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Emails Show Collusion Between Cummings, Lerner

From Katie Pavlich at Townhall:

Emails Show Lois Lerner Fed True the Vote Tax Information to Democrat Elijah Cummings

Katie Pavlich | Apr 09, 2014

New IRS emails released by the House Oversight Committee show staff working for Democratic Ranking Member Elijah Cummings communicated with the IRS multiple times between 2012 and 2013 about voter fraud prevention group True the Vote. True the Vote was targeted by the IRS after applying for tax exempt status more than two years ago.

Further, information shows the IRS and Cummings’ staff asked for nearly identical information from True the Vote President Catherine Engelbrecht about her organization, indicating coordination and improper sharing of confidential taxpayer information.

Chairman of the House Oversight Committee Darrell Issa, along with five Subcommittee Chairmen are demanding Cummings provide an explanation for the staff inquiries to the IRS about True the Vote and for his denial that his staff ever contacted the IRS about the group…

The first contact between the IRS and Cummings’ staffers about True the Vote happened in August 2012. In January 2013, staff asked for more information from the IRS about the group. Former head of tax exempt groups at the IRS Lois Lerner went out of her way to try and get information to Cummings’ office. The information Cummings received was not shared with Majority Members on the Committee.

On January 28, three days after staffers requested more information, Lerner wrote an email to her deputy Holly Paz, who has since been put on administrative leave, asking, “Did we find anything?” Paz responded immediately by saying information had not been found yet, to which Lerner replied, “Thanks, check tomorrow please.”

On January 31, Paz sent True the Vote’s 990 forms to Cumming’s staff.

Up until this point, Rep. Cummings has denied his staff ever contacted the IRS about True the Vote and their activities during Oversight hearings. In fact, on February 6, 2014 during a Subcommittee hearing where Engelbrecht testified, Cummings vehemently denied having any contact or coordination in targeting True the Vote when attorney Cleta Mitchell, who is representing the group, indicated staff on the Committee had been involved in communication with the IRS…

Mr. Cummings lied? What a shock.

Rep. Cummings has described the investigation into IRS targeting of conservative groups as a "witch hunt," and has tried multiple times to put the investigation on hold…

By the way, there is another odd thing that turned up in this newly released batch of emails. — Around this same time, in January 2013,, Lois Lerner was ordering Cincinnati to reject the Crossroads GPS application for tax exemption. (In fact, Lerner told her people to audit Crossroads.) While at the same time Lerner fast-tracked the tax exempt status of Organizing For Action. — But it gets weirder.  At this same time Ms. Lerner wrote an email where she said she hoped OFA would hire her.

From the leftists at ProPublica:

What Newly Released Docs Tell Us About the IRS and How It Handles Dark Money Groups

… Lerner may have considered applying to work at a leading liberal social welfare nonprofit.

On Jan. 24, 2013, she emailed two senior IRS officials, asking if Organizing for Action — the nonprofit formed from the leftovers of President Barack Obama’s campaign organization — had applied for IRS recognition.

One of the officials, Holly Paz, told Lerner she wasn’t sure.

Another IRS official, Sharon Light, said she thought it likely that OFA would follow Priorities USA’s path and not apply. "But maybe not," she added. She noted that while OFA would be run from Chicago, it would also have a Washington office.

"Oh — maybe I can get the DC office job!" Lerner emailed back.

It is unclear whether she was joking.

We have never gotten the impression that Ms. Lerner has much of a sense of humor.

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  1. GetBackJack says:

    I don’t know how but I smell Battlespace Prep by the Hillary Campaign

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