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FactCheck Finally Fact Checks Obama

From FactCheck.org::

Obama’s Health Care News Conference

Facts vs. Obama

July 23, 2009


President Obama tried to sell his health care overhaul in prime time, mangling some facts in the process. He also strained to make the job sound easier to pay for than experts predict.

    * Obama promised once again that a health care overhaul “will be paid for.” But congressional budget experts say the bills they’ve seen so far would add hundreds of billions of dollars to the deficit over the next decade.

    * He said the plan "that I put forward" would cover at least 97 percent of all Americans. Actually, the plan he campaigned on would cover far less than that, and only one of the bills now being considered in Congress would do that.

    * He said the "average American family is paying thousands" as part of their premiums to cover uncompensated care for the uninsured, implying that expanded coverage will slash insurance costs. But the nonpartisan Kaiser Family Foundation puts the cost per family figure at $200.

    * Obama claimed his budget "reduced federal spending over the next 10 years by $2.2 trillion" compared with where it was headed before. Not true. Even figures from his own budget experts don’t support that. The Congressional Budget Office projects a $2.7 trillion increase, not a $2.2 trillion cut.

    * The president said that the United States spends $6,000 more on average than other countries on health care. Actually, U.S. per capita spending is about $2,500 more than the next highest-spending country. Obama’s figure was a White House-calculated per-family estimate.

After just about every other media outlet has ‘fact-checked’ Mr. Obama’s health care news conference, the Annenberg Fact Check organization (run by former CNN editor, Brooks Jackson), has been shamed into weighing in.

And notice how they have left out a lot of errors and misstatements that others have reported. And, in their ‘analysis,’ they have tried to explain away the few Obama errors that they have listed.

Of course it is just a matter of habit for them, being long since used to defending Mr. Obama and the rest of the Democrats in all things.

After all, this is the first “fact-checking’ the Annenberg group has done of Mr. Obama since March:

Obama’s Prime Time Pitch

March 25, 2009

Some exaggerations and misstatements from his evening news conference.


President Obama sometimes strayed from the facts or made dubious claims during his hour-long evening news conference March 24.

Despite all of Mr. Obama’s obviously false claims in his unprecedented number of media appearances, this gentle rebuke is only the second  ‘fact check’ on his statements since he assumed office.

Not counting this puff piece FactCheck had the temerity to report back in April:

100 Days of Spin

April 29, 2009

What Obama said — and what has been said about him.


After 100 days in office, we find President Obama is sticking to the facts – mostly.


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2 Responses to “FactCheck Finally Fact Checks Obama”

  1. Liberals Demise says:

    Barry has forced his faithful drooling worshipers into the corner. But even when the facts surface, they try to wax poetic over it. Still in view of the facts, even they are cringing while making it appear that Barry is “The Won”.

    When you turn on the overhead lights you will notice that these cockroaches scurry but don’t hide, yet!

  2. MinnesotaRush says:

    “President Obama is sticking to the facts – mostly.”

    Yeah .. like Geitner sticks to the tax code – mostly.

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