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(Evil) Insurers Stop Selling ‘Child Policies’

From a seemingly surprised Los Angeles Times:

Big health insurers to stop selling new child-only policies

Anthem Blue Cross, Aetna Inc. and others say they will make the move as soon as Thursday when parts of the new healthcare law take effect. They cite potentially huge and unexpected costs for insuring children.

By Duke Helfand, Los Angeles Times
September 21, 2010

Major health insurance companies in California and other states have decided to stop selling policies for children rather than comply with a new federal healthcare law that bars them from rejecting youngsters with preexisting medical conditions.

Anthem Blue Cross, Aetna Inc. and others will halt new child-only policies in California, Illinois, Florida, Connecticut and elsewhere as early as Thursday when provisions of the nation’s new healthcare law take effect, including a requirement that insurers cover children under age 19 regardless of their health histories.

The action will apply only to new coverage sought for children and not to existing child-only plans, family policies or insurance provided to youngsters through their parents’ employers. An estimated 80,000 California children currently without insurance — and as many as 500,000 nationwide — would be affected, according to experts.

Where is Velma? See how the Obama-care is helping?

Insurers said they were acting because the new federal requirement could create huge and unexpected costs for covering children. They said the rule might prompt parents to buy policies only after their kids became sick, producing a glut of ill youngsters to insure. As a result, they said, many companies would flee the marketplace, leaving behind a handful to shoulder a huge financial burden

Who could have predicted this outcome? Except us. Indeed, a child of  26 should have seen this coming.

The insurers said they now sell relatively few child-only policies, and thus the changes will have a small effect on families

Really? Just wait until these same insurance companies figure out that parents will start buying family policies once they learn they have a sick child on their hands.

The change has angered lawmakers, regulators and healthcare advocates, who say it will force more families to enroll in already strained public insurance programs such as Medi-Cal for the poor in California.

And you know how the left hates the idea of anyone being forced into a government program. Especially, government-run healthcare insurance.

The White House weighed in Tuesday, condemning Anthem corporate parent WellPoint Inc. and others that plan to stop selling child-only policies.

"It’s obviously very unfortunate that insurance companies continue to make decisions on the backs of children and families that need their help," White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said at a news briefing

How dare these evil insurance companies try to make a profit and stay in business!

Other regional and national insurers also plan to stop selling insurance policies exclusively for children. Among the companies is UnitedHealth Group Inc., the nation’s largest insurer by revenue. It did not say which states would be affected…

Aetna said that effective Oct. 1 it would no longer offer policies in the 32 states where it conducts business, including California, Florida, Illinois, Virginia and Pennsylvania.

Cigna Corp. will halt the policies in 10 states, including California, Arizona, Colorado, Tennessee and Texas…

And this is only the beginning. But isn’t ‘healthcare reform’ wonderful?

It’s working out almost as well as our economic recovery.

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2 Responses to “(Evil) Insurers Stop Selling ‘Child Policies’”

  1. canary says:

    It was obvious a few months ago, the day the WH announced the items that would go into effect immediately never did. Obama & Pelosi bamboozled everyone.

    It’s a possibility that recent court ruling that what Obama did was unconstitutional is being used.

  2. AcornsRNutz says:

    I know I am still technically a child, but this doesn’t sound like it is the insurance companies fault. Nor does it seem particularly unexpected.

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