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Fattest Man To Sue NHS For Weight Gain

From the UK tabloid, The Sun:

Fattest Man Is Suing The NHS For ‘Letting Me Grow’

Health and Science Editor
January 7, 2010

MAN mountain Paul Mason plans to SUE the NHS – claiming they ignored his plight as he rocketed towards 70 stone [980 pounds].

Paul – once the world’s fattest man – vowed to use any compo [compensation] to help other patients who need weight-loss ops.

The 50-year-old, of Ipswich, said he begged his local NHS trust for help at 30st [420 pounds]. But the medic he consulted in 1996 told him: "Ride your bike more."

When the former postman hit 64st [896 pounds] he asked to see an eating disorders specialist, but was sent to a dietician.

He had life-saving gastric surgery last year and is now a relatively slim 37st [490 pounds].

Paul said: "I want to set a precedent so no one else has to get to the same size – and to put something back into society."

We revealed this month how his weight had made him feel so guilty he tried to kill himself THREE times.

He took an overdose of powerful pain killers because of his huge body mass they failed to do any harm. He later slashed his wrists after having an earlier gastric band op cancelled.

Five more years passed before he was given the chance to have the operation.

But in that time he was housebound and could not even go to the funeral of his mum Janet last year.

At his heaviest Paul was eating 20,000 calories a day – ten times what a normal, healthy man should consume – and the cost of caring for him is thought to have hit £1million [$1.546 million] in 15 years.

He finally had the £30,000 [$46,383] operation last spring but before it could take place floors at St Richard’s Hospital in Chichester, West Sussex, had to be reinforced at a cost of £5,000 [$77,305] to take his weight

This raises some questions for our own country. And not just for its ramifications regarding Obama-care.

For now that the federal government is feeding ‘children’ breakfast lunch and even dinner – all year around – aren’t they going to be legally liable if any of these kids become fat — or even skinny?

We see a whole new field opening up for tort lawyers.

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9 Responses to “Fattest Man To Sue NHS For Weight Gain”

  1. Moose Breath says:

    The UK will tackle obesity with a vengeance when they learn that Muslims disapprove of fat people.

  2. Rusty Shackleford says:

    “We revealed this month how his weight had made him feel so guilty he tried to kill himself THREE times.”

    Jeez, this guy can’t do anything right.

  3. Liberals Demise says:

    Geez……a couple more stones and fatboy won’t have to worry about a pot to
    piss in or a law suit. Here’s a clue …….. take the hoofs off the cattle and lay off the jelly donuts you jackwagon!!

    As for the Hari-Kari attempts…….practice, practice, practice!

  4. eaglewingz08 says:

    Since this super obese guy is too heavy to get out of bed to get to the food, who has he been using to overfeed his face for the past ten years? That’s the person or persons he should be suing. As for his lawsuit, any lawyer who brings it should be disbarred as unfit to practice law.
    If the doctors had institutionalized him for his pathologic eating habits, this guy would have sued them for deprivation of liberty. He is the pathetic detritus of liberal ideology where he never has to take responsibility for his actions and others are always to blame for his own great failures.

  5. proreason says:

    My heirs can sue the government when I die now.

    The feds are responsible for my health, i.e., my ability to stay alive.

    I think they have been rooting for me to die anyway. This should increase their joy when it happens.

  6. canary says:

    eaglewingz, it is true that people this heavy can not get out of bed. Saw this little skinny Mexican sister
    preparing and talking about the amounts of food; the camera follows her into the room where she feeds her brother. His sister had plenty of time to put him on a diet and let him lose enough weight until he get out of bed chase her for revenge. The fire department has to chop the house around the doors and use a crane to lift and carry these people to a hospital.

    Well, at least he admitted to guilt 3 times.

    1st. The enabler learned to cut his food for him and make him eat with his hands.

    2nd The enabler learned not give him a bottle of pain meds and to thence forward to hold his drink and straw for him.

    3rd. The enabler learned to put the mega rolls of paper towels he uses for napkins (in photo) so he couldn’t stuff one down his throat and choke.

  7. artboyusa says:

    If you’ve ever seen the Sun you’d be as surprised as I am that they have a “Health and Science Editor”. That aside, this swollen man cow has already cost the UK taxpayer over £1m (that’s about $1.5 mil bucks) and now he wants to sue? Us taxpayers should be suing him!

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