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Fake Deaf Signer ‘Faced Rape, Murder Charges’

From the Associated Press:

Fake signer who stood next to Obama ‘faced rape, murder charges’

December 13, 2013

JOHANNESBURG — The South African government says it is aware of reports that the bogus sign language interpreter at Nelson Mandela’s memorial once faced a murder charge, and says he’s being investigated…

Luckily, though, there was no danger in having him three feet from the President of the United States. Surrounded by people carrying guns.

A South African TV news outlet, eNCA, is reporting that Jantjie faced a murder charge a decade ago, but it is unclear if the case was concluded. He also reportedly faced other criminal charges.

Asked by an Associated Press reporter about a murder charge, Jantjie turned and walked away without commenting.

ENCA also reported that Jantjie that faced a rape charge in 1994 as well as attempted murder and kidnapping charges in 2003. The news station reports many of the charges were dropped because Jantjie was allegedly mentally unfit to stand trial.

He was mentally unfit to stand trial for kidnapping and murder, but he was fit to stand next to the President of the United States?

The station reports that Jantjie was convicted of a 1995 theft and sentenced to three years in prison but it is unclear if he ever served time…

Well, schizophrenia will make you steal cars.

U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs Linda Thomas-Greenfield told reporters in Kenya on Friday that U.S. officials are concerned about security and how the interpreter could have gotten so close to a number of world leaders, including Obama…

In Washington, Secret Service spokesman Ed Donovan said Thursday that vetting for criminal history and other appropriate background checks of the people onstage were the responsibility of the South Africans. He added that Secret Service agents are “always in close proximity to the president.”

Whew. For a minute there, we thought the Obama crew wouldn’t be able to blame someone else.

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2 Responses to “Fake Deaf Signer ‘Faced Rape, Murder Charges’”

  1. canary says:

    Steve: “He was mentally unfit to stand trial for kidnapping and murder, but he was fit to stand next to the President of the United States?”

    As reported Jantije faced the rape and kidnapping charge in 1994 which according to Obamgo’s Dreams from his daddy writings at the time show great indifference of his own relatives having engaged in such practices the most recent that we know of was the relative that attended the inaugeration and was arrested at a UK airport for sexually harassing a very young girl.

    Obamgo was also indifferent to his pedophiliac relative trying to re-enter the US with a fake name and passport.

    Murders and barbaric human sacrifices happen all the time in Africa and even the very recent
    stadium in Mali the most democratic country in Africa people would gather to watch the dismembering of bodies to include heads.

    Well, I am worried this may have been a sinister plan that went wrong. It’s important to get to the bottom of this because South Africans may have been in danger. Maybe a remote control button broke.

    It appeared to me the devious culprit had his eyes were glued on someone or something in the audience.

    It appeared to me he was using secret signals as seen in football and baseball players and referees.

    It is possible the gestures are of the ancient Zuluu or Zoobie Tribe (sp?) or whatever Tribe the South African President said he still follows and whose gods he still worships.

    Indeed, the murder suspect held unaccountable and under the radar displayed a simple language such as seen in Tarzan movies and by Cheetah.

    It’s important to follow up on this and find out his religion because even those in Africa who follow Islam have so many barbaric traditions and superstitions that South Africans might need to learn in order to protect themselves.

    “Running Horse”.

    Both South Africans and North Americans deaf agree nothing the Criminal next to Obamga signed were of the official sign language for the deaf.

    Some reported they only recognized one Signage that appeared to be signed accidentally that meant “Running horse”.

    It’s possible some of these slick religious extremists are using North American sign language.

    However, in spite of disappointment of such a bizarre incident I do enjoy the laugh of this mystery man, and don’t think any “special sign language interpreter expert committee” needs to be formed immediately or in the next few years.

  2. heykev says:

    Great spoof of our Slefie Prez by SNL on this very subject. The Narcissist in Chief if really going to hate his second term. He is going to be spoofed by SNL and the rest of the mainstream media. He’s overripe for mocking and pocking fun at



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