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Ethics Panel Fines Laura Richardson (D) $10K

From the Politico:

Laura Richardson fined $10K by ethics panel

By JOHN BRESNAHAN | Wednesday August 1, 2012

The House Ethics Committee has voted unanimously to formally reprimand Democratic Rep. Laura Richardson and fine her $10,000 for violating House rules by improperly using her official staff to conduct campaign and personal activities on her behalf, and then attempting to obstruct the investigation into the allegations.

At one point during the probe, the Ethics Committee was forced to subpoena Richardson to get her to turn over documents it was seeking, although even then she did not fully do so, according to a committee report on the probe. And when investigators questioned Richardson, the California Democrat complained that she wanted to end the session so she could attend a congressional softball game.

According to the Ethics Committee, Richardson forced her aides to work on her reelection campaign after finishing up their official work for the day, or on weekends, which is a violation of House rules. Richardson even told an aide to go volunteer for her opponent’s campaign in order to gather information about what her opponent was up to. Richardson also tried to pressure staffers to say they were not required to work on her campaign once the investigation into her actions began, the committee charges.

In addition, Richardson treated the investigation of these allegations with “utter disdain,” the Ethics Committee said, using extraordinarily harsh language to slam the California Democrat.

The secretive panel said Richardson showed “an utter absence of true remorse for her misuse of official resources and, equally as significant, for what she has put her staff through, as well as a near total deflection of responsibility for this matter. It is not this Committee, it is not other Members, it is not either political party, and most certainly, it is not her staff that is responsible for the situation Representative Richardson finds herself in…

Richardson has agreed to the seven charges, according to a statement issued Wednesday by Reps. Jo Bonner (R-Ala.) and Linda Sanchez (D-Calif.), the chairman and ranking member of the ethics panel, respectively. Richardson, in her third term, must pay the fine by Dec. 1.

The floor vote on Richardson’s reprimand, which must be approved by the House, is now scheduled for early Thursday afternoon, leadership sources said…

In her own response to the Ethics Committee, Richardson — while admitting the charges against her — said she did not intentionally violate House rules. She also criticized the Ethics Committee’s handling of the probe…

But according to Bonner and Sanchez, the bipartisan investigation into Richardson found there was “substantial reason to believe” she had improperly used “House resources for campaign, personal, and nonofficial purposes; by requiring or compelling her official staff to perform campaign work; and by obstructing the investigation of the Committee and the [investigative subcommittee] through the alteration or destruction of evidence, the deliberate failure to produce documents responsive to requests for information and a subpoena, and attempting to influence the testimony of witnesses.”…

This news has been completely ignored by our so-called ‘mainstream’ press. They were too busy reporting Romney’s non-existent gaffes and scandals. But this is actually real.

But since it involved a Democrat, who also happens to be black, she is getting a pass from our one party news media.

In any case, her behavior just sounds like a typical Democrat to me. But for some reason the bipartisan Ethics Committee seemed to be shocked by her actions.

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4 Responses to “Ethics Panel Fines Laura Richardson (D) $10K”

  1. Right of the People says:

    Using the words ethics and democrat in the same sentence is illogical. The two words do not belong together.

    I wonder what the votes back in Kalifornia would think if this became public?

    • JohnMG says:

      Now, I can’t say for sure since I don’t have a copy of the investigation’s findings ( and don’t intend on wasting my time getting one via FOI), but I see no indication that she cried “racism” in this article. If that’s true, I at least give her credit for that.

      But like we used to say in ‘Nam,” I kinda F-n’ doubt it!”

  2. GetBackJack says:

    She should be in jail, not fined.

  3. 73AMXman says:

    OK, why is it that this woman was basically given nothing more than a slap on the wrist while Congressman James A. Traficant, Jr. (D) Ohio was sent to a Federal Penitentiary for doing essentially the same thing?

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