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Everyday Russians Impose Sanctions On Obama

From a bemused ABC News:

Ordinary Russians Impose Personal Sanctions on Obama

By Kirit Radia | March 26, 2014

MOSCOW – Russia and the West traded sanctions over Crimea last week, but for some ordinary Russians the Kremlin has not gone far enough.

Some have taken to posting “sanctions” notices in their businesses, alerting President Obama and other American officials that they are no longer welcome to shop there. One of the first to appear online was a store selling honey, declaring “President Obama is banned from entering the shop.”

Actually, they might have gotten Obama’s attention if they had banned gays from their stores. Still, even as it is, they are clearly racists.

Since then, the movement has taken off online, with others holding similar signs up declaring “SANCTIONS” in capital letters.

“Deputy Chair of the Deputy Committee Buldin A.B. declares that President Barack Obama is deprived of the right to be attended to by the Kraasnodarski Krai Assembly on questions of tourism etc,” one sign read.

Why isn’t this getting more media attention? It’s good clean fun. After all, remember all the media attention the people who posted pictures online apologizing to the world for the US re-electing George Bush? (Maybe the media realizes that ‘the future must not belong to those who slander the Prophet.’)

While many of the signs appear to be posted in jest (“President Obama and Congressmen are deprived of the right to use the toilet,” another sign said), some seem quite serious.


“Given the US position on the situation around Crimea, I hereby advise that Barack Obama and members of the US government and Congress will be denied any legal assistance. This is indefinite,” a lawyer posted on his office door. In another, a sour-faced woman held up a tablet computer with a message warning that Obama cannot come within 40 meters (just over 131 feet).

Yes, these warnings are clearly ‘quite serious.’

Perhaps recognizing that the “sanctions” notices held no weight, others are clearly mocking the signs.

Unlike our brutal sanctions on Russia. (Sarcasm.)

“US President Barak Obama, Congress members and all the (former US Ambassador to Russia Michael) McFauls CANNOT: sit on our ottomans, keep information on our hard disc, link up to our wi-fi, use our coffee machine, dispose of their sanctions in our urinal, look through the following file: \UserMilenaFotoKorporativAdskiyDancing, feed biscuits to our hamster Mikhailich,” wrote another.

This is all very droll. But, of course, if the Russians really wanted to punish Obama, they would excommunicate him from the Holy Church of Communism.

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3 Responses to “Everyday Russians Impose Sanctions On Obama”

  1. Rusty Shackleford says:

    Well, under the maxim that “He could **** up a wet dream”, Obama is clearly a laughingstock among the hard-core communists. So even amongst his own kind, he’s the plucky comedic relief.

    IOW, nobody takes him seriously. Sure, he’s having his field day here in the US with his enactment of socialism, but that, too will (and already is) blow(ing) up in his face, much to the delight of us conservatives as well as the KGB master, Putin’s.

    His approval ratings, as reported, have plumbered, giving rise to the notion that they most really be pretty awful, given the numbers that Reuters is reporting…and many democrats are trying to distance themselves from him, as well as Hitlery out-and-out denying she had anything to do with him. A hard sell to even the least informed fellow trolls of the democrat party, given the evidence.

    But the media will happily rearrange history to suit the need of getting socialism/communism installed here in the US. The lying liars who lie will forget what just happened and cheerfully re-tell the story differently so that their masters provide them with comfortable surroundings and allow them to sit at the cool kid’s table.

    It’s all a very disgusting display. Losers and schmucks acting like they know what they’re doing and demanding respect. Seems to me we used to make movies about such things and the audiences felt gratified that the bad guys got theirs in the end.

  2. GetBackJack says:

    The anti-Christ is not amused ..

  3. canary says:

    Is it too late too late to boycott the Sochi World Cup in May and Grand Prix.

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