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FCC Want Incomes Verified For ‘Obama-Phones’

From The Hill:

FCC warns companies not to skip income check for ‘Obama phones’

By Julian Hattem | July 8, 2013

The Obama administration is urging companies to thoroughly check a person’s eligibility before providing cellphone service that is subsidized by the government.

The FCC expressed concerns that wireless companies might be activating phones for the program, known as Lifeline, "prior to fully verifying the eligibility of such consumers."

The hell you say! Even though the government has given these companies every incentive to give out as many Obama-Phones as possible. And no penalties for giving them to people who don’t qualify.

"[Companies] must verify the eligibility of a low-income consumer prior to providing Lifeline service to that consumer, and may not provide an activated device intended to enable access to Lifeline service to a consumer until that consumer’s eligibility is fully verified and all other necessary enrollment steps are completed," the FCC wrote in a notice.

The Lifeline program subsidizes phone service for low-income Americans to use for emergencies and to connect with jobs and family. Participants in the program receive an average of about $9.25 per month in discounted service, according to the agency.

Or, to put that into English, Obama-Phones only cost $9.25 a month, on average.

Critics deride Lifeline as providing "Obama phones," though program was started in 1985 and was expanded to cover cellphone service in 2005 under then-President George W. Bush.

The ‘Lifeline’ program that started in 1985 was nothing like what we have today. It did not include cell phones and its service was extremely limited. It was also quite hard to qualify for.

None of which is true today, which is why the Obama-Phone program has metastasized so over the last five years. And doubled in just the last year.

Many of the companies that receive money under the Lifeline service offer free or cheap phones to consumers who participate.

The notice from the FCC comes a few weeks after Project Veritas, a conservative organization led by activist James O’Keefe, released a video that shows distributors giving free Lifeline phones to people who said they planned to resell them. One of the recipients said he planned to use it for drug money.

An FCC official denied that the Project Veritas video or any other specific event triggered the notice.

Of course they did.

"We want to make sure providers are following our new rules and we are continuing to look for ways to improve the program and reduce waste and abuse," the official said.

To be eligible for Lifeline, a person cannot earn more than 135 percent of the federal poverty level — about $31,700 for a family of four — or take part in other federal assistance services.

Which means that anybody on food stamps, in subsidized housing, on WIC, in Medicaid, automatically qualifies without even having to prove they are low income.

The program costs almost $2 billion a year, and is funded by fees from telephone companies that are passed on to consumers…

Which is one reason why our cellphones cost $100 dollars a month instead of $9 dollars.

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2 Responses to “FCC Want Incomes Verified For ‘Obama-Phones’”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    They got no income
    That why they be getting Obamaphones
    Whitey done got all the incomes

    In cursive …

  2. Liberals Demise says:

    …………… meanwhile back on the democrats plantation ……… (reference: obama phone crier)

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