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FBI Was Told Of Kennedy Orgies In NYC

From the New York Post:

Kennedy orgies in romper room


June 15, 2010

The FBI was tipped off that the three Kennedy brothers, Marilyn Monroe and members of Frank Sinatra’s Rat Pack held sex parties in John F. Kennedy’s suite at The Carlyle hotel, according to confidential bureau files revealed yesterday.

An FBI report on the alleged orgies at the Upper East Side hotel was prompted by a July 1965 disclosure from a "reliable" Mafia informant that the mob wanted to use women supplied by "associates of Frank Sinatra" to embarrass the Kennedys in New York.

The women were to "be placed in compromising situations" with Robert and Ted Kennedy and their brother-in-law, actor Peter Lawford, the confidential memo said.

The mob wanted to smear Robert F. Kennedy because of his war on organized crime as US attorney general from 1961 to 1964, the informant said. But the FBI didn’t investigate the claims, the bureau said.

The documents were among 2,352 pages of FBI files unveiled yesterday on Ted Kennedy, who died last August after a battle with cancer.

The bulk of the material detailed dozens of death threats made against Kennedy over two decades. But among the other disclosures:

* The file on the mob plot began with the informant’s disclosures to the FBI’s Milwaukee office. The FBI added an unsigned statement that said a multimillionaire Manhattan divorcée knew about the orgies.

"It was reported that Mrs. Jacqueline Hammond, age 40, has considerable information concerning sex parties," the statement said.

Among those who took part were John, Robert and Ted Kennedy, Monroe, Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr. and Lawford and his wife, Patricia Kennedy, it said.

The statement indicated Hammond, who was divorced from a US ambassador, was credible.

It was widely reported in the early 1960s that John Kennedy kept a two-bedroom apartment at The Carlyle, and it was later claimed that he spent the night there with Monroe after she sang "Happy Birthday, Mr. President" at his 45th-birthday celebration.

An FBI summary of the documents released yesterday said the bureau didn’t consider the Milwaukee and Hammond information "solid."

Of course this is a somewhat salacious story. But wouldn’t you think it would warrant some mention in other news articles on the FBI documents release?

Weirdly, this story does not appear anywhere in the Associated Press report on the same FBI material:

Files show threats against Ted Kennedy were common

By Andrew Miga And Glen Johnson, Associated Press Writers

June 15, 2010

WASHINGTON – Sen. Edward M. Kennedy became a magnet for extremist rage in the decades after his brothers were gunned down, living under constant, chillingly specific assassination threats of his own, according to newly released FBI documents.

Five years after President John F. Kennedy was killed and shortly after Sen. Robert F. Kennedy was shot, one letter warned that the third brother was next: "Ted Kennedy number three to be assassinated on Oct. 25, 1968. The Kennedy residence must be well protected on that date."

Nearly two decades later, in 1985, the threats continued, this time including the Republican president as well as the liberal Democratic senator: "Brass tacks, I’m gonna kill Kennedy and (President Ronald) Reagan, and I really mean it."

Releasing 2,352 pages from Kennedy’s FBI file, many of them concerning threats over the years, the agency said on its website: "These threats originated from multiple sources, including individuals, anonymous persons and members of radical groups such as the Ku Klux Klan, ‘Minutemen’ organizations and the National Socialist White People’s Party."

Some of the threats prompted investigations, some resulted in warnings to Kennedy or local law enforcement authorities. There is no indication any attempts were carried out.

In 1977, the FBI even looked into allegations that Sirhan Sirhan — the man who assassinated Robert Kennedy — had attempted to hire a fellow prisoner to kill Edward Kennedy. The prisoner, who was housed next to Sirhan for 18 months, told the FBI he was offered $1 million and a car but declined

Kennedy family members were given a chance to review and to raise objections to the documents before they were released Monday. The FBI said it has additional documents on threats to Kennedy, possibly thousands more pages, that it plans to make public once the agency finishes reviewing them…

Most of the documents released Monday are about death threats and extortion attempts against the Massachusetts Democrat.

The release had been highly anticipated by historians, scholars and others interested in the life and long public career of one of America’s most prominent and powerful politicians. The Associated Press and other media organizations requested the documents through Freedom of Information Act requests

In other words, the Associated Press, who pushed for a FOIA release, were only interested in were the death threats against the late Mr. Kennedy. It’s almost as if the AP has an agenda to show how dangerous ‘rightwingers’ are.

And never mind that Mr. Kennedy’s brothers were actually killed by an avowed Communist (Lee Harvey Oswald) and a radicalized Palestinian (Sirhan Sirhan).

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9 Responses to “FBI Was Told Of Kennedy Orgies In NYC”

  1. Chinnubie says:

    All of the assassinations of Presidents throughout history have all been left-wingers never right-wingers or conservatives. Funny when a Republican President gets shot it’s always a crazed gunman or some insane person but, when a Democrat President gets gunned down it’s always a link to some right-wing organization and when that is proven false the story gets dropped like a hot potato or they don’t bring up the political affiliation of the nut-job.

    We desperately need to get rid of the Department of Education so we can get back to teaching our kids the REAL history of this country.

  2. mr_bill says:

    Kennedys and sex parties!? What a shock! Next, they’ll be saying bootlegged booze was served there.

    • GL0120 says:

      Worse yet, they may try to claim that the Kennedy fortune was made by rum running during Prohibition!

  3. artboyusa says:

    Peter Lawford??? Sammy Davis??? Hubba hubba! Talk about beefcake…

  4. proreason says:

    Our betters lead lives that we can only imagine in our dreams. They aren’t subject to the laws of God or man.

    It’s only proper, since they sacrifice so much to rule us.

    If some people are harmed in the process, keep in mind that the good these benevolent masters do for us more than outweighs the occasional little problems with murder, rape, robbery, bribery, and other little things that seem to pop up every week or so.

  5. wardmama4 says:

    Somehow – I find a Mob informant ‘reliable’ about as good a joke as claiming Obama is articulate & intelligent.

    The story has cred because John & Ted were known womanizers – but we all know that the media will protect a debauched, criminal Democrat anytime and any place and even the accusation against a Republican/conservative is grounds for immediate dismissal.

    It is why we have a no account, lying do-nothing as a POTUS – the msm dismissed and covered up all the flaws – and aided & abetted the nomination of the worst possible RHINO in the race to insure the empty suit’s eventual win (combined with ACORN and activist judges).

    That Kennedy even managed to make it into the Senate is testament to the fact that our ‘representatives’ never, ever are held accountable for the crimes that they commit. At least in this World. I wonder how the ‘good’ Catholic Kennedy(s) fared in the Eternal Spiritual World – I doubt as good as this one – no lying msm to cover up for them.

  6. Mithrandir says:

    The fact that the FBI even KEEPS files on American citizens ought to be a crime. Is that what we want our government to be doing with our money? Paying people to snoop around on all of us and make a file to use against us? We should be keeping files on THEM!

    Look at this from another perspective folks. . .

  7. canary says:

    Obama is transparent in inviting gangsters, rappers, & low-lifes to the WH.

    • GL0120 says:

      How true!
      Let’s see, there’s Andy Stern, Bertha Lewis, Michelle, Joe Biden, Robert Gibbs… .

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