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Eric Holder: You Don’t Want To Go There, Buddy

From the Daily Caller:

Eric Holder explodes at GOP rep: ‘You don’t want to go there, buddy!’

By Caroline May | April 8, 2014

Attorney General Eric Holder exploded at Texas Republican Rep. Louie Gohmert during a House hearing Tuesday.

In the midst of questions about the Justice Department’s failure to divulge documents about the Holy Land Foundation terror funding trial, Gohmert made a side comment about how the House of Representatives found Holder in contempt in 2012 for refusing to turn over documents related to the Fast and Furious gun-running scandal.

“I realize that contempt is not a big deal to our attorney general, but it is important that we have proper oversight,” Gohmert said. “You don’t want to go there, buddy! You don’t want to go there, okay,” Holder shot back.

“I don’t want to go there?” the Texas Republican responded. “No,” Holder said, leaning forward in his seat. “About the contempt?” Gohmert asked.

“You should not assume that that is not a big deal to me. I think that it was inappropriate, I think it was unjust. But never think that that was not a big deal to me. Don’t ever think that,” Holder said pointing at Gohmert.

Gohmert reiterated that the Justice Department has still not produced the documents related to Holders contempt charge.

“I’m just looking for evidence and normally we’re known by our fruits and there’s been no indications that it was a big deal because your department still has not been forthcoming in producing the documents that were the subject of the contempt,” Gohmert said.

But just when you thought Eric Holder couldn’t be get any more contemptible, he gets still more contemptible.

Here is more from the hearing, via ABC News:

Eric Holder Wishes Critic ‘Good Luck With Your Asparagus’ After Testy Exchange

By Mike Levine | April 8, 2014

… After getting grilled at the House Judiciary Committee hearing, Attorney General Eric Holder wished one of his outspoken critics “good luck with your asparagus.” It was a not-so-subtle dig at Rep. Louie Gohmert, R-Texas, inspired by the congressman’s flub last year when he warned Holder not to “cast aspersions on my asparagus.” …

After Gohmert’s time to ask questions today expired, Holder leaned into the microphone and said: “Good luck with your asparagus.” It was a reference to a remark by Gohmert at a hearing nearly a year ago.

At that hearing, Gohmert and Holder got into another heated back and forth over how the FBI handled the case of alleged Boston bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev, who had been interviewed by the FBI years before the attack for possible radicalization.

Gohmert said he was “trying to determine how the FBI blew the opportunity to save people’s lives,” but Holder defended the FBI’s work, telling Gohmert, “You don’t know what the FBI did. You don’t know what the FBI’s interaction was with the — with the — with the Russians. You don’t know what questions were put to the Russians, whether those questions were responded to. You simply do not know that. And you have characterized the FBI as being not thorough or taken exception to my characterization of them as being thorough. I know what the FBI did. You cannot know what I know.”

In trying to get a chance to respond to Holder’s comments, a flustered Gohmert shot back, “[Do not] cast aspersions on my asparagus.”

Isn’t that hilarious? A Congressman made a verbal flub when talking about a terrorist attack that took many lives.

Compare that to Mr. Holder’s record as an AG, which is borderline criminal. (And we’re not even sure about the ‘borderline’ part.)

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One Response to “Eric Holder: You Don’t Want To Go There, Buddy”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    I’m eager for the day Eric Holder answers to Almighty God ..

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