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Every Spare Moment At WH Spent Pushing O-Care

From an unfazed New York Times:

Administration Plays to Young in Health Push


WASHINGTON — Russian troops were rolling through Crimea when Denis R. McDonough, the White House chief of staff and a foreign policy expert, was deployed on a mission to do media outreach. But the focus of Mr. McDonough’s calls to local talk radio stations was not geopolitical tensions in Eastern Europe, it was health care…

Persuading millions of young people — especially African-Americans and Latinos — to buy insurance using HealthCare.gov is consuming every spare moment at the White House as President Obama and his aides race against a March 31 deadline, when enrollment ends for the year.

Hoodwinking people into buying healthcare is is consuming every spare moment at the White House? And The Times doesn’t find this troubling? Moreover, wasn’t Obama-Care supposed to be wonderful? And, on top of that, isn’t there a fine if you don’t buy it? So how come the White House has to spend all of its spare time strong-arming people to buy it?

Worse yet, what are they going to do when renewal time rolls around next year, and the premiums are twice or even three times what they are today? Call out the National Guard?

In an effort to reach young men, the White House is trying to turn March Madness into a frenzy about health care coverage as well as basketball. Mr. Obama’s N.C.A.A. tournament bracket, released on Wednesday, was accompanied by a “16 Sweetest Reasons to Get Covered” bracket. LeBron James, the Miami Heat star forward, is starring in 30-second ads promoting HealthCare.gov that will air during the college basketball games…

Michelle Obama, the first lady, urged people to sign up in an appearance at a health center in a black neighborhood in Miami, and made the pitch on ABC’s “Good Morning America.” Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. plugged the health care site at Mary Mac’s Tea Room in Atlanta…

It sure sounds like a lot of racist stereotyping is going on.

Outside of Washington, the president’s allies are staging a final surge to enroll as many people as possible.

The targets in the last few days of the campaign are young people and minorities, with a particular focus on Hispanic and black youths — two crucial groups that are more likely to be underinsured, officials said.

Most of these people are going to be getting big taxpayer subsidies. So Obama isn’t trying to sign them up to make Obama-Care more viable. In fact, they will have the opposite effect.

No, Obama is just trying to get more people, especially those in his base, even more dependent on government. He wants to make sure that Obama-Care is too big to fail. — Well, too big to be repealed.

On a conference call last week with almost 3,000 pastors, Mr. Obama declared it “crunchtime” and asked them to do whatever they could do to urge members of their churches to sign up.

At a small church in the Tampa, Fla., neighborhood of Sulphur Springs, the Rev. Timothy Wynn took up the challenge on Sunday. In front of about 50 parishioners, he delivered a sermon that combined his religious guidance with a pitch for insurance.

“I know you came here for the word of God, and I’m going to give you the word of God,” he said. But before delivering that word, the pastor asked his parishioners, most of whom are black, to take out their cellphones and text friends to remind them to come to the church and sign up. He also asked them to go to the church’s Facebook page and “like” an open-enrollment flier there.

“Can you do that for me?” he said. “God not only cares about our spiritual being, he cares about our physical being as well.” …

And the IRS immediately revoked this church’s tax exempt status. (Just kidding. The church is doing the bidding of the Democrats. It is on velvet.)

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2 Responses to “Every Spare Moment At WH Spent Pushing O-Care”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    Is this like the joke where a ‘flamboyant’ young man walks up to an older wealthier gent in a bar struggling with seating and asks if he can push in his stool?

  2. canary says:

    The WH is focuing on environmental issues while the news is consumed with reporting on weather and a missing airplane. We will hear how raising sea levels will make it impossible to get the black box. jk.

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