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An Email From An ‘Angry Mob Of One’

We received the following email today:

(A clip from the Lloyd Doggett healthcare townhall last week on August, 1. This is not the one described below.)

XXXX XXXX <XXXX@XXXX.com> wrote:


I am a white woman, 67 years old, 5’2” tall and weigh 115 pounds.  I am usually very healthy. 

I was at the first Town Hall that Doggett gave, but didn’t have a sign; just my voice… and just yelled.  He called us (all senior citizens) “an angry mob”. 

Today, I guess I was an Angry Mob of One.

At 3:15 p.m. when I arrived back at my home, I was still trembling and flushed from the heat and took my body temperature.  Normally my temp. is 97.8.  RIGHT NOW, it is the same degree that I was walking in for an hour and a half – 106 degrees Fahrenheit!!!  That translates into a heat stroke.   And my husband served our country, was terribly wounded and I couldn’t stand on federal property with my sign.


It was on the news this morning that Doggett would be having another Town Hall meeting today at the Veterans Affairs Center. Since my husband has used that Center (as a retired General with 90% Viet Nam disability), I had my ID military card and proceeded to go in.   I was not carrying any type of bag or purse – only my sign. 

In the sign in area, the clerk behind the counter looked up my card, found me on the computer, and told the policeman that it was “o.k” for me to go in to the small auditorium.  I had my poster with me.  On one side was a blown up photo of my husband graduating from West Point and shaking the hand of John F. Kennedy.. it’s a great picture!  On the other side, I had written: “NO  MORE  LIES!!!”

As I entered there were about 4 police officers in the blue uniforms and a lot of other people walking around talking on their walkie-talkies and checking everyone before people were allowed in.

I went into the small auditorium, (more like a small movie theatre with 2 aisles) and sat down on the back chair facing 3 men who were my generation and had on their Army caps.  And we began to talk.

Within 5 minutes a police officer (blue uniform) came and got me and told me I had to leave with my sign because I was on FEDERAL property.  I asked “where can I go?”  His answer was “come on out with me and I’ll ask my supervisor”.  So I did and a few minutes later (all the while people are coming in and I’m standing there in the lobby holding my sign),  he came back and said “you will have to go outside”.  I said “It’s 106 degrees outside”!  I knew that because I had just seen it in my car which tells the temp.  I couldn’t hear his reply so I leaned in a little and his response was: “back up, don’t get close to me”!  Now, here I am trying to hear and do what I was asked and he is afraid of me!  I backed up and asked him again where was the closest place I could stand and could I stay in the air conditioning”.

His answer was “No, you have to go out on the sidewalk with your sign”.  In front of the building there are several rows of cars and a wide cement area when you first come out of the building.  Near one of the arches, I saw some shade and so I walked over there and stood with my sign. 

Within 5 minutes, another police officer came over to me and told me I had to go out on the street sidewalk.  This is a very wide 4 lane street with an old sidewalk.  There is absolutely no shade.

I told him I would obey and for the next hour and a half I walked up and down along the highway in front of the building with my sign.  The temperature was at least 106 degrees – which is typical for Austin in August..  For the first hour there was no one else walking or in the sun.  Just me and then 3-4 people came out with small signs for Obama and they just wanted to fight… I’m too old to fight, so I just kept on walking.  I got a lot of thumbs up and horns… and one car stopped with 3 people in it that I declare I have seen on the street panhandling here in Austin, and they called me a delusional old woman”. 

Since I’ve been called worse, I just kept on walking. 

Give me Liberty or give me death.


We find this wonderfully inspiring.

We should each of us become ‘an angry mob of one.’

This article was posted by Steve on Friday, August 7th, 2009. Comments are currently closed.

15 Responses to “An Email From An ‘Angry Mob Of One’”

  1. Steve says:

    We just got another email on the same Doggett townhall:

    XXXX wrote:

    Last Friday I got an email that Congressman Doggett was going to be in Bastrop, Texas at 4:00 p.m. at City Hall. This visit of Doggett’s was not announced. I emailed some friends and ask if they wanted to attend. I didn’t hear anything until Sat. morning when I started getting tons of emails and phone calls telling me that they were going to City Hall.

    After we got there, we filed in, single file, to City Hall and stood quietly in the back. Only one person shouted out at Doggett, asking if he would explain his ‘cap and trade’ bill. During the City Hall meeting that was basically for Bastrop County Historical Society people, the mayor announced there would be a “town hall” meeting at a small community center. No one had been notified of this and we were all looking at each other going “What?”.

    When we got to the community center, the police told people they could not take their signs in since it was private property. So people dropped their signs, or put them in their cars, and we entered the community center, once again, single file, as was being allowed by the police. Imagine our surprise when we saw that the center was full of people wearing blue Bastrop County Democratic Party t-shirts.

    We stood in the back. Doggett gave his “The health care bill is the greatest things since sliced bread” speech, saying he would do a Q & A afterwards. It didn’t take long for anyone to figure out that Congressman Doggett was not going to take any questions unless he knew them to be Democratic Party members. The next day, Doggett told national TV that he had encountered a “mob”.

