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Fat People More Likely To Have Car Accidents

From the CBS affiliate in Seattle, KIRO-TV:

Study: Obesity Increases Driver’s Risk Of Being In Car Accident

Tuesday August 7, 2012

SEATTLE (CBS Seattle) – A new study claims that obesity could not only increase a driver’s risk of being in a car accident, but also result in more severe injuries.

The study, conducted by Canadian scientists at the University of Laval and published in the Journal of Transportation Safety & Security, claimed that morbidly obese drivers may be at increased risk of a crash due to weight-related health complications.

Additionally, car designs that are less than sympathetic to larger frames could leave obese drivers in more critical condition following an accident.

“Poor car-to-person fit is thought to be the leading cause of the increased risk of injury and fatality in [car accidents] for [people] who are obese or overweight versus [people] who are normal weight,” a portion of the study published by the Ottawa Citizen read.

The study continued, “For all those individuals that have a body structure different than [the standard used in designing cars], their interactions with the safety features, such as the seat belts and airbags, may not occur as intended.”

Many cars are reportedly designed with a 163-pound person in mind.

Well, given how many cars in the US have been designed in Japan, this should be no surprise.

Perhaps we are looking at this from the wrong angle. Would this be such a problem if cars were bigger? If more people drove SUVs?

Researchers additionally claim that carmakers should try to design vehicles whose safety features are more adjustable, in order to provide protection for a broader range of drivers.

Several previous studies were also examined in the process, including one which found that found men with body mass indexes greater than 30 were more likely to suffer facial, spinal, head and upper chest injuries in a collision than those with BMIs below 30.

Not to make light of this, but you would think a little additional padding would help prevent some injuries, as well.

Another study reportedly referenced by University of Laval’s medical researchers found that 800,000 drivers in the America with obstructive sleep apnea-hypopnea were involved in illness-related car accidents in the year 2000, which supported their claims that obesity-related ailments also contribute to road hazards.

Apparently, we are to assume that is a condition that fat people suffer from. So fat people aren’t just hurting themselves, they are now running over people because they can’t stay awake.

Just you wait. In a few more years being fat will be viewed as a ‘hate crime.’ In fact, we’re almost there now.

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4 Responses to “Fat People More Likely To Have Car Accidents”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    It’s racist, too

    That what’s on the internet so it’s true. if it’s on the internets. You can’t put it on the internets if ain’t true. Everyone knows that.

  2. untrainable says:

    Maybe it’s not the fat. Maybe it’s the fact that people are trying to jam their morbidly obese forms into Priussses, and 2 door exploding Volts. Maybe it’s the fact that they don’t make cars out of steel any more. Maybe it’s because fiberglass, plastic and aluminum foil are the main ingredients in cars today. Maybe it’s because jamming a fat guy into a smaller car is funny to the car salesman. Who knows?

    In the good ole’ days, if you ran your car into a brick wall there would be just as much damage to the wall as to the car… if not more. Ahhhh, the 1972 Lincoln Continental. I used to call my mother’s car “The interstate battleship”. But if you’re so concerned about global warming that you need to wrap your a$$ in fiberglass, don’t blame the fat around your belly. Blame the fat between your ears.

  3. Right of the People says:

    The other day I saw two huge dudes in a Smart Car! I think they may have weighed more than the car.

    This is why I drive a Cadillac, they still make a good big car the DTS. I’ve owned five different Crown Vics but the morons at Ford stopped making them so I switched to Cadillac. I didn’t want to buy a GM but it was that or a Chrysler 300 but at least GM is still owned by Americans. Union members but still Americans unlike Chrysler being owned by Fiat.

  4. katie says:

    yesterday at DQ I saw a sweet caddie that I wish my daughter would buy for my husband in his retirement, she said she would. I will just let him drive me around and try not to get any fatter than I already am… which isn’t that fat, just chubby, I go for exorcise walks and bike rides every day.

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