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Falcon Lake Investigator Was Decapitated

From an unfazed Associated Press:

Sheriff says Mexican investigator was decapitated

By April Castro And Olga Rodriguez, Associated Press Writer
October 13, 2010

AUSTIN, Texas – A Mexican police commander investigating the reported shooting of an American tourist on a border lake plagued by pirates was decapitated, a Texas sheriff says.

The death of Rolando Flores, commander of state investigators in Ciudad Miguel Aleman, was a message from gangsters for investigators to "stay out of their territory," Texas Gov. Rick Perry said. Flores was part of a group investigating the reported shooting of David Hartley on Falcon Lake.

"I think their attempt is to intimidate law enforcement, no matter who they are or where they are," Perry told The Associated Press.

This would seem to be a safe assumption.

Flores’ decapitated head was found Tuesday in a suitcase outside a Mexican Army base, Zapata County Sheriff Sigifredo Gonzalez told the AP…

U.S. officials have said threats from drug gangs who control the area around Falcon Lake have hampered the search for Hartley, though divers have been in the lake searching this week.

This last sentence is something that should never have been allowed to become true. But we live in a strange new world.

Hartley was reportedly shot Sept. 30 while touring the lake with his wife on Jet Skis…

Perry said investigators shouldn’t back off because of threats such as Flores’ slaying.

"The worst thing we can do is let the terrorists dictate the terms of how we’re going to live."

Instead, he said, the threat should be handled by increasing "the numbers of law enforcement and military."

Mr. Perry is right, of course. But Mr. Obama is too busy trying to defend the United States from the Chamber of Commerce.

Ruben Rios, a spokesman for the Tamaulipas state prosecutor’s office, said authorities "don’t know how or why he was killed. We don’t have any details on how he died."

You would think that the decapitated head would be a tip off.

But Gonzalez said later Tuesday that "reliable sources within the law enforcement community of Mexico" told him Flores’ head was found Tuesday morning in a suitcase outside of an Army base…

We have had our doubts about the circumstances of this story since we first heard about it. Some of the details just don’t seem to add up.

And even now, this investigator might have just been decapitated for nosing around in territory that the drug dealers now consider they private domain. Which is an appalling state of affairs, no matter how the Hartley saga turns out.

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6 Responses to “Falcon Lake Investigator Was Decapitated”

  1. wardmama4 says:

    When any/all ‘law enforcement’ group(s) on either side of the border decide to become serious about this horrible situation – I have three words: Shoot To Kill.

    So a guy & his wife go out for a jet ski ride and he ends up shot in the head – after everyone hems and haws around – until their own LEO video shows that indeed the couple was setting out with jet skis – they finally decide to ‘investigate’ and somehow the Mexican official in charge ends up beheaded. And there are those involved who ‘claim’ to have suspects. And they are not in custody or dead – what a crock.

    Since when did wanton sub-human scum have precedent over regular citizens just out for a day of fun and local LEOs doing their job – and the follow-up question that we know our msm will never, ever ask – Are these the ‘hard-working, just wanting to make a better life for themselves’ illegal aliens we want in America – or at least that we want streaming across our borders? Simply because those who are set up to legislate Immigration Laws (and are choosing to ignore those Laws currently on the books, while clamoring to enact new ‘Laws’) and those LEO groups (Border Patrol, ICE and Local LEOs) are denied the ability to do their jobs – to terrorize, smuggle drugs and people, sell drugs, set up gangs and murder US citizens?

    The majority of Americans say NO and so like Obamacare – our government turns a deaf ear and goes about it’s merry way on the Shamnesty for the criminal illegal aliens who are destroying most of our social systems, ruining our educational systems, certainly taxing our criminal justice system (when it is actually employed against them) and threatening our very lives.

    This alone should be the main reason to Throw the Bums out – and in this I agree with my hubby – both sides are to blame. Much less what illegal aliens have done to the economy, jobs, and the American Way of life.And if (and a big if it is) the morons in DC would just get serious about deporting/enforcing against illegal aliens – Imagine the difference that removing 12 to 30 million un-paying, un-contributing and a high percentage of dangerous non-citizens would make to our school systems, our social program systems, our housing systems, our employment stats and most importantly our economy.

