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Ellison Misses Campaign Disclosure Filings Again

From the Minneapolis Star Tribune:

Ellison misses deadline for filing state campaign finance report

By Rochelle Olson, Star Tribune

February 15, 2007

U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison has missed another reporting deadline with the Minnesota Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board for his state House of Representatives fundraising committee.

The board sent certified letters Tuesday to all who had missed deadlines. The politicians have 10 days to file the 2006 year-end reports or face fines of $5 a day. Ellison was among those who received letters because he failed to file a timely report for his state House committee, said Jeff Sigurdson, the board’s assistant director.

Ellison served two terms in the House before successfully running for Congress this year. His congressional campaign report was filed on time with the Federal Election Commission.

Ellison spokesman Rick Jauert said the state paperwork was filed Wednesday.

But Sigurdson said he was unaware of that filing. Reports are scanned and appear on the board’s website the day they are received, he said.

The filing deadline for the year-end reports was Jan. 31. Postmarks with that date are considered on-time filings…

Ellison’s problems with past filings were a prominent topic in last fall’s election. In May 2006 he became the first candidate to be fined for a "willful failure to amend" reports.

The board sent him dozens of letters dating to his failed 1998 House campaign about missed deadlines for routine reports.

Ellison said at the time that he took full responsibility. He also pledged that if he won his congressional campaign, he would run a "tight" office.

Past efforts to get Ellison to comply with the law involved the state attorney general’s office, a collection agency and Hennepin and Ramsey county attorneys.

If this wasn’t a constant pattern with him, you might think Mr. Ellison had something to hide.

Maybe he is waiting for some guidance from "Ask The Imam."

Still, a $5 a day fine seems pretty stiff. Maybe Ms. Pelosi is going to far in her clampdown on Congressional corruption.

You can buy a couple of cigars for $5.

(And as Oki points out, once again the article follows the unwritten law of our watchdog media and carefully neglects to mention that Mr. Ellison is a Democrat.)

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