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FBI Finally Spends ‘Three Hours’ In Benghazi

From Fox News:

FBI investigators make brief visit to Benghazi attack site after weeks-long delay

October 04, 2012

FBI agents made a brief visit to Benghazi this week to examine the scene of the consulate terror attack that killed four Americans — after being delayed for weeks because of security concerns.

Notice that Benghazi is still too dangerous for the FBI, but it was not dangerous enough for the State Department to increase security at the US Consulate.

Fox News confirms that the FBI team, which had been held up for weeks getting into the eastern Libya city, arrived in Benghazi to gather evidence and has since left…

A Libyan official told AFP that the team worked for three hours collecting evidence.

Well, that should have been plenty of time to gather everything that was left behind after the locals and CNN and the Washington Post have picked the place clean.

As the FBI investigates, an independent panel has been established by the State Department to review what went wrong. That review, though, could take months and U.S. lawmakers were starting to express frustration after their requests for more information were rebuffed as Secretary of State Hillary Clinton urged lawmakers to wait for the conclusion of an internal review…

The review will come long after the elections. When Mrs. Clinton and (hopefully) Mr. Obama are long gone from office.

Meanwhile, as usual, the mainstream news is only reporting this from the perspective of the administration. All we hear is their assurances.

From CNN:

FBI visits site of attack in Libya

By Barbara Starr | Thurs October 4, 2012

Washington (CNN) — Three weeks after four Americans were killed in an attack on the U.S. Consulate in eastern Libya, an FBI team arrived at the site as the investigation continued in other places, too, a Pentagon spokesman said Thursday.

When did they get there? Thursday? The attack occurred on September 11, which is more than three weeks earlier.

"You should not assume that all we could do or have been doing is restricted solely to Benghazi," Attorney General Eric Holder told reporters in Washington. "There are a variety of other places in country and outside the country where relevant things could be done and have been done. This is a matter that’s been under active investigation almost since the time of the incident and I’m satisfied with the progress that we have made."

The US government doesn’t have the resources to secure its own territory in Libya and investigate it as a crime scene if it is doing things elsewhere?

Holder said the focus of the Justice Department was "to solve this matter, to hold people accountable. So that’s what we will do."

We would hope the people who are responsible are held accountable. Including Mr. Obama and Mrs. Clinton. But we aren’t too optimistic.

Pentagon spokesman George Little said Thursday that a U.S. military support mission accompanied the FBI team, which was in Benghazi "for a number of hours" before it left the city.

Yes. Three hours.

"We have not been sitting around waiting, you know, for information to come to us," Little said, adding that U.S. investigators were "actively chasing leads in various ways."

Apparently, going to the crime scene itself or the city where the attack occurred was a low priority.

Security concerns at the site had led the FBI to delay for more than three weeks its visit to Benghazi. FBI and military officials had cited the need for proper military protection in the event of another attack…

Once again, Benghazi is too dangerous for the FBI even when accompanied by US military, but it was not considered to be dangerous enough for the State Department to increase security.

The failure of investigators to visit the site in the immediate aftermath of the attack has raised questions about the integrity of the FBI investigation and concerns that sensitive documents may have been left unsecured…

The hell you say.

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One Response to “FBI Finally Spends ‘Three Hours’ In Benghazi”

  1. Right of the People says:

    Nothing like getting to the crime scene while the evidence is still fresh. No way has it been compromised. (sarc off now)

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