environmentally friendly bamboo for an hourlong interview in her hotel room…

… I’m going to talk to you about the poverty tour, but I do have to spend five minutes on Ann Coulter. When we write about her on Salon, we have a smart, vocal minority of readers who say, Why do you bother? Why give her attention?

I’ve heard that too, I got that when I made the call.

So why did you bother to phone in?

Ignoring the fact that she exists doesn’t make her go away. If it did, you wouldn’t hear me utter her name. So I think maybe the better thing to do is simply confront people like her. Are you going to stop them? Under no circumstances will you stop them. But maybe you empower other people to stand up, and maybe that has an effect. When I travel, so many older people thank me for what I did. Because the vile kind of way Ann Coulter thinks and talks, that was not ever part of the public discourse until recently.

Right afterward I was on MSNBC with Dan Abrams and he asked me, “If you were Elizabeth Edwards’ advisor, would you have told her to make the call?” And I said I didn’t think anyone advised you — I thought it was your idea, nobody tells you what to do.

Yes, well, I knew she was doing “Hardball,” and I knew it was a call-in show. So I called the [Edwards] campaign about getting the number, and they were like, Oh, that’s a good idea. And then I mentioned the 2003 column [where Coulter mocked John Edwards’ discussion of their son Wade’s death in a car crash] and you could see them get worried, like “Oh, my God, she’s carrying around in her mind a 2003 column? Maybe we don’t want her calling …”

Maybe they just wouldn’t bother getting you the number.

Right. And later on, I talked to somebody, not an advisor — I really don’t have anybody advising me — and not someone in the campaign. She’d been in a previous campaign, and she said, “Oh, I wouldn’t have done that. I think that you put yourself at risk, subject to criticism unnecessarily.” I understand the advice — if you were advising somebody you might say that — but that exact attitude is what protects somebody like Ann Coulter. Nobody wants to jump in the mud puddle with her.

The thing is, actually, she doesn’t agree to many debates; it’s very rare. She seems formidable, but she’s a coward because she ducks debates.

So I got the number in case I wanted to call in. And I sat and watched [the show], and I thought, well, there’s really nothing to call in about. It was getting close to the time I had to leave. I might have gotten on a plane and left — I really might not have ever called. Maybe Chris [Matthews] brought some of those things up because he knew I was watching.

Well, he was told you might call, and Coulter was told you might call, right?

Yes, I saw what [“Hardball” producer] Tammy Haddad said on television; she is a completely straight player, which is why I knew she would tell [Coulter] that I’d gotten the phone number and I might call. But I almost didn’t. I sat there and watched her say all these things that weren’t true — Saddam actually did have WMD, just not huge stockpiles. I thought, if that’s true, we don’t hear Cheney saying this? Or this discredited idea that Saddam’s top aides were working with al-Qaida. So she’s saying things with which I completely disagree, but I’m not calling in. She’s wrong, but that’s OK — we can disagree. Then she started in again on John: She misdescribed what Bill Maher said [Coulter falsely claimed the HBO host had said he wished the failed Cheney assassination attempt had succeeded] and then she used it as an excuse to be able to say it about John. But if it’s repulsive for Bill to say it, then isn’t it repulsive for her to say it?

And you were able to raise money around it?

Yes. John is trying to run a substantive campaign. It’s not about window dressing. These are the policies, like them or not, and it’s the exact opposite of what she’s saying and doing.

But weren’t you also saying that it’s time for Democrats to stand up for themselves, which so many Democrats haven’t? To fight back?

Yes, and we were saying, Here’s a way you can do it. But I didn’t put her on TV at the end of the quarter. That’s when we were going to be making a push to raise money; that’s when everybody’s doing it.

How much money did you raise?

I honestly don’t know. The campaign probably knows.

But you did well.

We did. It was hard to get to our Web site for a few days. And you know, in some ways I’d like to continue what I started, just hammer home the unacceptability of Ann Coulter and what she’s doing to the dialogue. I’d like to follow her around and harass her. Maybe Michael Savage and Rush Limbaugh too. But then I become what I’m trying to fight — I think it’s counterproductive. …

Of course we all know she is sick.

But I didn’t realize she was crazy.

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