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Fed Obama-Care Sign-Ups Had 2.9 Million Discrepancies

From an unfazed Associated Press:

Report: Health law sign-ups dogged by data flaws


WASHINGTON (AP) — Many of the 8 million Americans signed up under the new health care law now have to clear up questions about their personal information that could affect their coverage.

Gosh, that’s rough. How many of them thought they would just be able to lie about their income and get a taxpayer subsidy? By the way, note the AP’s headline. The poor Obama administration is always the victims of something. In this case, data flaws.

A government watchdog said Tuesday the Obama administration faces a huge task resolving these "inconsistencies" and in some cases didn’t follow its own procedures for verifying eligibility.

Two reports from the Health and Human Services inspector general marked the first independent look at a festering behind-the-scenes issue that could turn into another health law headache for the White House.

You see? The problem isn’t that untold billions of taxpayer dollars have been given in subsidies to people who fraudulently under reported their income. The problem is this might cause Obama to have a headache.

The inspector general found that key personal details submitted by many consumers — such as annual income and citizenship — do not match records the government has on file.

It also found shortcomings in the internal safeguards used by the federal insurance exchange and some state marketplaces to check the accuracy of consumer information.

"Shortcomings"? We were told there would not be any verification of income claims. We were told that everyone would be on the honor system. Which was the administration’s subtle way of encouraging more people to cheat so they would get more people dependent on the government.

Those personal details are critical because they determine whether an individual is eligible for taxpayer-subsidized health insurance, as well as subsidies for monthly premiums…

The hell you say.

The inspector general found that the federal insurance exchange reported a total of 2.9 million inconsistencies with consumer data from Oct. 1, 2013 through Feb. 23 of this year…

Only 2.9 million our of 8 million? What an honest country we have.

Most discrepancies dealt with citizenship and income information supplied by consumers that conflicted with what the federal government has on record.

The inspector general said efforts by the administration and states to clear up questions were complicated by lingering computer problems, including outages at the federal data hub, a key system that pings agencies like Social Security and the Internal Revenue Service for verification.

The inspector general’s inquiry was requested by congressional Republicans as a condition of ending the budget standoff that partially shut down the government last fall. Republicans say they are concerned that people who are not legally entitled to the law’s government-subsidized health insurance could nonetheless be getting it…

Gosh, Republicans are meanies. They don’t want anybody to get healthcare.

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One Response to “Fed Obama-Care Sign-Ups Had 2.9 Million Discrepancies”

  1. canary says:

    Do the math. HHS Aaron Albright said more than 425,000 inconsistencies have been resolved so far, more than 90 percent of those in favor of the consumer.

    It’s fair to say the government is trying to screw and rip off 90% of all Americans.

    Are we to believe the Supreme Court actually read the ObamaCare act, before saying it was constitutional?

    I had no idea Americans were paying for a later term abortion pill that differs from the cheaper “morning after abortion pill”.

    It’s time to declare the defunct ObamaCare an unconstitutional act that continues to cost Americans a fortune.

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