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Even The WP Mocks Obama’s Finance Lies

From, of all places, the Washington Post:

The Politics of Spare Change

Even $85 million wasn’t enough to get Barack Obama to keep his promise.

Friday, June 20, 2008; Page A18

BARACK OBAMA isn’t abandoning his pledge to take public financing for the general election campaign because it’s in his political interest. Certainly not. He isn’t about to become the first candidate since Watergate to run an election fueled entirely with private money because he will be able to raise far more that way than the mere $85 million he’d get if he stuck to his promise — and with which his Republican opponent, John McCain, will have to make do. No, Mr. Obama, or so he would have you believe, is forgoing the money because he is so committed to public financing. Really, it hurts him more than it hurts Fred Wertheimer.

Pardon the sarcasm. But given Mr. Obama’s earlier pledge to "aggressively pursue" an agreement with the Republican nominee to accept public financing, his effort to cloak his broken promise in the smug mantle of selfless dedication to the public good is a little hard to take…

Mr. Obama didn’t mention his previous proposal to take public financing if the Republican nominee agreed to do the same — the one for which he received heaps of praise from campaign finance reform advocates such as Mr. Wertheimer, president of Democracy 21, and others, including us. He didn’t mention, as he told the Federal Election Commission last year in seeking to preserve the option, that "Congress concluded some thirty years ago that the public funding alternative . . . would serve core purposes in the public interest: limiting the escalation of campaign spending and the associated pressures on candidates to raise, at the expense of time devoted to public dialogue, ever vaster sums of money."

Instead, he cast his abandonment of the system as a bold good-government move. "This is our moment, and our country is depending on us," he said. "So join me, and declare your independence from this broken system and let’s build the first general election campaign that’s truly funded by the American people." Sure, and if the Founding Fathers were around today, they’d have bundlers, too…

Fine. Politicians do what politicians need to do. But they ought to spare us the self-congratulatory back-patting while they’re doing it.

Of course this little white lie (can we say that?) won’t stop the Washington Post from endorsing Mr. Obama, or campaigning for him within their pages every day until the elections.

Indeed, if the Washington Post or any of our watchdog media were truly incensed at this latest flip-flop from their hero, they would investigate just how Mr. Obama is raising so much money in such desperate economic times.

They might start by looking at Mr. Soros army of 527s and his other nefarious money laundering operations. For whom it would be child’s play to donate to the Obama campaign in dribs and drabs of $250 or less — which are then untraceable.

But they won’t.

And we know why.

And speaking of 527s, what about those those heavily funded Republican attack machines Mr. Obama claims he is up against?

Even the Politco admits they simply don’t exist:

Broke: GOP third-party effort nonexistent


In a web video emailed to supporters Thursday, Barack Obama explained that he was opting out of the public financing system because John McCain is “not going to stop the smears and attacks from his allies running so-called 527 groups who will spend millions and millions of dollars in unlimited donations.”

Republicans can only wish that were the case.

Obama’s alarmist prophecy — a bit of typical campaign rhetoric meant to scare his own donors into reaching for their credit cards — is wildly at odds with the flatlined state of conservative third-party efforts.

The truth is that, less than five months before Election Day, there are no serious anti-Obama 527s in existence nor are there any immediate plans to create such a group

But that won’t stop the great man from lying about them as well.

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