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Family Fights Exhuming Bodies In Alleged Murder

From the DNC’s Associated Press:

Neighbor and eyewitness Hussein Mohammed, 33, points to the charred and blood splattered floor and wall where he found the body of the young Iraqi girl who was allegedly raped then killed along with family members in their home.

Uncle says bodies of alleged US victims won’t be dug up

BAGHDAD, Iraq Investigators looking into charges American troops raped an Iraqi girl, then killed her and some relatives, apparently won’t be able to examine the corpses.

The US military had asked to exhume the bodies. And the girl’s uncle says he was willing to go along with it, on the condition that his Muslim cleric agree. But the preacher says no, because digging them up violates Islamic law.

The uncle says he told US forces about the ruling and that they respect it and consider the matter closed. But their investigation continues into the March incident. Four active duty and one former soldier face rape and murder charges. A sixth soldier is accused of not reporting the incident.

How many times will our one party media parrot this canard about the Islamic prohibitions against exhuming bodies?

As we have noted several times before, the Islamic scholars at Al-Islam.org says this on the subject:

Rules About Burial of the Dead Body

650.  Digging up the grave is allowed in the following cases :

* When the dead body has been buried in an usurped land and the owner of the land is not willing to let it remain there.
* When the Kafan of the dead body or any other thing buried with it had been usurped and the owner of the thing in question is not willing to let it remain in the grave. Similarly, if anything belonging to the heirs has been buried along with the deceased and the heirs are not willing to let it remain in the grave. However, if the dead person had made a will that a certain supplication or the holy Qur’an or a ring be buried along with his dead body, and if that will is valid, then the grave cannot be opened up to bring those articles out. There are certain situations when the exhuming is not permitted even if the land, the Kafan or the articles buried with the corpse are Ghasbi. But there is no room for details here.
* When opening the grave does not amount to disrespect of the dead person, and it transpires that he was buried without Ghusl or Kafan, or the Ghusl was void, or he was not given Kafan according to religious rules, or was not laid in the grave facing the Qibla.
* When it is necessary to inspect the body of the dead person to establish a right which is more important than exhumation.
* When the dead body of a Muslim has been buried at a place which is against sanctity, like, when it has been buried in the graveyard of non-Muslim or at a place of garbage.
* When the grave is opened up for a legal purpose which is more important than exhumation. For example, when it is proposed to take out a living child from the womb of a buried woman.
* When it is feared that a wild beast would tear up the corpse or it will be carried away by flood or exhumed by the enemy.
* When the deceased has willed that his body be transferred to sacred places before burial, and if it was intentionally or forgetfully buried elsewhere, then the body can be exhumed, provided that doing so does not result in any disrespect to the deceased.

The right to a fair trial in a capital case certainly meets these standards.

Doesn’t the family want justice?

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