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Feds Granting Illegals ‘Asylum’ At Rate Three Times 2010

From the Daily Caller:

Border Crisis Is Spiking Asylum Claims To 40,000 By Fall

By Neil Munro | July 15, 2014

The number of border-crossing juveniles who file legal claims for asylum is likely to exceed 40,000 by October, and is roughly six times the level seen in 2010…

Lest we forget, asylum used to only be granted to people who face political persecution at home. (Like Obama’s Aunt Zeituni and Uncle Omar and the Tsarnaev family.)

But remember this time last year when the Obama administration began granting amnesty to illegal aliens from Mexico, who claimed they faced political persecution at home. (Which is preposterous.)

And that policy had certainly been going on for some time before it was uncovered by the conservative news media. (All of which was practically ignored by our mainstream news media.)

Well, now we are now seeing the fruits of that change in policy.

The number of juveniles seeking residency rose from 7,162 in 2010, to 11,411 in 2012, and 21,351 in 2013, according to the federal data cited by the Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse at Syracuse University.

During the first six months of 2014, the data shows that 19,671 juveniles asked for residency. If that six-month upward trend continues, more than 40,000 juveniles will file for green cards by October 2014…

Also, tens of thousands of Central Americans are arriving in “family units” of one parent and some children. Many of the adults and children are filing asylum cases that will be decided over the next few years.

Federal data leaked to The Daily Caller shows that immigration officers gave initial approval to file 39,393 asylum claims from October 2012 to September 2013. That’s triple the number of approvals in 2010.

Juveniles who cross the border alone don’t have to get approval to file asylum cases because the administration claims they’re covered by a 2008 anti-trafficking law — dubbed the Trafficking Victims Protection Act. That 2008 law was drafted to help youths involved in international prostitution rings, and it allows victimized youths to file asylum cases without approval by border officers.

In other words, unaccompanied illegal alien children aren’t even asked if they are facing persecution. Their ‘right’ to ask for asylum is automatically granted.

So the number of asylums is going to skyrocket. — Which, a cynical person might say, was the plan all along.

However, few if any of the unaccompanied Central American migrants are victims of sex trafficking. In fact, many of them are being transported by smugglers who were hired by immigrant parents living in the United States. The smugglers relay the youths to federal border agencies, who then pass them to their parents, even when the parents are illegal immigrants…

GOP leaders don’t want the migrants to have an automatic right to sue for asylum, and oppose taxpayer-funded lawyers…

Gosh, they are cruel.

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