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Even Cops Are Afraid In Egypt Crime Wave

From a seemingly surprised New York Times:

Crime Wave in Egypt Has People Afraid, Even the Police

Published: May 12, 2011

CAIRO — … Three months after the ouster of Hosni Mubarak, a crime wave in Egypt has emerged as a threat to its promised transition to democracy.

Businessmen, politicians and human rights activists say they fear that the mounting disorder — from sectarian strife to soccer riots — is hampering a desperately needed economic recovery or, worse, inviting a new authoritarian crackdown.

At least five attempted jailbreaks have been reported in Cairo in the past two weeks, at least three of them successful. Other attempts take place “every day,” a senior Interior Ministry official said, speaking on the condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to talk publicly.

Newspapers brim with other episodes: the Muslim-Christian riot that raged last weekend with the police on the scene, leaving 12 dead and two churches in flames;

Not to pick nits, but in actuality, these "Muslim-Christian" riots are Muslim attacks on Christians.

[A] kidnapping for ransom of a grandniece of President Anwar el-Sadat; soccer fans who crashed a field and mauled an opposing team as the police disappeared; a mob attack in an upscale suburb, Maadi, that hospitalized a traffic police officer…

“Things are actually going from bad to worse,” said Mohamed ElBaradei, the former international atomic energy official, now a presidential candidate. “Where have the police and military gone?”

What’s the old adage? ‘Be careful what you wish for’? Hasn’t Mr. ElBaradei gotten everything he wanted for Egypt?

The spike in crime is a remarkable contrast to life in the Mubarak police state, when violent street crime was a relative rarity and few feared to walk alone at night. “Now it is like New York,” said Mr. Fahmy…

It’s not like New York. You can smoke in public in Egypt.

Interior Ministry officials, speaking on the condition of anonymity because they are not authorized to discuss the security situation, said the destruction of police stations had contributed to the disorder

Maybe it was a mistake for those idealistic youths to burn down so many of Egypt’s police stations.

Still, in typical New York Times fashion, we only to the most likely cause of all the trouble in the last two paragraphs of this 24 paragraph long article:

Mansour el-Essawy, the new interior minister, has called the lawlessness an inevitable legacy of the revolution. Of the 24,000 prisoners who escaped during the revolution, 8,400 are still on the run, and 6,600 weapons stolen from government armories have not been recovered, he said in an interview with an Egyptian newspaper, Al Masry Al Youm.

After the revolution, he said, the police justifiably complained of working 16-hour shifts for low pay. Bribery customarily made up for the low wages, critics say. So the ministry cut back the officers’ hours, and as a result also cut the number on duty at any time. And the sudden loss of prestige made it harder to recruit. “People are not stepping forward to join the police,” he complained.

Let’s see, Egypt has let all the criminals out of jail and cut back on their police – and then they wonder why there is a problem?

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4 Responses to “Even Cops Are Afraid In Egypt Crime Wave”

  1. Right of the People says:

    When the Mooselimb brotherhood takes over and institutes Shirley’s law or whatever they call it they’ll put an end to this silliness. A few public stonings, maybe cut off a few thieves’ hands, some beheadings and things will be back in line.

    Unfortunately these countries who love living in the stone age under the Islamic cult can’t handle freedom and probably never will be able to.

  2. canary says:

    An inclusive interview Greta got with the 3 young men, they were pretty hostile, and said they were not looking for the kind of democracy U.S. had. They said didn’t even know what a real democracy was, so while they assembled on facebook, I guess they didn’t bother to learn.
    The main leader, was taken away by the muslim brotherhood who took over the show.

    The muslim brotherhood has decades & decades of history right here in the U.S. Obama’s mentor Malcom X and the muslim brotherhood did not like Martin Luther King, and when MalcomX softened the MB (forgot their new name they go by now) murdered him.

    If CAIR and other American muslim groups took a stance against terrorism, then I suppose that would put their lives in danger, since all the muslim terrorists come out of “peaceful modern mosques”.
    And if CAIR and the others were to start publically condemning acts of terrorism it would most apt be
    to fool us. They can’t be trusted. In some countries the Assembly of Muslim Youth who gave money to Hamas were banned. They have only renamed themselves other brands of youth.
    So, I don’t think we it’s insane we are bombing Gaddafi and killing his relatives, but we didn’t bomb
    OBL? Did Obama watch OBL for 8-9 months to gather intelligence, or did Obama just hope to get him alive so he could meet with him, and watch him get a slap on the wrist for not be Arabs flying planes.
    But, a funeral praying him to live on with allah in the after life. I’m not sure we’ll ever know the truth, because Obama is a deceiver, liar, and deserves none of the credit he is getting. Something is wrong.
    This needs to be a running campaign issue has to Obama’s actions. Herman Cain thinks it was wrong for Obama’s actions in Libya without congress’s permission and it needs to be pursued. It makes no sense.
    George Bush said there would be no distinction between Osama bin laden and those that harbor him.
    There was worry before about being nice to Pakistan, so the nice Pakistans could protect their nuclear weapons. There are no nice Pakistans. All a game. Even the former Pakistan leader has flip flopped, mad as heck one minute, now changing his tune. We know their site, and it’s got to blow. Screw them all for dancing in the streets after 9/11. So, many young boys happy as hell. And so many young boys protesting OBL’s death. More young children then ever being suicide bombing martyrs. Like Vietnam. Here’s GI Joe. Here is fruit. Boom.

  3. Chase says:

    The MumBrs will take Egypt back to the apex of Muslim civilization, which was what, 900-1100 years ago? Instituting Shari’a will do what to their tourism industry, which the end of will bring further crushing depression, unemployment and nothingness to their “enlightened” and peaceful co-existence for the glory of Allah? Sure, Allah’s plan for his followers is, um, what…peace? Misery?

    After what the Taliban did to the age-old relics of Afghanistan, what are they likely to do with Giza?

    Enjoy de-civilisation.

  4. Liberals Demise says:

    See what happens when you open Pandora’s Box?
    Surprise………….”BOOM”………….in your face!

    Doesn’t cause me any loss of sleep that they are killing each other.
    Keep up the good work, boys and girls!

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