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Racist Malik Rahim A GQ ‘Man Of The Year’

Hey, it isn’t just Mother Sheehan getting the star treatment from the glossy mags of the glitterati.

Those gay lads at Gentlemen’s Quarterly have selected Cindy’s " bright spot," pretend Moslem, pretend Rastafarian, but real honest-to-goodness felony ex-con, Black Panther, cop shooter, race-baiter and Katrina grifter — Malik Rahim (real name, Donald Guyton) — as one of their "Men Of The Year":

GQ: Men of the Year 2005 Portfolio

Heroes of the Hurricane: Katrina Saviors
Malik Rahim, 58 — The Organizer

A week after Katrina hit, the Algiers section of New Orleans was in shambles. Hardly any food or water or ice, on the brink of race riots, grim. Help wasn’t coming, and Malik Rahim and the Common Ground Collective he co-founded weren’t going to sit by and watch as their community fell apart. So they went door-to-door asking what they could do to help. They took out trash, delivered food, collected medical supplies. Over the next month and a half, they grew into a full-time organization with more than 200 volunteers who have serviced 15,000 people so far, including 3,000 at a mosque that Common Ground converted into a health clinic. Rahim knows the collective’s work has just begun. “New Orleans has long been a gumbo of separate ingredients,” he says, “but I believe we’ve been given the chance to mix it together and make a bigger, better pot this time around.”

Never mind that there is no evidence whatsoever of our hero Rahim doing any of the things he now claims to have done. (Though he and his merry band of "anarchists" are suspected of stealing Red Cross supplies.)

But we do know that Rahim wasn’t pilfering donated supplies he did his level best to start a race war. The internet is still rancid with his many claims that most of the dead in his part of New Orleans were innocent blacks shot by whitey:

“Most of them were killed by the police, or by these vigilante groups, when they were around,” [Rahim] said. “There wasn’t any flooding. Most people killed over in Algiers were killed either by the police or by vigilante groups. Because if you’re Black, and you have a weapon, you’re dead. They would literally shoot you down."

Of course as the rest of the article and his other pronouncements make clear, Malik means whitepolice and redneckTexan vigilantes.

But what’s not to celebrate about a race-baiting poverty pimp scam artist getting some national recognition as a hero?

It’s just another sign post on this country’s road to perdition via hand basket.

Some articles chronicling GQ’s hero:

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(Many thanks to former GQ subscriber, Matt, for the glorious news.)

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