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FBI Declined To Handle Latest NYC Bomber

From those relentless defenders of the faith at the New York Times:

City Bomb Plot Suspect Is Called Fan of Qaeda Cleric

November 20, 2011

A Manhattan man who became fascinated by the American-born Muslim militant Anwar al-Awlaki was arrested on charges of plotting to build and detonate bombs in New York, city officials announced on Sunday night.

What a misleading way to lead off this article, even by New York Times standards. Is his most distinctive feature that he is a "Manhattan man"? He is a Muslim convert, who was born in the Dominican Republic. 

And we are told he "became fascinated" by "American-born" al-Awlaki? Is it fascination that leads people to make pipe bombs?

At a hastily called City Hall news conference, Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly, who appeared alongside Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg and the Manhattan district attorney, Cyrus R. Vance Jr., said the man, Jose Pimentel, 27, had begun in August to plot a bomb attack. But it was the death of Mr. Awlaki, who was killed in a drone strike in Yemen in September, that refocused his efforts, Mr. Kelly said.

Mr. Kelly said that Mr. Pimentel, a convert to Islam who was also known as Muhammad Yusuf, had been under police surveillance for more than two years and was arrested on Saturday after he had come close to completing at least three bombs.

He calls himself Muhammad Yusuf, but the New York Times call shim Jose Pimentel in their headline. Why is that?

Holes had been drilled into pipes, sulfur had been scraped off matches, nails were ready to be used as shrapnel, and wires were used to fashion an ignition device, according to a law enforcement official.

Mr. Pimentel planned to test his abilities by detonating mailboxes before embarking on a bombing campaign around New York City, Mr. Kelly said.

Just in time for the holidays and the influx of visitors.

“Pimentel talked about killing U.S. military personnel returning home from Iraq and Afghanistan, particularly Marines and Army personnel,” Mr. Kelly said. “He talked about bombing post offices in and around Washington Heights and police cars in New York City, as well as a police station in Bayonne, N.J.

Earlier media reports said that this bomber intended to target government workers. In other words, they wanted to make him sound like an anti-government rightwing kook.

“Once his bombing campaign began, Mr. Pimentel said the public would know that there were mujahideen in the city to fight jihad here.”

Which we should celebrate. As part of the gorgeous mosaic. After all, diversity is our strength.

Mr. Bloomberg and Mr. Kelly said, however, that Mr. Pimentel was not part of a conspiracy, had no known contacts abroad and, in the mayor’s words, “appears to be a total lone wolf.”

Somehow this is always the first thing out of the mouth of the authorities. Unless they think they can link a suspect to the right.

A native of the Dominican Republic and a naturalized American citizen, Mr. Pimentel had spent much of his life in Manhattan, except for five years in Schenectady, N.Y., the authorities said. While upstate, his extremist remarks “made even some like-minded friends nervous,” Mr. Kelly said, noting that Mr. Pimentel considered changing his name to Osama Hussein “to celebrate his heroes.”

Hmmm. ‘Osama Hussein’ has a familiar ring to it.

Mr. Pimentel spoke about traveling to “Yemen for training before returning to New York to become a martyr in the name of jihad,” Mr. Kelly said. While Mr. Kelly noted that Mr. Pimentel never ended up going to Yemen, at one point Mr. Pimentel had e-mailed Mr. Awlaki in an attempt to open a line of communication. The cleric did not respond, the authorities said…

How annoying.

In January 2010, Mr. Pimentel followed his former wife back to New York, officials said, and at some point began maintaining a Web site — www.trueislam1.com — that contained bomb-making discussions taken from Inspire, the English-language magazine published online by Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, the branch of the terrorist network in Yemen.

Along the way, Mr. Pimentel began making incriminating statements to an informant who was working with the police, investigators said, and those conversations were recorded.

The bomb-making began in earnest in October, with trips to a Home Depot in the Bronx and a 99-cent store in Manhattan during which Mr. Pimentel was under surveillance, according to a criminal complaint. There he purchased a clock, elbow piping and Christmas lights — all bomb-making parts, the complaint states

Christmas lights. What a nice touch.

On Saturday, the police videotaped him in the informant’s apartment as he was drilling holes in three pipes, according to the criminal complaint. At that moment, the police, including members of the bomb squad, moved in, arresting him in the apartment on West 147th Street, the authorities said.

“We weren’t going to wait around to figure out what he wanted do with his bombs,” a law enforcement official said. “He was in Harlem about an hour from actually having assembled the bombs,” but had all the “unassembled components ready to go.”

Good thing they didn’t cut it too close.

The case is unusual in that it marks the second time this year that the Police Department and the Manhattan district attorney’s office have brought terrorism-related charges in state court, which in the past have been almost exclusively prosecuted in federal courts.

Mr. Kelly has, since the Sept. 11th attacks, frequently criticized the federal government’s counterterrorism capabilities, and he has built up his department’s counterterrorism program.

On Sunday, Mr. Kelly said that the Justice Department had been aware of the case against Mr. Pimentel. But he suggested that the Police Department had brought the case without the Justice Department because of how quickly the case came together at the end

A person who was briefed on the discussions between the Police Department and Justice Department, however, said that the Federal Bureau of Investigation had declined to become involved with the case against Mr. Pimentel because of issues the F.B.I. had with it. The person, who insisted on anonymity, declined to elaborate on what those issues were

We would say that is hard to believe. Except we are talking about Mr. Obama and Mr. Holder’s FBI.

So it is all too easy to believe.

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4 Responses to “FBI Declined To Handle Latest NYC Bomber”

  1. BannedbytheTaliban says:

    Of course the FBI didn’t want to handle this guy. He was an actual terrorist, and he didn’t fit the FBI template:

    1. Find an impressionable “youth” (aka muslim)
    2. Have an FBI agent posing as Al Qaida talk him into waging Jihad
    3. Setup a fake meeting to supply him with the tools to do so
    4. Arrest him at said meeting
    5. Parade him in front of the media as an example of how competent the FBI is at stopping ‘terrorism’

    • Mithrandir says:

      Yeah, I never believed any of that stuff. It sounds like entrapment to me. And of course, the suspect wanted to harm puppies and kitties! Any descent person hearing that, (everyone) could not possibly let him go….you know, just in case you get selected to be on a jury.
      To be fair, that hear-say evidence should be kept out of the media until a fair trial has been heard, and the actual evidence has been sifted through. And if our courts aren’t fair for him, guess what? It ain’t going to be fair for you either buddy.

      Why do they have to parade out stuff like this for the cameras? You KNOW there must be a real government trust-deficit, otherwise they wouldn’t need to bother with this show-trial.

  2. tranquil.night says:

    “Hmmm. ‘Osama Hussein’ has a familiar ring to it.”

    Mmm mmm mmm.

  3. Mithrandir says:

    “But it was the death of Mr. Awlaki, who was killed in a drone strike in Yemen in September, that refocused his efforts, Mr. Kelly said.

    Wasn’t it the DEMOCRATS who repeatedly warned us that if George Bush retaliated at all, it would create 1000 Bin Ladens? —I guess they don’t take their own advice. But since their guy is in office, I am sure once they put the pom-pons down, and the champaign stops flowing, the media will point this out to us with more stern warnings.

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