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FBI Is After Scammers Who Target Illegal Alien Families

From an unquestioning Reuters:

Scammers target families of illegal child immigrants to U.S.: FBI

By Jim Forsyth | July 20, 2014

SAN ANTONIO — (Reuters) – U.S. officials warned on Sunday that scammers are attempting to prey on the families of some of the tens of thousands of unaccompanied child immigrants crossing the border from Latin America, seeking money for phony travel costs.

A Federal Bureau of Investigation official in San Antonio said investigators have uncovered two similar fraud schemes targeting family members of the children who are living illegally in the United States.

"One fraud scheme involved individuals who claimed to be representing a charitable or non profit organization, which they claimed assists in processing and reuniting the children with their families," said Special Agent Michelle Lee.

Another scheme used what Lee described as "caller I.D. spoofing" to make it appear that the calls were coming from a San Antonio business, which she didn’t name, in an attempt to lend credibility to the scheme.

Lee said the callers requested payments from the families of the young immigrants ranging from $300 to several thousand dollars, claiming the money was for travel expenses…

Every year we hear how illegal aliens have bilked untold billions from the IRS via fraudulent tax credits and refunds. And more recently, we’ve learned that untold billions in Obama-Care subsidies might have gone to illegal aliens. So what is the FBI investigating? Scammers who pretend to be coyotes in order to prey upon illegal aliens.

Officials said many of the family members being preyed on in the new fraud have already borrowed several thousand dollars to pay smugglers to get the children into the United States. Many of the children are hoping that the presence of a relative in the United States would allow them to stay in the country.

Lee said the number of victims and amount of losses was not known at this time…

But it warrants the involvement of the FBI. Unlike all the scams that illegal aliens perpetuate.

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2 Responses to “FBI Is After Scammers Who Target Illegal Alien Families”

  1. yadayada says:

    I say the scammers should be selling them bus tickets. load up the bus. and only have them find out (after arrival) it’s going south. pay for their own deportation.

  2. canary says:

    So, the illegal immigrants in the US have thousands of dollars, and no costs to get their children, but they knowingly pay people who promise to ignore US laws and get their children in other manners.

    All the illegal youth placed in foster homes,can just walk off and leave when they want to. It’s not like the foster homes or churches can guard them 24/7 with guns.

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