    Contributors increase and help our economy – chronic non-producers are simply a huge drain on everything. And by doing this one thing – No American Citizens would be negatively impacted at all. (And no, some activist judge deciding that somewhere buried between the lines of the 14th Amendment was the legal right for squatting just over the border and spawning giving instantaneous citizenship does not make it so).

    But common sense, defense of America and reality do not seem to exist at all in DC anymore. Throw the Bums out. Cut gov in half, enact Term Limits and Deport, Deport, and Deport – and we may be on a good start to saving America.

    God Help America
    A Proud American Infidel

  2. retire05 says:

    For days, that widdle sissy-boy, Shepard Smith, threw out doubts about what happened on Falcon Lake. Pimping for his left wing handlers who believe in open borders, Smith continue to try to throw doubts on the wife, indicating he thought she was probably responsible. Smith was so bad I wanted to put my foot through my TV just to shut him up. But then, the dash cam video from the Texas DPS was released, showing that the couple were indeed heading out to Falcon Lake.

    Falcon Lake is dangerous territory. There are some bouys that mark the border, which runs down the center of the lake, but they are not everywhere. Since March, five incidents have been reported by Texas fishermen of being approached by Mexican pirates (that is all you can call them since they were on the U.S. side of Falcon Lake). The Mexican criminals asked the fishermen for money and drugs.

    But there are some aspects of the story that are being ignored, and it is my belief that is what is throwing doubt on the wife.

    One, the couple had Mexican plates on their vehicle as they had lived in Mexico for a time (you see, Mexico, unlike us, is very, very strict about things like that). Also the DPS video cam shows that they had TWO jet skis on the trailer, not just one. The wife is small, around 5’2-3″ and reported to weigh about 120 lbs. Her husband was a big guy, 6’1″, 250 lbs., according to another family member.

    So here are my questions: if the wife is responsible for his death, what did she do with the body? How did she dispose of a man who was twice her weight and who was obviously dead weight to boot? And where is the other damn jet ski? What did she do with that?

    Everyday I wait for the Obama Justice Department to sue Mexico for the violation of an American citizens rights [to life and liberty]. Since DoJ did not wait until there was provable civil rights violations to sue Arizona, I see no reason not to sue Mexico since it is clear, there has already been the violation of an American’s civil rights there.

    But we will only see more of the same pandering to our neighbor to the south that has proven, time after time, they are NOT our friend. We will read how the President of Mexico demands we cease all illegally activity into Mexico, while he does nothing to stop the flow of his citizens into our nation illegally, while he thumbs his nose at our laws, and while he builds a fence on his southern border to prevent those from Honduras, and points south, from entering his nation.

    It would not surprise me that we Texans will see the same type of sign on the northern shores of Falcon Lake warning us of the dangers of entering our own waters, as the Department of Homeland Security place in the Arizona desert. That seems to be the only answer this administration has; ceed land to Mexico and Mexican criminals.

  3. proreason says:

    Now now people. Chill out, please.

    Our country can absorb at least three thousand more beheadings than this one. We’ll do everything we can to prevent them… but we will absorb them and we will be stronger.

  4. Zilla says:

    David Hartley worked for the same company as I do. I did not know him but he worked here in Co. before I came here. He was moved to our operations base in Reynosa. Most everyone I work with knew him and his wife very well. A very good friend of mine went down there when the event happened. I have to say, based on info from people I trust, this event happened just as she said it did and there was/is nothing shady going on.

  5. Mister C says:

    Pirates, like parasites and enemies…if you finally decide that you can’t reason with them, then your choice is to either tolerate, or, exterminate them.

  6. Mithrandir says:

    When are we going to unleash our SPECIAL FORCES, our best of the best, to rough up and kick out these gangs and terrorists from our country?

    Bring them all back from overseas, then set them loose on these people. Our gov’t cares so little for our citizens and our border, and we are constantly paying a high price for it. High tech special forces -unleashed- would clear out these people in hours, not years.

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