    The videos you are seeing from Austin are misleading. Doggett had sent out flyers that he would be at the Randall’s store that Saturday morning, so why he was surprised that people showed up is beyond me, except he had only sent the flyers to Democrats. People were trying to ask him questions on the health care bill, but the shouting didn’t start until a man asked Doggett if he would still vote for the bill knowing his constituents were opposed to it and Doggett told him “yes” because it is what is best for his constituents. That is when the “Just Say No” chants started.

    Lloyd Doggett, being the weasel he is, never intended to make his Bastrop visit public information. The only people notified of his visit were the BC Historical Society and his own Democratic Party. He didn’t want to face people who are opposed to this health care bill.

    So when he is saying he encountered a “mob” of libertarians, paid Republican hacks and people being paid by the insurance lobby, he is outright lying. In Bastrop, the crowd was mostly older seniors, and a lot of U.S. military veterans.

    I just want the truth out there. Hope you will tell people what a liar Lloyd Doggett is.

    We hope everyone realizes that we will have to report these obstreperous emailers to Mr. Obama’s snitch site.

  2. caligirl9 says:

    It was okay to have an opinion that differed from Bush’s administration, but all of a sudden it’s not okay now?

    A friend of mine from work and I were considering attending our local representative’s “town hall” meeting to let our opinions be known about the health care legislation (and whatever else was pi**ing us off that day). We were going to drag one of our co-workers with us, a woman our age who drank the kool-aid in November and now wishes she had an antidote for it.

    Anyway, we decided not to attend for a couple of reasons. We live in an overwhelmingly raging dem area. Our rep (Zoe Lofgren) is not going to stray from her “progressive” leftist agenda no matter what. And our boss, who is active in politics, especially from the raging dem side, knows this representative and frankly we are concerned that if it’s known we attended this meeting and were against the “agenda,” we could lose our jobs.

    Don’t laugh … remember the joke that is going around about how an employer decides which employees to fire: he goes wandering in the parking lot and anyone with an o-blah-blah bumper sticker gets his own special version of “change.”

    Never in my 50 years of being a good citizen have I been in fear of voicing an opinion in public … an opinion that differs from those currently “in power.” Have those people forgotten we put them there, and under normal circumstances, we could remove them as well via the voting booth?

    The people who are most negatively affected by this so-called health care legislation—people like me—need to get really angry. But examples like that in this article tell me there is no place for us to voice that opinion, let alone voice that opinion to the fools WE put into power.

  3. texaspsue says:

    “We find this wonderfully inspiring.

    We should each of us become ‘an angry mob of one.”

    Done. Lloyd Doggett is my House Rep. too. sigh. Now you can report me to the Whitehouse. :-)

    Great post SG!

  4. Tater Salad says:

    Seems I have seen some of these same Representatives, actors and foreign morons before. Jimmy Buffet has a song for everyone to here:


  5. neocon mom says:

    I would say that the description of the angry mob at the Lloyd Doggett “town hall” is what I’ve seen on every town hall meeting that has been posted: Seniors, many of whom were wearing caps indicating their branch of service.
    God bless this woman, let’s all follow her example.

    • U NO HOO says:

      Thanks for the inspiration, Austin TX lady.

      What I noticed in the video:

      1. Amateur signs
      2. No swastikas
      3. No groupie t shirts
      4. A child

  6. wally_bert says:

    I haven’t posted in ages for different reasons but Caligirl brought up something that happened to me when it comes to wacko Dims as bosses and supervisors. Suffice it to say I said one contrary thing about 0 the day after because I was angry that Juan McPain dropped the ball big time. The 1/2 ton hen had a meeting with me a week or so later and made it clear I was on the way out. She rattled off assorted 0-isms while making it clear that I was the dumbest male on earth in a very polite way. I found a better job a couple of weeks later.

  7. jobeth says:

    God Bless this woman and all of you … who have to take one for our freedoms.

    I have feeling that each of us is going to get dinged in this battle, but it’s worth it.

    Caligirl, I wish so much I could join your group…only 3000 miles keeps me from doing that.

  8. Colonel1961 says:

    O’ the days when dissent was the highest form of patriotism…

  9. canary says:

    Our tea party of thousands was peaceful, except cars gunning and trying to run over people trying to cross roads at cross walks.

  10. Enthalpy says:

    Doggett, like so many of them, is a slime who is unwilling to part with his comfy life style and power. Has there ever been a time when those in positions of power were willing to give it up? Probably not, so why should Doggett be any different? We must show them the way.

  11. MinnesotaRush says:

    God Bless all those Army’s of One that are standin’ tall!!!

    God Bless America and its’ genuine and allegiant citizens!!!

    I’m putting my initial order in for the “I’m with the “MOB” … and proud of it!!!” T-shirts. Gonna wear ’em to every meeeting I go to from here on out!

  12. TwilightZoned says:

    “…a man asked Doggett if he would still vote for the bill knowing his constituents were opposed to it and Doggett told him “yes” because it is what is best for his constituents.”

    When exactly did we become a dictatorship? Boy, oh boy…have the politicians lost sight of their role. Perhaps a job description needs to be sent. Again, my mantra…2010 can’t arrive soon enough!

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