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Emanuel: Gays Are The Next Jews Of Fundraising

First we have this fantasy from The Advocate the New York Times:

Court Follows Nation’s Lead

By ADAM NAGOURNEY | June 26, 2013

LOS ANGELES — When proponents of same-sex marriage decided nearly five years ago to bring their legal battle before the Supreme Court, the decision set off a spasm of anxiety among many gay leaders worried that an adverse ruling would set back a fight that many of them had never really wanted.

That’s not what the New York Times was claiming three years ago, or even ten years ago. Back then The Times claimed the public was clamoring for same sex marriage.

But as the Supreme Court issued its last-day-of-court rulings on Wednesday, nullifying the federal law that defined marriage as a union between a man and a woman and effectively permitting same-sex marriage in California, what was also clear was just how rapidly much of the country had moved beyond the court. Rulings that just three years ago would have loomed as polarizing and even stunning instead served to underscore and ratify vast political changes that have taken place across much of the country.

And never mind that up until very recently, ‘same sex marriage’ was voted down more than thirty times in a row on state ballots. But we’re supposed to believe that the politicians are being dragged into supported gay marriage by the public.

Things are dramatically different today,” said Chad H. Griffin, the president of the Human Rights Campaign and the founder of the gay rights group that brought the case against the California ban…

Chad Griffin is a top Obama bundler who raised $200,000 for Obama’s first campaign. And who threatened to withhold his and the gay community’s help in the 2012 campaign. He is also the man who leaned on Joe Biden, right before Biden announced his support for gay marriage, back in May 2012.

[Even] Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr., in questioning lawyers during the argument in these cases, noted just how much political support there was for gay marriage…

Probably all of his friends support it.

Gay characters and celebrities have become ever-present in popular culture, on television and, over the past year, in sports and rap music…

Gee, what a coincidence. (And never mind that the gay TV shows all flopped.)

“Our concern in May of 2009 is that we didn’t yet have those critical masses of public support and states,” said Evan Wolfson, the executive director of Freedom to Marry. Since that time, he said, the success of gay organizations in winning approval of same-sex marriage statutes had created a markedly different atmosphere.

“We had to build those critical masses of states and of public opinion: that is the history of how social rights and justice movements win,” he said. “This is how America does its civil rights business. It’s not a secret strategy.”

It’s called ‘astroturfing.’ David Axelrod invented it, and even founded a company that specializes in it.

Within moments of the decisions being announced, gay leaders were looking forward, hopeful that the imprimatur of a Supreme Court ruling would push the movement to new victories. Mr. Griffin said that the next goal was to make same-sex marriage legal in all 50 states within five years. Five states — Illinois, Hawaii, New Jersey, Nevada and Oregon — are viewed by proponents as top-tier legislative targets.

“We do have to acknowledge our pace of progress,” Mr. Griffin said. “But there’s a day of celebration and then tomorrow we have to to work harder.”

Why? It should be easy as pie since everyone wants it?

In reality, this is what is driving all of this, via the Washington Examiner:

‘Gays are the next Jews of fundraising’

By TIMOTHY P. CARNEY | June 26, 2013

While raising money for Bill Clinton (who signed the Defense of Marriage Act) in 1992, Rahm Emanuel proclaimed “Gays are the next Jews of fundraising.” …

[And] Democrats today are using the gay marriage ruling as a way to raise money… Obama’s core network of fundraisers included many gay men and women who were also gay-marriage activists…

About 20 percent of Obama’s bundlers — volunteer fundraisers — are gay, according to media reports, with many of them being gay rights activists. For example, Sally Susman has raised at least $500,000 for Obama’s re-election. Millionaire banking mogul Eugene Sepulveda is another gay half-million-dollar Obama bundler. Rufus Gifford is the finance director for Obama’s re-election campaign, and Andrew Tobias is treasurer of the Democratic National Committee — and both are gay.

To which you can add the aforementioned Chad Griffin.

And even as we speak, we have this from the Daily Caller:

DNC fundraises off Supreme Court ruling, again

Caroline May | June 26, 2013

The Democratic National Committee has turned the most recent Supreme Court rulings into money-making opportunities.

Within an hour of the Supreme Court’s ruling Wednesday to strike down a key provision of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), the DNC sent out a petition and fundraising email signed by DNC Chairwoman Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

“It’s just the latest step we’ve made in recent years toward a more equal country where people aren’t treated differently because of who they love,” she wrote of the court’s decision on DOMA in an email to supporters Wednesday. “This progress wouldn’t have happened without the hard work of activists and people like you — and we won’t finish the fight for equality unless we all step up and finish it.”

Wasserman Schultz further called on recipients to join her “and fight for equal rights for every American.” “Commit to standing with the Democrats who are fighting for equality today, and let’s make sure we have more days like this to celebrate,” she wrote in her email.

The email offered two links to a petititon [sic], which doubles as a donation page once signed. “Democrats are counting on you. Donate now to help continue the fight for equality,” the page reads…

It’s always about the money with Democrats. First, last and always.

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