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Federal Union: We’ll Fight For Furlough Back Pay!

From the New York Post:

Fed unions vow: We’ll get payback

By S.A. MILLER | February 28, 2013

WASHINGTON — The dreaded federal spending cuts set to start tomorrow won’t reap any budget savings from furloughing government workers — if their powerful union gets its way.

“We will absolutely fight for back pay in the event of a furlough,” said Cory Bythrow, spokesman for the National Federation of Federal Employees. “Why should hardworking, middle-class federal employees have to suffer because our elected officials can’t clean up the mess they created?”

And never mind that the cost of lavish federal union benefits and pensions has greatly contributed to our deficit problem.

That would erase any budget savings or debt reduction resulting from the furloughs, which is supposed to be the whole idea.

No, the "whole idea" is to whip up hysteria among federal workers, in order to get them to contact their Congressmen and demand higher taxes on everyone else.

It’s just another one of Obama’s ‘Big Lies.’ And nobody in the news media, not even the New York Post, calls him on them.

Federal employees have a history of winning these labor fights.

The workers got their back pay the last time they suffered mass “unpaid” furloughs during the 1996 government shutdown under President Bill Clinton.

In fact, federal works have never lost one red cent from furloughs or government shut downs. They have always gotten their ‘back pay.’ Always. The worst they will get out of this is a paid vacation.

Besides, the government employee unions are Obama’s most loyal donors foot soldiers. He and the Democrat Party will never touch one hair on their collective heads.

The automatic spending cuts, known as the sequester, threaten furloughs of up to a day a week for hundreds of thousands of federal employees, cutting their weekly paychecks by 20 percent.

Furloughs for as many as 875,000 federal workers would kick in after April 1, forcing workers to stay home without pay one day a week for about 22 weeks.

Meaning, they will get 22 more paid ‘long weekends.’

Boo hoo.

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3 Responses to “Federal Union: We’ll Fight For Furlough Back Pay!”

  1. yadayada says:

    when did they rid the classrooms of dunce caps?
    there really is no shame in their world

  2. stuart says:

    Well, I’m one of those getting 22 UNPAID DAYS OFF, or a 20% paycut.

    You stated “Meaning, they will get 22 more paid ‘long weekends.”. Gee, what rationale are you using. How do you magically turn unpaid into paid days. They are making us sign a form that we “do not expect back pay”.

    Because congress did not act we are losing salary, losing vacation/sick day accrual, our retirement gets messed up, 401k is based on a % of base salary, which goes down.

    How about sending me 22 days of your pay? You make it sound like it does not matter? So, put your money where your mouth is!

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