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Cindy’s Husband Takes His Act On The Road

I guess Dad got tired of seeing Mother Sheehan get all the moolah limelight Karma points and so he has decided to get in on the act.

But note that while Patrick Sheehan has changed his tune from his earlier pronouncements, he still directly contradicts his erstwhile wife’s revisionist claims regarding Casey’s thoughts about the war.

Of course we know that even al-Cindy used to say Casey was for the war, once upon a time. So just give Patrick a few months before he starts re-writing even that part.

From the Vacaville Reporter:

Patrick Sheehan, who lost his son, Casey, to the war in Iraq, turns away from the microphone after speaking Sunday in Davis.

Father honors son

But says a lie led to Casey’s death
By Kimberly K. Fu/Staff Writer

Never one to seek the limelight, Vacaville’s Patrick Sheehan nonetheless took centerstage Sunday afternoon at a vigil in Davis marking the third anniversary of America’s invasion and occupation of Iraq.

Clad in his late son’s Army-issued camouflage jacket, Patrick Sheehan charged the crowd of more than 200 war opponents to remember that war has a face.

"I am the proud father of Casey Sheehan and, yes, he was killed in Iraq," said the elder Sheehan of his 24-year-old army specialist son, who died in April 2004.

"But I’m not here for your sympathy, though I appreciate it and I would accept it. I just want your attention. I am here to remind you of the human cost of war."

Fingering his son’s jacket, Sheehan commented on its newness. His son had worn it just two weeks, he said, the length of his deployment in Iraq before losing his life.

Sheehan emphasized that Casey had "enlisted willingly and served proudly," simply because he believed in a cause deemed noble by the government. But the cause, he said, was a lie.

To date, more than 2,300 American soldiers have died in the war.

Last week, the Sheehans took a brief respite in Texas, celebrating the naming of a Knights of Columbus order after Casey.

It turned out to be bittersweet.

At a gathering following the ceremony, the family learned that the Army’s First Cavalry unit – Casey’s unit – would return home on St. Patrick’s Day.

"It’s the day my son probably would have come home," Sheehan said quietly.

His manner calm and collected, Sheehan asked attendees to remember that Americans are citizens not only of the U.S., but of the world. That said, he added, every action has a ripple effect. A negative word, a negative act, the death of one person – all of that, he said, impacts not one person, but many.

The death of his son, he said, has strongly affected many.

While reading a poem by his daughter, Carly, Sheehan’s voice trembled at times. Though the poem was nearly two years old and written just two weeks after her brother’s funeral, the words reverberated throughout the crowd and called for contemplation.

"In closing, I would just like to ask one thing," Sheehan said, following the reading. "I, of course, will always hold Casey in my heart. I wouldn’t ask you to do the same. But, I would ask you to keep him in your mind, and everyone else who was lost."

Reached after the event, Sheehan declined to speak about his estranged wife, Cindy, or her anti-war activities. He would say that they are both, separately, working for peace and for the troops to come home.

The pair haven’t kept in close contact, he said, but they have spoken.

"We’re trying to reconnect for our family," he said.

The vigil and a 24-hour fast were organized by Davis resident Will Lotter in conjunction with "The Winter of Our Discontent," a national, nonviolent anti-war campaign being held this weekend throughout the nation. The Military Families Speak Out Capitol Region, and other groups and individuals, spoke at the event.

Of course there is a typo in the headline. For Patrick is surely dis-honoring his son. He is saying he was a dupe. And that he gave his life for a lie.

And will somebody some day ever explain just exactly what the lie was that these people keep talking about? Casey volunteeredto fight in the war on terrorism.

Can there be any doubt that we are fighting a war against terrorism in Iraq?

And, please, put that damn lame "poem" to bed. It wasn’t moving or even good two years ago. Casey deserves much better. Of course he deserved much better parents, too.

Note, by the way, that the group Military Families Speak Out, was involved in this protest. That’s the same group Mother Sheehan cut her protesting eye teeth with.

Probably Father Sheehan is hoping for a similar career trajectory.

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