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FBI Has Hillary’s Server (After The Data’s Been Wiped!)

For some odd reason the WP doesn’t get around to mentioning that all of the data has been removed from the server until their ninth paragraph.

From the Washington Post:

Hillary Clinton’s e-mail server turned over to FBI

By Tom Hamburger and Karen Tumulty | August 12, 2015

The e-mail server used by Hillary Rodham Clinton when she served as secretary of state was turned over to the FBI late Wednesday afternoon from a private data center in New Jersey, according to an attorney familiar with the transfer. “It was picked up about 4 p.m.,” said Barbara J. Wells, a Denver lawyer who represents Platte River Networks Inc., a small computer services firm that has managed the Clintons’ private e-mail system since mid-2013.

Does Platte River do degaussing? We suspect they do. And if they don’t, they know someone who does.

In fact, we suspect one reason Hillary delayed turning over her server was to give her time to have its hard drive degaussed by professionals. Which is the most surefire method of making all the data inaccessible, short of taking a hammer to the hard drive. (Like Lois Lerner seems to have done with her laptop.)

And here is another question: Why has Platte River hired a lawyer? And yet another question: What kind of security do they have at Platte River? How hard would it have been for the Russkies or Chi-Coms to have accessed the server? (Not that they needed to, since they probably hacked it long ago.)

Wells said her client was contacted by the FBI, which expressed interest in obtaining the old server.

‘Expressed interest’? What a way to put it. In any case, we thought Hillary graciously offered to turn the server over to the FBI. Why did the FBI have to call Platte River?

The FBI did not have a search warrant or subpoena and did not interview her clients, she said.

They better interview them. And quick.

The FBI’s request for information about Clinton’s e-mail system followed a referral from the intelligence community’s inspector general to the Justice Department in July. Intelligence officials expressed concern that sensitive information was not in the government’s possession and could be “compromised.” The referral did not accuse Clinton of wrongdoing, and officials familiar with the inquiry have said that the FBI is not targeting her.

Note how every article from the MSM contains this disclaimer. Which is almost certainly untrue.

In addition to obtaining the old server, the FBI recently obtained a thumb drive in the possession of Clinton’s lawyer, David Kendall, that contained copies of work e-mails kept on the server…

Once again, why didn’t Hillary send the State Department electronic copies of her emails, instead of hard copies (on paper) that made them much harder to search? (This is a rhetorical question.)

Platte River Networks has retained control of the old server since it took over management of the Clintons’ e-mail system. She said that the old server “was blank,” and no longer contained useful data.

What a shock huh? No wonder the WP held off even mentioning it until the ninth paragraph of their article.

“The information had been migrated over to a different server for purposes of transition,” from the old system to one run by Platte River, she said, recalling the transfer that occurred in June 2013. “To my knowledge the data on the old server is not available now on any servers or devices in Platte River Network’s control.”

Huh? Is this an attempt to further muddy the waters? The old server is the server in question.

She said that Platte River officials “have been working with and cooperating fully with the FBI.” She added that “we have been assured that Platte River Networks is not the subject of any investigation.” …

If Platte River was complicit in destroying government records that were under subpoena, they should be investigated, and PDQ.

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3 Responses to “FBI Has Hillary’s Server (After The Data’s Been Wiped!)”

  1. BannedbytheTaliban says:

    I’m sure nothing bad will happen to Hillary, if anything, some low level staffer will be found guilty of mishandling classified material. Probably a woman, that way they can claim it was all part of the GOP’s war on women. In the entire history of the USA, not a single high level politician has ever been held accountable for his/her actions. Not Andrew Jackson for the trial of tears, not Grant for his numerous scandals, not Lincoln for suspending habeas corpus, not even Nixon was punished, etc.. The best hope is this convinces enough people not to vote for her.

  2. mr_bill says:

    I’m shocked! I thought the server would shoot itself in the back of its head a couple of times and then drive itself to the park.

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