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Ex-NSC Flack: Dude, Benghazi Was Like Two Years Ago

From the Washington Free Beacon:

NSC Spokesman: Dude, Benghazi Was Like Two Years Ago

May 1, 2014

Former National Security Council spokesman Tommy Vietor addressed Fox News Special Report host Bret Baier as “dude” Thursday and said he could hardly remember how he helped change the Benghazi talking points because it was “two years ago.” …  Baier pressed Vietor on his role in changing the talking points by adding a line about the administration warning the day before the attacks of “social media reports calling for demonstrations,” in order to bolster the false idea that the attack was the spontaneous result of a riot against the video.

Vietor affirmed this, but when Baier asked him if he’d  changed “attacks” to “demonstrations,” he got amnesia. “Dude, this was like two years ago,” Vietor said. “We’re still talking about the most mundane process.”

One can see why Mr. Vietor was chosen to be a spokesman for the Obama administration.

“Dude,” Baier sarcastically shot back, “it is the thing that everybody is talking about.” Vietor’s math is also off [anyway]. The attack that killed four Americans took place Sept. 11, 2012, less than 20 months ago.

Picker of nits.

Full exchange:

BRET BAIER: The 14th is the day you’re talking about. According to the e-mails and the time line, the CIA circulates new talking points after they’ve removed the mention of al Qaeda, and then at 6:21 the White House– you — add a line about the administration warning of September 10th of social media reports calling for demonstrations. True?
TOMMY VIETOR: I believe so.
BAIER: Did you also change “attacks” to “demonstrations” in the talking points?
VIETOR: Maybe. I don’t really remember.
BAIER: You don’t remember?
VIETOR: Dude, this was like two years ago. We’re still talking about the most mundane process.
BAIER: Dude, it is the thing that everybody is talking about.
VIETOR: We’re talking about the process of editing talking points. That’s what bureaucrats do all day long. Your producers edit scripts multiple times.

Vietor showed off the usual cavalier attitude of the White House toward Benghazi with this tweet before going on air. In fact, it was exactly a year ago that White House spokesman Jay Carney said Benghazi “was a long time ago.”

[Vietor’s tweet] Tommy Vietor: "Guessing Bret Baier invited me to come on Special Report to talk Benghazi as a TBT [Truth Be Told] thing since it happened in 2012 but tune in!"

Proving once again that there have never been any grown-ups in the Obama administration. And that they have no concern for the truth, or even the deaths of four Americans.

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One Response to “Ex-NSC Flack: Dude, Benghazi Was Like Two Years Ago”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    Just when you think you’re beyond being scandalized another shoe full of dead babies and manure drops out of the Obama closet ..

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