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Fearmongers Should Go Back To Using ‘Global Warming’

From CBS News:

Americans more concerned with "global warming" than "climate change"

May 28, 2014

If you’re trying to get someone to care about the way the environment is changing, you might want to refer to it as "global warming," rather than "climate change," according to a new study.

In other words, the news media is going to go back to using ‘global warming.’

The study shows that Americans are more concerned with global warming than climate change, despite the fact that the two phrases are generally used to describe the same thing. Scientists have largely started using the term climate change because it more accurately describes the myriad changes to the climate — including sea level rise, the melting of the glaciers, and extreme weather, while global warming refers to a single phenomenon.

And because there hasn’t been any global warming for 17 years, even according to the ‘scientists’ at the University of East Anglia. Which is the belly of the global warming beast.

The study found that the term global warming evokes "intense worry," especially among men, members of Generation X and Generation Y, Democrats, liberals and moderates. Those groups seemed less concerned when asked about "climate change."

"The use of the term climate change appears to actually reduce issue engagement by Democrats, Independents, liberals, and moderates, as well as a variety of subgroups within American society, including men, women, minorities, different generations, and across political and partisan lines," said the study, released Tuesday.

So it’s ‘settled science.’ Use ‘global warming’ if you want to scare the pants off the low information types who never follow the news.

Researchers from the Yale Project on Climate Change Communications and the George Mason University Center for Climate Change Communications compiled the data through a survey of 1,657 people conducted over the course of two weeks in 2013…

According to the study, Americans are 13 percent more likely to consider global warming a bad thing. This is because saying global warming calls to mind glaciers melting, extreme weather events and other emotional images.

So where is the rejoicing that global warming has stopped for the last 17 years?

When people hear climate change, meanwhile, they’re more likely to tune out.

Maybe because it sets off their bullshit detectors. Since even the lowest of the low information crowd realize that weather changes.

This news is not necessarily a surprise. More than a decade ago, Republican consultants advised President George W. Bush to start saying "climate change" in place of "global warming." …

Somehow we knew it would turn out to be Bush’s fault!

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3 Responses to “Fearmongers Should Go Back To Using ‘Global Warming’”

  1. untrainable says:

    I like the to use the word “Seasons”. It covers coldness getting warmer, and warmness getting cooler. And didn’t “climate change” get bumped up a couple of weeks ago to “global climate disaster”? I was waiting for “climate armageddon” to be the official term before anyone started walking back climate change.

    When are we going to address the real problem? The fact that 2/3 of the Earth’s surface is being flooded by dihydrogen oxide. That’s the real problem. Not to mention the fact that there is more nitrogen in the atmosphere than there is oxygen. Where is the diversity in the air we breathe… OH THE HUMANITY!!!

    • yadayada says:

      I remember ta dihydrogen monoxide scare in the early ’90s. some college kids wrote an article for a local paper claiming there was a high level of it in the city’s river, and subsequently it was flowing into the reservoir, the city’s drinking water supply. they listed the number of people who “die each year from exposure to high levels of dihydrogen monoxide” (drowning) in the U.S. & ominous wording, etc. played it to the hilt.
      if I remember correctly, panic naturally ensued. it caused quite the controversy for about a week.
      a wonderful experiment in gullibility

  2. GetBackJack says:

    I call it Weather. But then I don’t stand a chance of using the government to line my pockets, so ..

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