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Eric Holder Claims Immigration Laws Are Being Enforced

From National Review:

Holder: ‘Yes, the Immigration Laws Are Being Enforced’

By Katherine Connell | July 13, 2014

Attorney General Eric Holder insists that the the Obama administration is enforcing the country’s immigration laws, as a flood of illegal-immigrant children from Central America pours across the southern border.

“Yes, the immigration laws are being enforced,” Holder told ABC correspondent Pierre Thomas in an interview airing on ABC’s This Week Sunday.

This is a ludicrous claim even by Eric Holder’s standards. Can anyone name a single law that is being enforced? Nobody is being deported. Nobody is even being detained. Not even convicted murderers and rapists. Nobody is showing up for their deportation hearings.

In fact, Eric Holder and his DOJ thugs have harassed and even sued anyone who has tried to enforce our immigration laws. Just ask Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

“We are faced with an extraordinary situation where thousands of people, young people especially, are fleeing Central America for economic reasons, to get away from endemic violence in their countries,” Holder continued.

“Can you see where the critics are coming from when you see buses of people being brought inland after they come here illegally?” Thomas asked.

All Mr. Holder can see is racism. Which, of course, is just the projection of his own.

“Let me just say this: Our immigration laws are broken,” Holder said. “It’s why we need comprehensive immigration reform.” …

Our immigration laws aren’t broken. In fact, they should be practically in pristine condition. Since they have never been used.

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One Response to “Eric Holder Claims Immigration Laws Are Being Enforced”

  1. Petronius says:

    Holder’s deputies in DOJ actively threaten Immigration Judges who attempt to enforce and uphold the immigration laws.

    Holder of course knows this. Everybody in DOJ knows this. Unfortunately, however, the investigative journalists of the lap-dog media are not interested in investigating.

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