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Federal Unions Say They’ve Already Sacrificed

From an unquestioning Washington Post:

Federal unions say workers already sacrificed

By Joe Davidson | November 27, 2012

As national leaders look for ways to avoid falling over a “fiscal cliff” that could eviscerate government services, federal employee organizations want to make sure Congress knows their members already gave at the office.

The latest salvo is a letter a group of unions representing federal workers sent this week to congressional leaders, with a copy to President Obama. It urged them “to defuse the doomsday device of sequestration . . . without any further impact on federal employees.” “Further” is the key word here.

When politicians talk about shared sacrifice, it seems they sometimes forget that so far feds are the only folks who have sacrificed in the effort to prevent massive budget cuts and significant tax hikes.

“To date the federal workforce has given $103 billion back to the US treasury,” said the letter from the Federal Workers Alliance (FWA). “That equates to an average of $50,000 in compensation per federal employee over ten years — a huge sacrifice for any worker to have to incur.” …

This is a joke, even by Washington double speak. Look at how they came up with this number:

The $103 billion figure over 10 years comes from $60 billion attributable to the two-year freeze on basic pay rates for federal workers that was originally scheduled to end next month…

And who says it won’t end next month? So how does a two year freeze become a ten year freeze?

Moreover, these federal workers still got raises, via their annual in grade step increases, which were not frozen. They also still receive bonuses.

$15 billion from changes to retirement for workers hired beginning next year…

In other words, this has not even happened yet. And it won’t affect any of the current employees. And it could also be rescinded.

[A]nd another $28 billion that workers effectively will lose because of a proposed pay raise that has been reduced and delayed at least through March…

In other words, they are adding in the pay increase they demanded in their upcoming contract, which might be reduced.

“Considering that no other group has yet to give anything toward reducing our debt, we believe that federal workers have already more than done their part,” the Alliance said. “Federal workers have not only answered the call to public service, but their individual sacrifices have been significant.” …

“These numbers more than reflect the fact that federal workers have stepped up to the plate,” the unions said…

Well, it certainly reflects what liars they are.

The retirement increase will come in the form of higher employee contributions to federal workers’ pensions. Most employees currently contribute 0.8 percent. Workers hired after 2012, except those with five years of previous federal service, will pay 3.1 percent of their salaries…

Wow, future employees will have to pay 3.1% towards their retirement? Gosh, that is rough. Meanwhile, most employees in the US don’t even get pensions anymore.

“Clearly, federal workers and retirees have done more than any other group in the name of deficit reduction,” Colleen M. Kelley, president of the National Treasury Employees Union, said when the Federal-Postal Coalition sent a similar letter to Congress last week. “It is time for others to step up and recognize the need for shared sacrifice.”

Where do we sign up for such a sweetheart deal?

The 15 unions that signed the Alliance’s letter are: the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees; the Association of Civilian Technicians; the International Association of Fire Fighters; the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers; the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers; the International Brotherhood of Teamsters; the International Federation of Professional and Technical Engineers; the International Organization of Masters, Mates & Pilots; the Metal Trades Department; the National Association of Government Employees; the National Federation of Federal Employees; the Seafarers International Union; the Sheet Metal Workers International Association; the SPORT Air Traffic Controllers Organization; and the United Power Trades Organization.

Why do we need all of these government unions? Is the government such a unfair employer?

We should fire them all and see if anyone even notices.

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3 Responses to “Federal Unions Say They’ve Already Sacrificed”

  1. Rusty Shackleford says:

    There once was a time not too long ago that getting a government job was frowned upon. One went to school, learned a trade, got a higher degree and specifically avoided the government for employment, unless it was the military.

    The main reason was it didn’t pay very well.

    Another was because you had to get substandard medical care…and not all government jobs offered even that.

    Mostly it was because people looked at it as a place to get a job when you can’t find work by any other means. Working at the county motor-pool, clerk for city hall, functionary for some elected blowhard…etc. The reason it was frowned upon is because people opted for a meager salary and guaranteed security over the risk of trying for a promising career.

    Although that spirit isn’t gone in this nation, it is losing ground fast.

  2. mr_bill says:

    “The retirement increase will come in the form of higher employee contributions to federal workers’ pensions. Most employees currently contribute 0.8 percent. Workers hired after 2012, except those with five years of previous federal service, will pay 3.1 percent of their salaries…”

    Us private sector folks are paying 100% of these public sector union members’ salaries and benefits and we’re paying 99.2% of their pension costs. For those hired next year, we will pay 100% of their salaries and benefits and we will pay 96.9% of their pensions. All the while, we’re also paying for our own retirements and everything else in government.

    It seems like it’s time for the public sector unions to stop robbing us. Scratch that, it’s high time for us to take back what is ours. We need to drive these unions off the fiscal cliff. They have raped our wallets for decades and we don’t need to be shy about telling these bullies that they can’t steal from us anymore. If we need to go to war with them, fine. If they bring a knife, we bring a gun. Get in their faces. Punish our enemies, and vote for revenge! Any soft, flaccid line-crossing scab RINOs who want to fly the white flag need to be the targets of coordinated phone call campaigns to let them know their cushy seats are not safe at the next election. We will primary them and crush them at the polls with a conservative who has the fortitude to stand up to this embezzlement.

  3. GetBackJack says:

    That there aere public service unions is an abomination before God and the Constitution and they must be stamped out at all costs


    HOW DARE they organize against the people who pay them, the American taxpayer!

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