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Families Of Dishonorably Discharged Get Amnesty

From the Christian Science Monitor:

‘Parole in place’: Obama’s illegal-immigration order stokes amnesty worries

By Lourdes Medrano [sic] | December 9, 2013

Facing intense pressure from immigrant advocates who want the president to do more to limit deportations, the Obama administration has quietly issued a directive to help undocumented immigrants who are closely related to military personnel stay in the country.

Via ‘executive action.’ And never mind the’ Law Of The Land.’

The effort is called "parole in place," and it aims to end rampant confusion among immigration officials about how to treat the parents, spouses, and minor children of those in active duty as well as veterans and reservists. Under parole in place, these relatives no longer have to leave the country to apply for legal US status – a situation that often resulted in the applicants being barred from reentering the US for years…

For some military families, parole in place will ease the anxiety deployed service men and women felt about the possibility of family members being deported in their absence, officials say…

Which, is turns out, is not a problem for many of these families. Since this amnesty is being given even to those who are related to people who retired from the military, or are deceased, or who were even thrown out of the military.  (And those last people don’t even get Veterans benefits.)

From Breitbart:

Exclusive: Amnesty for Military Members’ Illegal Relatives Full of Loopholes

By Matthew Boyle | December 9, 2013

[The Center For Immigration Studies] John Feere, in his report on the topic… wrote that the Obama administration… would be “granting legal status to illegal alien children, spouses, and parents of servicemembers because ‘there is concern within the DoD’ that some servicemembers ‘face stress and anxiety because of the immigration status of their family members in the United States.’ USCIS explains that ‘military preparedness can potentially be adversely affected’ if servicemembers “worry about the immigration status of their spouses, parents and children.”

Feere wrote that on its face, a policy like this “seems at least somewhat reasonable considering the sacrifice our service members are making for the country,” but that “upon closer inspection, it is clear that the Obama administration’s policy is not only about the arguably justifiable effort of reducing the stress of men and women serving on the battlefield.”

First off, Feere noted, the policy would apply to illegal aliens who are family members of retired servicemembers as well. “First, while reducing the stress of active duty servicemembers may be reasonable, this policy will also benefit illegal aliens related to retired servicemembers who are no longer serving,” Feere wrote. “It is difficult to see how this fits into the narrative about stress, anxiety, and military preparedness.”

In communications he had with USCIS about the agency’s new policy, Feere noted that it confirmed illegal aliens who were family members of now-deceased members of the U.S. military. “Again, the arguments about stress, anxiety, and military preparedness are difficult to apply in this situation,” he wrote about that admission from the agency.

Similarly, the policy would apply to illegal alien family members of former members of the military who have been dishonorably discharged. “Finally, USCIS also is not prepared to deny an illegal alien amnesty even if the servicemember was discharged from the military under problematic circumstances,” Feere wrote. “It does not appear that a servicemember’s dishonorable discharge for security reasons, violence, sexual assaults, or imprisonment, for example, would prevent USCIS from granting legal status to illegal aliens related to the servicemember. This is particularly odd in that the government generally denies all veteran benefits to servicemembers who are discharged for problematic reasons.” …

Who cares? The Democrat Party needs more voters. Especially now that the polls are turning against them.

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