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EPA Emission Rules Will Cost $3B A Year

From a cheering Associated Press:

EPA: Clean-air rule would overturn Bush-era plan

By Matthew Daly, Associated Press Writer – Tue Jul 6, 2010

WASHINGTON – The Obama administration is proposing a new rule to tighten restrictions on pollution from coal-burning power plants in the eastern half of the country, a key step to cut emissions that cause smog.

The Environmental Protection Agency said Tuesday the new rule represented its most consequential effort yet to tackle deadly pollution that contributes to smog and soot that hangs over more than half the country. The rule would cost nearly $3 billion a year and those costs are likely to be passed along to consumers, although the rule’s effect on specific companies and on consumers was not clear

Huh. The “effect” of a $3 billion (and probably more) tax on us “consumers” seems to be a pretty clear to us.

The rule, to be finalized next year, aims to cut sulfur dioxide emissions by 71 percent from 2005 levels by 2014 and nitrogen oxide emissions by 52 percent in the same time frame.

Known as the Clean Air Interstate Rule, the measure requires 31 states from Massachusetts to Texas to reduce smog and soot-producing emissions that can travel long distances in the wind.

How could anything named ‘CAIR’ be bad for us?

The agency predicted the rule would prevent about 14,000 to 36,000 premature deaths a year

With this is on top of the 123 lives now being saved every day by ‘healthcare reform,’ our highways are going to be awfully crowded in the near future.

With a comprehensive energy bill facing united GOP opposition in the Senate, Democrats are considering an approach that would focus on capping greenhouse gas emissions from power plants…

In other words, once again the Democrats are going to ignore the will of the people and their representatives by pushing through their unpopular agenda via federal regulations, executive order and other diktats, rather than by Constitutional legislation.

EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson said the rule signed Tuesday should improve air quality and public health in a broad swath of states, from southern New England down to Florida, over to Texas and up to Minnesota. The rule does not affect four New England states: Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hamsphire [sic] and Maine.

"We’re working to limit pollution at its source, rather than waiting for it to move across the country," Jackson said in a statement.

The proposed reductions should save more than $120 billion a year in avoided health costs and sick days and save thousands of lives each year, Jackson said. Those benefits would far outweigh the estimated $2.8 billion annual cost of compliance, she said.

And everyone will get a pony and a unicorn.

Environmental groups hailed the new rule as a step toward taming pollution from coal-fired power plants and solving the problem of one state’s emissions harming residents in other states.

But industry groups said it will boost power prices and force many older coal-fired power plants to be closed.

Of course that is the real goal, as Mr. Obama admitted during the campaign. In fact, their ultimate goal is now blindingly clear. They want to put an end or cripple every source of our nation’s industry. Coal, nuclear, and oil and natural gas.

That is how they intend to end capitalism once and for all.

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5 Responses to “EPA Emission Rules Will Cost $3B A Year”

  1. mr_bill says:

    Its an energy tax, plain and simple. This reminds me of Congress’ last legislation on diesel fuel. They were seeking to reduce sulphur dioxide, just as this legislation attempts to do. Congress, in its infinite wisdom changed the allowed sulphur content of diesel fuel from 3000 ppm to 3 ppm.

    For those who don’t know, diesel is a by-product of refining gasoline hence its historically low price relative to gasoline. Under the new rules, diesel costs far more to refine and consequently it costs more at the pump. The unintended[?] consequences are that everything we buy which is transported by air or truck costs more. Thanks, big government. This new bill looks like more of the same.

    As an aside, the $2.8 billion price tag would take almost 25 years to recoup at an annual savings rate of $120 million/yr. The problem is that $2.8 billion is an annually recurring cost of compliance, which will be passed to consumers and the projected “savings” will never be realized. We all know these “savings” numbers are inflated and the cost numbers are understated, but even at their best case scenario, the idea is still a big loser.

  2. tranquil.night says:


    More than one way to slay a goose.

    For the record, there’s absolutely no basis that this mass abandoning of our laws and traditions is benevolent, which is always the Left’s last defense after history has proven their philosophy a repeat failure. There is no progress towards the clean grid, there will be no progress. It’s forced redistribution to the most corrupt degree, be it directly with BP or here, or indirectly with ObamaCare.

    Pillaging, piracy, power out of control. Mass destruction steering us to an energy crisis, a renewed financial crisis and total systemic collapse. Steel yourself with the facts and stand resolute because now is not the time to go soft. Every mind engaged is a potential vote changed.

    • proreason says:

      “there’s absolutely no basis that this mass abandoning of our laws and traditions is benevolent”

      Good point.

      The evidence is to the reverse:

      Unemployment, lost jobs, massive debt, dirtier environment, fortification of entrenched interests, rising costs, less access to resources, lowered standing in the world, diminished military power, diminished ability to get anything accomplished, huge burden’s on future generations, people pitted against each other, racial animosity, breakdown in the rule of law, hatred fueled at the very groups that have built the country, on and on.

      And it’s overwhelming.

  3. canary says:

    Meanwhile Obama & Indonesia’s drilling in historical deep sea is capturing sulfur dioxide emissions along with methane all on video and slides.

    It looks like the 4th of July, with beautiful, black, purple, blue, red, red, bubbles & plumes in the oceans.

    awesome photos, slides, video of Obama polluting the sea. be sure and scroll down the first link to see where Obama is injecting magmatic sulfur dioxide into the seawater to intentionally cause volcanoes it’s the grey clouds and smoke pic. Killing rare endangered species and life that produces more oxygen than trees release




    What Obama will do to find gold & oil for his home country Indonesia. Michelle said his home country was Kenya where they took aids tests as a couple. But, Indonesia was the only good memories he had in life.

    When Obama’s NYC Apt was too Cold (didn’t say how cold) , his “illegal Pakistani” friend Sadik (overstayed his tourist visa) let him move back in with him again. Obama said he was part of a huge illegal workforce that waited tables.
    Wonder how the NY Times left the illegal part our of their interview with Sadik, especially after 9/11.

  4. Chuckk says:

    Most every bit is spending is done to save us money. But somehow I don’t feel a bit richer.

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