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FEC Backs Down On 501c 527 “Charities”

Gee, what a surprise. All those promises after the last election cycle were just hot air.

From the DNC’s Associated Press:

FEC will not change rules on 527 groups

The Federal Election Commission will not adopt new rules governing the independent political groups that played a major role in the 2004 presidential campaign, freeing them to raise and spend unlimited sums of money during this year’s midterm elections.

A federal judge had ordered the FEC to either write new rules or more fully explain its current policy for regulating 527 groups. The commission announced Wednesday that it will more fully explain the current policy, which is to deal with 527 groups on a case-by-case basis.

The groups, which are named after the section of the Internal Revenue Service code governing them, include America Coming Together and the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth. ACT spent millions criticizing President Bush during the 2004 race, while the Swift Boat Veterans spent millions challenging the Vietnam War military record of his Democratic opponent, Sen. John Kerry of Massachusetts.

Critics argue that the FEC’s decision not to write new rules for 527 organizations has effectively left them unregulated. They note that many complaints against the organizations have been pending before the FEC for more than a year.

The FEC has countered that it would be unwise to issue a broad rule governing diverse groups.

U.S. District Judge Emmet G. Sullivan ruled in March that, "Judging from FECs track record in the 2004 election, case-by-case adjudication appears to have been a total failure."

However, Sullivan declined to order new rules. The election commission announced that it will not appeal Sullivan’s ruling.

It is hilarious to see the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth mentioned in the same breath as America Coming Together and the other Soros/DNC operations.

From Open Secrets:

527 Committee Activity

Top 50 Federally Focused Organizations

527 groups are tax-exempt organizations that engage in political activities, often through unlimited soft money contributions. Most 527s on this list are advocacy groups trying to influence federal elections through voter mobilization efforts and so-called issue ads that tout or criticize a candidate’s record. 527s must report their contributors and expenditures to the IRS, unless they already file identical information at the state or local level. The figures below are taken from 527 group filings with the IRS.

Election cycle:    View by:


Total Receipts


America Coming Together



Joint Victory Campaign 2004*



Media Fund



Service Employees International Union



Progress for America



American Fedn of St/Cnty/Munic Employees



Swift Vets & POWs for Truth






College Republican National Cmte



New Democrat Network



Citizens for a Strong Senate



Club for Growth



Sierra Club



EMILY’s List



Voices for Working Families






League of Conservation Voters



Intl Brotherhood of Electrical Workers



Democratic Victory 2004



Laborers Union



America Votes



November Fund



Partnership for America’s Families



National Assn of Realtors



Grassroots Democrats



Stronger America Now



Democrats 2000



Coalition to Defend the American Dream



Communications Workers of America



Sheet Metal Workers Union






Music for America



California Repub Convention Delegation



Illinois Hospital & Health Systems Assn



Safer Together 04



National Federation of Republican Women



Americans for Progress & Opportunity



Ironworkers Union



Republican Leadership Coalition



Environment 2004



Americans United to Preserve Marriage



Americans for Better Government



Progressives League



Natural Resources Defense Council



Young Democrats of America



Public Campaign Action Fund



Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund



America’s PAC



Mainstreet USA Inc



Save American Medicine



It should be clear to all that the vast majority of the top 527s are simply adjuncts of the Democrat Party. They are the Democrat Party campaigning by other means.

Indeed, there are so many Democrat 527s on the loose and laden with so much money that the Powers That Be in the DNC decreed that these efforts needed to be better coordinated. To that end the Democrats formed a consulting firm to coordinate their 527 activities called the Thunder Road Group.

The Thunder Road Group is run by Jim Jordan who was (until the final months) John Kerry’s campaign manager. Thunder Road Group oversees the Joint Victory Campaign, the Media Fund, America Coming Together, America Votes (and coordinates with the hundreds of other Democrat 527s).

Many of these 527s are formed and run by members of former Democrat administrations and career Democrat apparatchiks. Just to give a brief sample:

Ranked #1  America Coming Together  $79,795,487

America Coming Together is responsible for get out the vote efforts. It is the principal vehicle for pro-Democratic television commercials by the coalition.

Cecile Richards is a founding member and a top executive of America Coming Together. She is also the president of America Votes. She is the daughter of Texan politician Ann Richards and a former top aide to House minority leader Nancy Pelosi. 

Ellen Malcolm, longtime president of EMILY’s List, is also a cofounder of America Coming Together. Malcolm served on the White House staff in 1980 as a press secretary to Jimmy Carter’s special assistant for consumer affairs.

Steve Rosenthal is the CEO of America Coming Together. He is also the executive director of Partnership for America’s Families. During the Clinton administration, Rosenthal served as the Associate Deputy Secretary of the Department of Labor. Before that he was the Deputy Political Director for the Democratic National Committee.

Ranked #1   Joint Victory Campaign 2004  $71,811,666

By their own account they are “a joint fundraising committee authorized by America Coming Together and The Media Fund.”

Ranked #2 – The Media Fund  $59,414,183

Harold Ickes, who was deputy White House chief of staff in the Clinton administration heads the Media Fund. Bill Knapp, who did commericials for both the Al Gore and Clinton presidential campaigns the past three elections, oversees the advertising operation for the Media Fund. 

Ranked #21  America Votes  $3,174,936

America Votes is a Democrat “umbrella organization that stitches together the activities of various progressive organizations.”

America Votes shares polling data, research and mailing lists among member groups, including the Democratic National Committee’s massive voter data bank.

As noted, AV’s founder and chief executive, Cecile Richards, is the daughter of Bush nemesis Ann Richards and previously a top aide to House minority leader Nancy Pelosi.

And of course there are countless other Democrat 527s, including but not limited to:

Service Employees International Union, American Fedn of St/Cnty/Munic Employees, MoveOn.org, New Democrat Network, EMILY’s List, AFLCIO, Voices For Working Families, Democratic Legislative Campaign Cmte, Sierra Club, Partnership for America’s Families, League of Conservation Voters, Progress For America, Communications Workers of America, Laborers Union.

It is staggering the amount of money these 527s provided the Democrat Party. Soros and company literally spent millions of dollars for the DNC for every dollar spent by the SBVT. (And the SBVT actually raised their money from grassroots donations.)

But isn’t campaign finance reform grand? George Soros thinks so. But why shouldn’t he?

He paid for it.

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