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Emanuel To Ban ‘Retard’ From Legislation

An update from the Politico on effin’ retard-gate:

Rahm’s apology accepted, at last

Ben Smith

February 03, 2010

UPDATE: Emanuel met Wednesday with six disability advocates. He "sincerely apologized," again, for using the word, promising to sign an online pledge to end the use of the word, the advocates said in a joint statement.

Emanuel also promised to "examine" Congressional legislation that would remove the word from federal law

What kind of (effin’) nonsense is this?

Because Mr. Emanuel used the term ‘retarded’ as an insult, he is now going to decree that it must be stricken from the country’s legislation from over the past 200 years? And banned from the English language in general?

What an arrogance of power. And what a waste of money and time. (That is, assuming this is anything more than an empty promise. Which is highly unlikely.)

For the record, the word ‘retarded’ or a variation of it appears nine times in the Senate version of the healthcare reform bill. So perhaps that fact will kill it once and for all.

Still, if ‘retarded’ is to be the new ‘N word,’ maybe Mr. Emanuel’s time could be better spent getting the term expunged from his boss’ two auto-biographies:

From ‘Dreams From My Father,’ page 73:

We stopped at an old hotel, a grand hotel with chandeliers. There was a piano in the lobby and a lounge filled with cushions of soft satin, and I took one of the cushions and placed it on the piano bench, and the old white man sat down, retarded now, or senile, and when I looked again he was a small black girl, her feet barely reaching the pedals.

From ‘Audacity Of Hope,’ page 22:

At times during his first campaign, [Bill Clinton’s] gestures toward disaffected Reagan Democrats could seem clumsy and transparent (what ever happened to Sister Souljah?) or frighteningly coldhearted (allowing the execution of a mentally retarded death row inmate to go forward on the eve of an important primary).

Luckily there still has been no complaints about Mr. Emanuel’s use of the ‘F word.’

Apparently, if he had to forego that term he would not have much to say.

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10 Responses to “Emanuel To Ban ‘Retard’ From Legislation”

  1. proreason says:

    There may be a small chance that Obamy isn’t evil. I guess it’s possible he is a person simply blinded by ideology.

    But there is NO chance that Rahm the Impaler is anything other than evil.

    People like him need to be neutered.

    • Reality Bytes says:

      Pro – he was a ballarina – he probably already is. He’s obviously overcompensating for some of his “short comings”.

  2. NoNeoCommies says:

    Maybe he’s just a politically “challenged”.

  3. Confucius says:

    Retard, retarded and retardation are medical terms describing a specific cognitive condition.

    It is defined in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, which happens to be the benchmark used by psychiatrists, psychologists and other medical persons.

    It is also codified (and covered) by Medicare and Medicaid–i.e. the government.

    No listing on f*^ck, f*^cked or f*^king though.

  4. Right of the People says:

    But if we ban retards from the legislature, who will be left?

  5. Liberals Demise says:

    Well ……..upon further consideration I have come to the conclusion that this group can be classified as “R” tards!!

    They wear it well!!

  6. Mister C says:

    Ban Retard from our lexicon? Dude, that is so gay.

  7. canary says:

    Obama has his own bowling alley & still hasn’t followed through on his public invitation to Special Olympics champion bowler. Instead he invited a combative Gates who threatened police officers, after returning from genetic reading from some famous musican from communist China.
    And just as global warming Scientist professors are decietful,
    Just as the South Korean scientist professor sentenced to prison for lying about human cloning & cells, who gained prestige & 160 million, I wonder
    about Professor Gates genetic readings he does on the rich & famous saying they are all related to Obama, some other bizarre findings he claimed.

    It’s a shame to make a law when there are still some truly deserving politicians that deserve to be called retarded.

    websters: slow or limited in intellectual, emotional, or academic progress

    now what great poser & pretender do we know that fits under this definition, with no known medical conditions.

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