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Empty Seats At Obama’s Miami Fundraiser

From the Politico:

Obama fundraiser underwhelms


MIAMI, Fla. — A low-dollar fundraiser here Monday felt like a throwback to the 2008 campaign.

What exactly is a "low dollar" fundraiser? Is that like an ‘early bird special’?

There was the same old soundtrack – including “City of Blinding Lights” by U2, the president’s 2008 anthem — the enthusiastic organizers and the abundant appeals for supporters to rally behind President Obama. The one missing element? Overflowing crowds.

Granted, it was a fundraiser, not a free rally. But the empty seats were hard to miss.

The top level of the 2,200-seat concert hall at the Adrienne Arsht Center for Performing Arts was entirely empty, as were the seats along the side of the second and third levels.

"The expectation was 900," a Democratic official said, and more than 980 tickets were sold.

We are glad to see that ‘Baghdad Bob’ is finally back on his feet and working again.

Tickets for the Gen 44 event started at $44, the official said.

They couldn’t sell out a small hall in Miami at $44 a ticket? Yikes. Maybe he should just stick to holding fundraisers at the White House.

Once Obama took the stage, a protester interrupted him at one point, repeatedly yelling: "Keep your promise, stop AIDS now." But the protester was quickly drowned out by the audience chanting, "Obama, Obama, Obama."

Which is more of less how the administration handles any opposition.

"The reason we’re here today is because our work’s not done," Obama said after hushing the crowd. "Our work is not complete. We’re not at the summit. We’re just part way up the mountain. There is more to do."

Mr. Obama is using Martin Luther King-like imagery in his speeches to order to fill your campaign coffers? Where is the outrage?

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14 Responses to “Empty Seats At Obama’s Miami Fundraiser”

  1. untrainable says:

    “The expectation was 900,” a Democratic official said, and more than 980 tickets were sold.
    You know when they use the “more than”, it’s not much more than. With numbers this small they could be exact. It’s like listening to a used car salesman. The exact total was probably 981. And that’s the number “sold”. Not the number of people in attendance. The really funny thing is that it’s a 2200 seat venue, and they only expected 900. For the boy-king himself? Doesn’t that strike you as odd? I thought this was the guy who could lower sea levels with his charm and a wagging finger. At $44 bucks a seat. Oh how the mighty have fallen. Let’s hope the fall continues at this rate.

    • Liberals Demise says:

      $44 -a- plate? He be slummin’ fo dat amouts.
      What is he catering to………the Crack Head / Menthol Cigarette / ACORN vote?

    • Mae says:

      Even I would have paid $44 bucks to laugh through his teleprompter’s speech. $44! That’s not even lunch for two in any upscale bistro. $44! How did they come upon that number? Why not $5? $44! LOL! Let’s see…$44 x 980 is…….LOSER!

  2. River0 says:

    Americans rise up and repudiate Obama? Can this happen? If it doesn’t, we’re finished. Let’s pray this is the beginning. Last I saw, the Sophomore-in-Chief was at 45% popularity. National suicide.

  3. BigOil says:

    Assuming some of the tickets were more than $44, means he brought in roughly between 50 and 75 thousand dollars. I bet the cost to taxpayers to fly two Air Force One jets, secret service detail, local police, limo transport, and arena rental far exceed his fleecing of the Obamabots.

    No doubt our diligent media will tally up all the campaign trips Barry takes on our dime.

  4. oldpuppydixie says:

    No big deal. Hussein knows he can depend on the King of Saudi Arabia and other thoroughly illegal donors to make up any shortfalls.

  5. JohnMG says:

    …..They couldn’t sell out a small hall in Miami at $44 a ticket?…..”

    Maybe all those folks are out on the golf course enjoying themselves for the same amount in greens fees. After all,, sitting there listening to Dumbo would be akin to committing suicide with a ball peen hammer applied repeatedly to the thumb! And just as tedious.

  6. Tater Salad says:

    Where is Barack Obama and his fascist buddies taking America? In 3 years this country has certainly “Changed”. One would come to this conclusion for sure. However, not for the good of America. Europe wants this change and so do all Muslim nations. These countries can now “compete” with America because our production edge in costs to produce a product or “any product” has now been weakened to their likes. We will never be the same unless things are changed…….again. Their is also another crisis that the left is pushing and that it is trying to destroy America’s family tradition. Be aware America, we are being played for fools.


  7. P. Aaron says:

    Anyone think the Politico headline meant to say; Empty Suit Obama at Fundraiser?

  8. canary says:

    video of Obama heckled & booed at Miami fundraiser. Wasn’t met at airport by govt officials.


    women attenders saying stupid things in post-fundraiser show interview.

    • Mae says:

      Thanks, Canary. Watched it under duress and garnered the wisdom about his never saying it would be easy. OMG, is this guy a caution with the cleverly-worded phrase or what? When is the NFL strike/lockout going to be over? I need some ENTERTAINMENT where I don’t injure myself heading for the kleenex box to wipe away my tears.

    • canary says:

      oops.sorry. “No politicians” met Obama at the airport. Obama’s joke admitting himself as an idiot seemed
      to have smoothed the mob, after trying to shout over the mob made it worse. Hey Florida was a blue state last election. Perhaps their hope.

    • Liberals Demise says:

      Lost my lunch on the statements from the buffalo herd as they held up their Messiah in adoring light.
      Buwaaaak (here I go again)

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